All About Humidors: Everything You Need To Know

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Humidors are boxes, containers, or cabinets used for the purpose of storing cigars or sometimes other things which cannot otherwise survive excessive temperature change.
Humidors are advised to never be exposed to direct sunlight and that is the reason, I keep them under the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

They might be defined as specially designed containers that are crafted to maintain specific humidity levels and temperatures. I find that humidors could be considered incredibly low maintenance tools and they might be able to keep the objects in them safe and free from damage due to moisture retention.

In the contradiction of the above statement, I have made the mistake of considering humidors as equipment that may be set and forgotten, they might still need some routine care and maintenance to keep the objects in them at the optimal temperature and humidity to protect them from any kind of disruption or damage.

Without humidors, these types of objects which cannot survive excessive temperature changes might get damaged, especially in the case of cigars, they could be ruined within three to four days and would quickly lose moisture and level up with the general humidity around them.

I have noticed that humidors might also impart their aroma to the cigars stored in them, therefore sometimes cigars might be wrapped in sheets like the Spanish-cedar sheets before they are sold.

What Is Cigar Humidor?


I find that cigars are an intricate lavish product that requires to be skillfully stored and maintained; only then will the aromas of the cigar be left intact and could even cultivate further bringing that delicate taste to it when smoked by the user. Cigars could be resilient, and the occasional change in humidification might not be enough to permanently damage the cigars.

I have seen that cigar humidors are generally used for storage at a specific and constant humidity for the cigars to maintain their quality even if they are stored for a long period of time. Cigar humidors might have different sections to store different types or sizes of cigars, protecting them from damage caused due to breaking if they are stored closely together.

I do not store cigars under constant heat, dryness, cold, or excessive humidity, or else they will be ruined. Therefore, to maintain the original quality of the cigars, I keep my cigars inside a humidor. They could be as small as a hand-size box or could be a walk-in room.

Cigar Humidor

What Is Humidor Box?

These may be tightly sealed boxes which could maintain a climate of constant necessary humidity for the storage of cigars. As we have established that either too much or too little humidity can be harmful to tobacco products. A humidor box’s primary function is to maintain a steady, desirable moisture level inside the humidor to protect the cigars from deterioration.

They provide the cigars with the right amount of moisture that might prevent the tobacco in them from shriveling and this moisture may help the cigar stay fresh and would help them in burning slowly. I have also found that some humidor boxes might be equipped with a cooler and heater for regulating the temperature which might help in maintaining suitable conditions for the cigars.

What Is Humidor Cabinet?

A humidor cabinet could be very big in size and therefore could store thousands of cigars at once. The different compartments in them might be helpful when storing different flavors of cigars separating each other and preventing them from tasting bad.

I have seen some people using humidor cabinets for other domestic purposes, like storing baseballs, art, or other things which might be damaged if kept in the open and not in a temperature-regulated area.

Maintaining these cabinets could be difficult as they are big in size and poor maintenance might lead to the rotting of the cigars. These cabinets could adjust humidity level at a stable percentage in order to keep their contents from drying out or becoming too damp.

Humidor cabinets might help in the prevention of mold formation which could be very common if cigars are not stored properly. Some humidor cabinets might consist of a built-in external hygrometer which might be found on top of the cabinets and therefore could gauge proper moisture levels for the cigars.

To me, these may also serve as a space-saving functionality and have enhanced almost any decor in the house.

What Is Electric Humidor?

Electric humidors might be similar to humidor cabinets but are fully controlled electronically and may function similarly to a refrigerator. These may work on the procedure of a thermoelectric cooling system. They might be able to automatically adjust the temperature inside the humidor for keeping the cigars fresh i.e., at the optimum humidity level.

The required temperature is set on this humidor, and it automatically maintains the temperature according to the built-in humidification system. Some electric humidors might monitor the internal humidity and temperature with their electronic Thermo hygrometer keeping the proper moisture with their single or double humidifiers.

What Is Travel Humidor?

Just as the name suggests, travel humidors help in carrying your cigars anywhere with you whenever you are traveling. I found them durable enough to survive repeated openings.

These might be compact and could be used on the go so the user could get the most out of the cigar smoking experience wherever they are. Being compact doesn’t mean that would lose their capacity, these humidors might have storage for different quantities of cigars depending upon the type of travel humidor you choose. These could be cases that may be small and easy to carry without too much hassle.

These may help in maintaining the optimum humidity necessary for the cigars which could be helpful if traveling to a maximum humidity location and keeps them away from damage. Travel humidors could be big or small depending upon the need. Some travel humidors might have separators inside them so that the cigars do not break, hence protecting them from any damage while travel with cigars.

What Is Boveda Humidor?

These could be defined as true two-way humidity control devices. Boveda may stop adding moisture when the ambient moisture level reaches. They could be ideal for long-term aging and storage and could go without maintenance for a period of twelve months.

Boveda humidors might compensate for the atmosphere inside them by releasing the water vapors when needed and generally releasing the cleanest and most purified humidity. These humidors may also be used for storage of instrumental items, food, and many other things that need protection from changing temperatures and could be damaged by the same


I consider humidors as a good investment as they could protect the cigars from getting damaged or rotting and may also be an alternative to store climate-sensitive items for years to come. Humidors could serve as equipment of fully loaded automatic and advanced features and also have a touch of class and design sophistication.

I myself keep several small humidors, which would include one that can be portable. Numerous different humidors are useful, but you also have different storage information for the different flavors. You could discover that humidors might be something that serves a lot of functions, from protecting the cigars to giving a classy touch to the home decor. Their price range may vary according to your requirements.

I have always found it useful to weigh the pros and cons when comparing different humidors as some might bring advantages which could be a disadvantage for some in another instance.

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