Best Cigar Humidor Coolers In 2023

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Best Overall

NewAir Cigar Humidor Cooler

NewAir Cigar Humidor Cooler

Best Value​

Schmécké Cigar Cooler Humidor

Schmécké Cigar Cooler Humidor

Best Budget

JINJUNYE Cooler Humidor

JINJUNYE Cooler Humidor

A cigar humidor cooler will ensure that your cigars are fresh, crisp, and in perfect condition to be smoked. But this is where the difference arises. There are only a handful of people who know exactly how to store the cigars perfectly, or how they can last for a longer duration of time. Humidor coolers help you right there.

Cigars can get affected adversely due to the surrounding air, they retain moisture and humidity and make your cigars taste bad. 70% relative humidity is necessary and considered the ideal temperature for the cigars. But achieving this 70% is not an easy task. Temperatures can be fluctuating, and so one needs to clearly learn how to regulate this temperature. A cooler helps you to monitor the temperature changes and you can maintain the specified level of humidity easily.

The 7 Best Cigar Humidor Coolers In 2023


Best Overall: NewAir 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor Cooler

This humidor cooler has 19.3 x 13.6 x 18.5 inches dimensions and 26.9 pounds weight, making it the perfect size for storing a large number of cigars.

It features a built-in humidifier and hygrometer, which help to keep your cigars at the perfect humidity level. This humidor cooler has an adjustable thermostat, so you can set it to the ideal temperature for your cigars. 

With a touchscreen control panel that lets you cool your collection as low as 52F. This ensures that your cigars will always be fresh and flavorful, and it also prevents the wrappers from cracking.

It also provides a high-quality Spanish cedar drawer to keep your cigars fresh and flavorful. It is designed to provide optimum storage conditions for up to 250 cigars. 



Best In Value: Schmécké 250 Cigar Cooler Humidor 

The dimensions of the humidor are 17.72 x 13.58 x 27.17 inches, and it weighs 35.27 pounds. It features a sturdy build with plenty of space for cigars.

This humidor features a whisper-quiet zero-vibration compressor cooling system, a built-in hygrometer, and digital temperature control.

It features an RH control panel that helps you keep your cigars at the perfect moisture level, and the spacious interior provides 250 Churchill-sized cigars storage.

The coolers also have an adjustable shelf, so you can customize the storage to fit your needs.

It also features a beautiful dual-pane tinted glass door, sleek stainless trim, a chic recessed handle, and cool interior lighting. 



Best In Efficiency: NEEDONE 48L Cooler Humidor

It is a compact and sturdy cooler humidor with 14 x 20.1 x 25.4 inches dimensions and 1.7 Cubic Feet capacity. The cooler is made of stainless steel and double-layered with an efficient cooling system. 

The humidor can accommodate up to 300 cigars and has a hygrometer to help you monitor the humidity levels. It has a simple design with a see-through glass door.

The digital control panel allows you to set the temperature and humidity levels. It has a temperature range of 54℉ to 74℉, making it ideal for storing cigars. 

With three movable Cedro shelves, you can easily organize your cigars for easy access. Also, it has a double-layer hollow tempered glass door which is both cool and durable.

The 360°circulating air-cooling system ensures that your cigars are kept at the perfect temperature and humidity.



Best Thermoelectric: Prestige Import Group Cooler Humidor

The dimensions are 19″H x 14″W x 20″ D, and it weighs 20 pounds. The humidor features 3 removable sliding trays, which can be rearranged to accommodate different sizes of cigar boxes. 

Additionally, the unit comes with a digital hygrometer display and humidifier, so you can always keep tabs on the humidity level inside the humidor.

It features a free-standing design with adjustable feet, allowing you to customize the fit to your specific needs. The stainless steel tempered glass door provides a clear view of your cigars.

It features ultra-quiet operation and provides interior light, so you can see your cigars without opening the door.



Best Capacity: Whynter 4.2 cu.ft Cigar Cabinet Cooler

It has dimensions of 22.84 x 19.5 x 30 inches and a weight of 104.8 pounds. Its compact size and sleek design make it an ideal addition to any home or office.

This spacious cigar humidor cabinet unit can hold up to 400+ cigars and features 3 drawers, 1 half shelf, and 1 fixed wood trim. The interior is lined with Spanish cedar, which helps to protect your cigars from humidity and temperature fluctuations. 

The unit includes a digital temperature display and adjustable thermostat, so you can always keep your cigars at the perfect temperature.

The cooler also features a humidifier to help maintain the perfect level of humidity, and a lockable door to keep unwanted hands out.



Best Compact Design: FUKE 59L Stainless Cooler Humidor

This humidor has dimensions of 19.3″ D x 13.6″W x 31.3″H and a capacity of 59 Liters. The product is made of high-quality stainless steel which ensures its durability and rust resistance.

The humidor also offers a user-adjustable temperature range, so you can customize the climate to suit your cigars. It features an independent dual-temperature design. This allows you to set the temperature for each compartment separately.

This sleek and stylish cooler can hold up to 200 cigars and features removable cedar wood shelving, 4 horizontal dividers, and 1 drawer.

It features a see-through tempered glass door that allows you to view your collection while keeping the cigars safe from sunlight and other environmental factors.

The LED cold light system illuminates the cigars without generating heat, ensuring that your cigars are displayed in the best possible condition. 



Best In Budget: JINJUNYE Cooler Humidor

It features 10″D x 17″W x 20″H dimensions and has a 23 liters capacity, making it large enough to store a significant number of cigars.

It features adjustable temperature control from 54-74 °F and can store up to 150 counts of cigars. The humidity level is also adjustable, so you can always keep your cigars fresh.

The humidor uses Spanish wood drawers and shelves and features energy-efficient advanced technology that maintains optimal temperature levels.

The whisper-quiet compressor and double-layer glass door help to regulate humidity, while the soft LED light provides a gentle, inviting glow.



Cigar Humidor Coolers Buying Guide

  1. Style

    Coolers for humidors can come in different types. There is a compressor system and a thermoelectric cooling system. A thermoelectric cooling system is preferred mostly by everyone since they allow gradual cooling. This gradual and not all at once temperature control will lead to perfect regulation of the temperature by the user. On the other hand, a compressor system takes too much humidity out of the air and can make your cigars moldy. Hence, the former is preferable.

  2. Humidity

    Humidity is the main reason for storing cigars in a humidor. Cigars that have too low humidity or moisture can dry out and become brittle. Cigars lose their charm and taste, and the oils evaporate within them. The flavor can be restored to some extent when you put them into a cooler. So always check the humidity of the cigars before putting them in the cooler as the flavor cannot be recovered after a certain point of time.

  3. Right Temperature

    As mentioned above, a temperature of 70% relative humidity is ideal for storing cigars. If the humidity level in the humidor is too high, that is, above 70% it can result in the cigars being damp and moldy. If the humidity is too low, the cigars can dry out and taste bitter. A hygrometer is used for tracking the humidity levels which are already inbuilt in the humidor.

  4. Insulation

    Coolers should always have insulation. Always buy a cooler that has good quality insulation. Cheap coolers lack insulation so it means that air can go out. Insulation also protects the cigars by circulating hot air inside, and almost all models have a good layer of insulation that will protect your cigars greatly. Always check before buying if the cooler is double panned or not. Rubber seals also provide good insulation.

  5. Airflow Control

    Check whether the airflow control in the humidor cooler is okay or not. If air is not able to circulate in the cigars well, it will obviously lead to the drying out of the cigars. Coolers will be having inbuilt fans to circulate the air evenly inside. So before buying always check for the right kind of airflow control.

  6. Space

    A cooler requires space to keep. It needs to be kept in a good place because the surroundings affect the temperature and humidity inside the cooler. If the cooler doesn’t have a powerful fan and is placed in a very hot area it can seriously affect its regulation of temperature.

  7. Size

    Coolers come in a variety of sizes. To know which size is the best, know how many cigars you are planning to store at once. There are devices that can hold up to 50 cigars at once, and also there are models which can hold 200+ cigars at once.

  8. Aging

    We know that cigars taste better with age. It is known that 70% is the ideal level of humidity or 70 degrees but it is not compulsory that every time the temperature has to be at a perfect 70 only. A cooler can effortlessly maintain the temperature of the cigars. It can fluctuate between 60 – 70 degrees. If the temperature drops below that, then it can affect the aging process and your cigars will not taste good. Aging is another factor that you should consider while buying a cooler.

  9. Design

    Outward attractiveness is another thing that should cross your mind. Models are generally made of wood with shelves and a built-in hygrometer. They come in various colors too, for having a wide choice for its customers. Choose a model and its corresponding design that would go with the place where you want to keep it. Place it in a safe space, with a moderate temperature, away from the windows as they attract direct sunlight. Choose your aesthetic correctly that matches with overall room design and is not a misfit in the room.

Do I Really Need A Cooler For My Cigars?

If you are serious about building your own collection of cigars and maintaining them thoroughly, then you must invest in a cooler. Coolers will allow you to store your cigars perfectly and in an environment that is perfect for them to age. Coolers allow you to control the temperature and humidity correctly and ensure that the cigars are fresh and good.

Final Thoughts

Coolers can be an expensive investment to make, which is why it is extremely important to do a thorough study about them beforehand. Whether or not you want to invest in a cooler would depend on the factors like how many cigars you hold, the area you live in, your budget, and many more things.

If you are living in hot and humid weather, making an investment in a cooler is definitely worth it. The benefits of the cooler are plenty, but what should be kept in mind is whether you are the right person to enjoy its benefits or if is it the right thing for you. If you have decided on these two factors, then making a choice wouldn’t be so difficult.

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