Best Baker’s Racks With Wine Storage In 2023

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A baker’s rack is a shelf made with galvanized iron or any metal. It is a multipurpose storage shelf. The name came such that bakers started using such shelves in the beginning. The bakers used such racks to keep the baked items like hot pies, pastries, bread, etc. As it is constructed with some conductive material, the baked items will be kept cool on these racks. The conductivity and thermal mass of the metals enables the heat to transfer from the pan to the shelf. Thus the hot items will not lose their state for a long time.

The quality of the food will be preserved. The baker’s rack is not only used by the bakers, but also it is used in kitchens to keep other items, keeping fruits, or décor. It can be used to keep bathing towels, soaps, etc. in guest rooms. Interior designers are using a baker’s rack by decorating it in various ways. While considering baker’s racks for wine storage you have to pick the racks built with steel and separate palaces for wine bottles, and glasses.

Also, it should be accommodated in the kitchen so that it is convenient to use also. While buying a wine rack you have to choose either a standard wine rack or a Magnum wine rack (big).  But the wine bottle sizes need not be consistent. Thus while selecting a wine rack the size of the wine bottle you are going to place, is to be considered.

Best Baker’s Rack With Wine Storage Buying Guide


  1. Material

    The baker’s racks used for wine storage are made up of molded iron with a weatherproof coating. The shelves are metal powder-coated in order to prevent them from rusting. Racks with powder-coated stainless steel or aluminum are used as better storage for wines. Traditional woods are also used to make wine racks.

  2. Size

    Wine bottles come in different sizes. The main classification is done based on the quantity of the wine inside the bottle, and the location where it is prepared. Mainly there are four types of different sizes. Any type of wine when the temperature is greater than 70˚F goes bad.

    • Standard

      A standard wine bottle has a height of 12 inches and a diameter of 3 to 3.2 inches. Thus each rack to keep the bottles should have a depth more than the height of the wine bottle. That is more than 12 inches. Thus in general, the standard depth of the wine rack is 14.5 inches to keep it horizontally (usually stored as horizontally). A standard wine bottle comes in four different shapes. Those are named Bordeaux, Small Champagne, Cabernet, Burgundy, and Pinot Noir.

    • Split or Piccolo

      The bottle size is about taller than 7 inches and is about 3 inches in diameter. It can contain 1\4 the quantity of wine as that of a standard wine bottle

    • Demi or Half

      Demi bottles are usually about 9.5 inches taller, and 2.25 to 2..3 inches in diameter. This model can have a quantity equal to half of the standard wine bottle

    • Magnum

      These types are 14 inches in height and about 4 inches in diameter. Can contain double the quantity of a standard model wine bottle

  3. Wine Bottle Capacity

    Based on the different shapes, the capacity also will vary.  The standard wine bottle will have a capacity of 750 ml of wine.  Similarly, a split bottle can have 187 ml of wine. The demi model can have 375ml, and the Magnum model can have One and a half liter of wine. 

  4. Price

    • Price of Baker’s Rack

      The baker’s rack with a metal finishing will a cost between 30 to 300 dollars depending on the number of drawers, the size of each rack,  cabinet size, and wheels if present. The price of the wine rack relay on the material used to produce it. The durable material may cost more.

    • Price Of wine

      The price of wine in different locations depends on the tax laws. In the US the average rate of wine bottles is about 14$ for standard 750 ml wine bottles. The rate of wine also depends on the type of wine. The super-premium and luxury wines will have a rate of more than 15$ per standard (750 ml) bottle and can be up to 21$. The jug wine rates 5$, and popular-premium wine costs between 8 to 10$. Also, the mid-premium wines cost between 10 to 15 $. There are certain factors that affect the cost of wines. These factors are labor charges for preparation, restaurant operational costs, bottle costs, and the tax laws applicable to different places.

  5. Additional Features

    Wine bottles are coming to the market in different sizes and shapes. Thus while buying the baker’s wine racks, you have to take the material, and rack size, into consideration. Wines are classified into many types based on the fruit selected, and the fermentation methods used. A few of them are red wine, white wine, sparkling, semi-sparkling, fortified, etc. The expiry time for each type of wine is different. The top portion of the rack can be used to keep any kitchen ingredients. dishes, snacks, or utensils. The powder-coating makes it durable and causes scratches on it. There can be different levels of racks so the baker’s rack can be useful for many wine bottles of different diameters.

  6. Improved Models of Baker’s racks

    Some baker’s racks are coming with adjustable height, and thus can be used for keeping microwave ovens. The racks can be cleaned with a wet cloth as it is produced with some rust-resistant material. Apart from those made with metal, some are made with MDF (medium density fiber) material (also called engineered wood), and also made with glass. Those can be with detachable racks and can be self-assembled and placed anywhere in the kitchen. They are strong enough for making heavy kitchen appliances to be placed on them.

Baker’s Rack With Wine Storage FAQs

What Should You Display on a Baker’s Rack?

Generally, a baker’s rack is used to keep baked items to cool them fast. The material used,  if it is a metal, will absorb the heat and spread equally. Thus the cooked item can be cooled easily for use. Baker’s rack is also used to keep the wine to display the wines in different flavors, and bottles with distinct shapes.

Can You Cook on a Baker’s Rack?

Yes. You can cook on a baker’s rack. It is possible with certain models of baker’s racks. They are made to accommodate kitchen appliances at the countertop of the racks. Thus certain appliances like a microwave oven can be placed over that.

What else can a wine rack be used for?

A wine rack can be used in the kitchen for keeping ingredients, snacks, cooked dishes, and utensils required in the kitchen. Apart from this wine rack with a decorated structure can be kept anywhere inside the house, or can be used as a corner shelf. Small racks can be used for keeping bath towels, and soaps inside the Guest bathrooms.

What temperature will ruin your wine?

Wine should be ruined when the temperature is greater than 70˚F. Thus wines are kept in a cool place. The wine racks are manufactured with iron or steel coated with metal powder to keep the heat away from the wine.

How long does red wine last unopened?

If the red wine is stored properly, then it can stay up to two years starting from the manufacturing date. It should be kept in a cool place in order to keep the consistency. The condition applies only to unopened wine. But opened red wine can stay up to 4 or 5 days only if you keep it in a cool place. It depends on the tannic acid, and acidity of the red wine.


The baker’s rack was used by people to keep baked items or cooked items. As it is made with metal the heat will be dispersed and will be cooled easily. The baked items will not be spoiled for a long time. The baker’s rack is used for wine storage also as they have a cooling effect. There are different types of wines and different shapes of wine bottles. While buying a baker’s rack for wine storage one should consider the factors like the material with which the shelf is made, the size of the wine bottle to be placed inside the racks, and the shape of the wine bottles.

Now improved models are available instead of the traditional baker’s racks. The improved models are made with cast iron, steel, or even with Mdf material. Those are able to assemble easily and can be fixed anywhere. Also, they are water resistant and can be cleaned easily with wet cloth. The new models can carry many kitchen appliances on them apart from wine bottles. Those are suitable for kitchens of any size, whether big or small. The price of the rack depends on the material with which it is made, and the convenience it provides.  The price of wine depends upon the location, and the flavors used.

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