12 Best Cocktail Shaker Set In 2023

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Whether you’re a professional bartender or just like to make cocktails at home, having a good cocktail shaker is a bonus. There are a lot of different types and brands of cocktail shakers available online. 

A cocktail shaker is used for shaking and mixing the drinks, especially the alcoholic ones. You add the alcohol, infusions, and ice, and within no time you enjoy the delicious cocktails.

Most of the professional bartenders prefer using Boston shaker as it lets the cocktail to prepare faster and more efficiently. It is a two-piece set which includes mixing container and a bottom, usually made of plastic, metal, or glass. When shaking the drink, the mixing container and the bottom are put into each other and while stirring or muddling the container and bottom are used separately.

On the other hand, cobbler shakers are more convenient. They are popular among Japanese bartenders. It is a three-piece set with a built-in strainer and a lid that tapers the top. 

To make it easier for you, I’ll be listing down some of the best cocktail shakers available in the market.

12 Best Cocktail Shaker Set In 2023


Best Overall: WinterCastle Silver Pro 18 Piece Cocktail Set

Let’s start our list with this 18 pieces stainless steel comprehensive set by WinterCastle. You will get almost everything that you will need to whip up that scrumptious cocktails be it a bloody Mary, a basic mojito, margarita, or a pina colada.

To start with, you will get a basic Boston-style cocktail shaker, consisting of a container mixer and a bottom measuring 18 oz. and 28 oz. respectively. The stainless steel build serves you a reliable seal while mixing the drink and an easy break apart without much hassle.

A Japanese-style double jigger of capacity 1/2 ounces and 2 ounces, is further attached in the set that is spill-proof. It allows you to easily measure, fill up and pour without creating much of the mess.

Further, there are three strainers attached that include one Hawthorne strainer that is perfect for shaken drinks, a julep strainer that works well with stirred drinks. Further, there is a double strainer that helps you serve your drink in its finest purity.

There is a bamboo stand attached through which you can adorn your more cocktail shaker and other attachments. It further helps you to neatly organize and make a statement displayed on your bar counter or your kitchen counter.



Best In Value: Abarabove Premium Two-Piece Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

This Boston cocktail shaker set has been hand-selected by Expert Bartenders and it is one of the highest quality shakers available in the market.

The set is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, compatible with the big volume bars as well as the home bars. Available in three different colors, the set consists of the unweighted component has 28 oz. capacity and unweighted 18 oz.

Consisting of two attachments, a weighted shaker, and an unweighted cheater tin, this cocktail shaker serves you a strong seal for shaking various drinks and cocktails.

Meanwhile, it is equally easy to pull apart both the attachments when you are ready to serve the drink. Although some users think otherwise and find little difficulty in separating the two attachments.

Further, this shaker set has versatile usage, you can stir drinks like martini or Manhattan in the bottom component, or make shaken drinks like Mojitos or margaritas using both components. Both the components fit into each other easily acting as quick storage when not in use.

The set is easy to clean, either you can clean them with warm water and soap or just put them in the dishwasher for effective cleaning.



Best In Aesthetics: SKY FISH 7 Pieces Bartender Kit

To start with, I can’t get over the fact that how pretty this cocktail set looks with its beautiful intricate Baroque design that gives a vintage vibe. Additionally, they are available in two other colors namely rose gold and silver, so get here a choice to choose your favorite one.

This classic cocktail set consists of a Boston-style shaker of 26 ounces bottom and 16 ounces mixer container. A Hawthorne strainer rests on the top of the shaker and it aids you in pouring the cleaner drink that is devoid of any unwanted ice or fruit remains.

Further, there is a double cocktail jigger included with 10oz/20oz measurements so that you can carefully measure the ingredients and pour them into the mixer without any spillage.

A 20 cm muddler helps in aiding the fruits and spices extracting the best of the flavors from them, making your drink even more delicious. Also, you are delivered a mixing spoon and a pair of ice tongs to put in the ice.

However, if you are considering buying this cocktail set you must consider that despite all the charm and intricacy this set has, it is delicate and needs to be handled with care.



Best In Budget: Cocktail Shaker Set By APPOLAB

Appolabs deliver you world-class cocktail sets that not only meet the requirements of cocktail making and are also pocket-friendly as well.

This cocktail set is nowhere less. The stainless steel builds with brush finish is not only stylish in design but this makes the whole set durable.

The set consists of a 20oz. martini shaker which allows you to serve many drinks like mojito, sake, rum, margaritas, long island, or tequila.

There is an 8-inch muddler attached that helps you to crush those little pieces of ice, or chunks of fruits and spices. You can also use the muddler in your kitchen for crushing garlic, it is versatile that way.

Further accessories include a 0.5/1 oz. jigger, a mixing spoon, and a self-contained strainer that helps you to serve your drink without unnecessary elements like fruit chunks or spice remains. A pair of ice tongs and 2 liquor pourers are delivered as well, to make the serving easier.

All the components in the set are very easy to clean, just clean them with a soft cloth and a warm water soapy solution. Before using sterilize the set by washing it with boiling water several times.



Best With Bar Tools: Elite Mixology Bartender Kit by barillio

Available in four different colors, namely rose copper, black, gold, and silver, this cocktail set by Barillio delivers you almost everything you require to make that perfect cocktail for yourself or your guests.

Since the brand Barillio is established by group bartenders themselves, it has carefully designed this set to deliver you the best.

The main component is the 24 oz. martini shaker, which is made out of 304 stainless steel, further the shaker includes a built-in strainer and a top cap for sealing.

There is also a Hawthorne strainer attached that helps you to keep all unwanted pulp and ice from your drink.

Moreover, the 0.5/1 oz. jigger and a mixing spoon. They help you to add and mix the infusions and other ingredients precisely in your cocktails.

The set further consists of other bar essentials like a muddler, a pair of ice tong corkscrew, 3 liquid pourers, 2 bottle stoppers, 6 pourer caps, and 2 pourer brushes.

A bamboo stand is something however that stands out, it has a specific dent and partition that not only helps you in organizing your bar essentials but also makes a statement adorned at your bar top or kitchen top.



Best In Weight: VinoBravo Cocktail Shaker Set

This 11 pieces comprehensive set by Vinobrav is a suitable choice for both beginners and anyone who has a special love for bartending. The set is available in two colors that are silver and black, you can choose any of them that goes well with your interior.

The set includes a Boston-style shaker that has a capacity of 18oz and 28oz. It is made of premium quality stainless steel.

The weighted bottom is thicker than most of the shakers available in the market with a watertight seal. You can easily mix and shake the drink without worrying about the leak and separate the shaker components with the simple thwack of a hand.

Moreover, you get three types of strainers which include a Hawthorne strainer, a julep strainer, and a fine-mesh strainer to pour out the smooth drinks that are devoid of any pulp, or chunks.

Other accessories include a Japanese jigger, a European-style spoon with a spiral handle, and an ice muddler. Further, you get two drink pourers and a pair of ice tongs that aid in serving the cocktail.

There is also a recipe book attached consisting of 30 different types of cocktail recipes, letting you experiment more with the flavors and drinks.



Best With BevGuard Technology: BruMate Cocktail Shaker

Available in various quirky colors like a daisy, aqua, mermaid, neon pink, and my very favorite the rainbow titanium, this is one of the coolest cocktail shakers you might ever come across. You can collect all of them, match them and use them according to the mood and occasion.

This 20 oz capacity cocktail shaker is attached with a drip-proof drinking lid and it can simultaneously work as a cocktail glass.

You can straightaway drink from the glass itself when you are done making a cocktail. As the capacity is large, you can serve more people and even store the drink for further usage. The shaker is perfect for singles and smaller families.

Aided with triple insulated technology and BevGuard technology, the shaker keeps your drink cool for a longer duration and serves you a drink that is comparatively fresh and has no metallic aftertaste.

Further, the shaker is leak-proof and drip-proof, so no more outside dripping due to condensation. It is something that makes this shaker stand out from the rest of the shakers.



Best Portable: OXO Steel Wall Shaker

OXO is known for its wide variety of budget-friendly kitchen appliances without adjusting with the quality. This single-wall stainless steel cocktail shaker by OXO certainly lives up to the standard set by the brand.

The shaker consists of two parts with a total capacity of 24 oz, it features two silicone gaskets that deliver you a leak-proof seal that help you to mix the drinks easily without worrying about spillage or splashes.

The parts further are easy to separate when you are done mixing the drink, with almost no force.

The upper component of the shaker is lidded and the cap features printed measurement thus working as a jigger for measuring drinks and infusions. There is an inbuilt strainer served thus delivering a smooth serving experience.

It is very easy to clean as well, just wash it with some warm water and soap rinse it thoroughly and pat dry with the towel. Leave the parts disassembled to avoid rusting and unwanted odors.



Best In Large Capacity: Cresimo 24oz Cocktail Shaker Set

Next on the list, we have this 3 piece cocktail shaker set by Cresimo. It serves almost all the essentials required by you to make delicious mixed drinks, martinis, and any other cocktail drinks.

All the components are made out of stainless steel with a sleek mirror finishing, that imparts all the attachments much-required durability and an elegant look.

The components delivered to you are a shaker with 24 oz capacity and a built-in strainer, a double jigger with 0.5 oz., 10 oz. with measurements, and a European-style twisted bar spoon.

The attachments are made of stainless steel and are easy to clean. You can either clean with warm soapy water or simply put all the parts in the dishwasher without causing any warping, discoloring, or rusting.

If you are a beginner and have little idea about where to start, there is a recipe book bundled in that aids you in making different types of cocktails.

Overall this shaker is simple and easy to use particularly for beginners. The shaker is also backed by a warranty in case you are not satisfied with the product.



Best Bar Shaker: Barfly 5-Piece Basics Cocktail Set

Barfly delivers you this 5 piece cocktail set, which is convenient enough in terms of quality and durability. The brand serves you all the components that you will need while preparing your drink, neither more nor less.

They are available in various finishes like stainless steel, antique copper, gunmetal black, copper-plated, and gold plated.

The set includes a Boston-style bar shaker with 28 ounces and 18 ounces capacity, both the bottom and mixing container fit into each other giving you enough freedom to shake and mix the drink without spillage.

The shaker is suitable for both volume bar tops and home bars. The elongated jigger is perfect for pouring the exact quantities without the ingredients tumbling down.

Further, you get a Hawthorne strainer attached which is heavy duty with stainless steel core construction that delivers you perfectly strained drink all the time. the spiral spoon is weighted and adequate for mixing pine-sized ingredients into the cocktail.



Editor’s Choice: Mixology 11 Piece Bartender Kit

This 11 piece cocktail will add to your bar in all its rustic glory. You can choose from three exquisite colors, namely gunmetal black, silver, and copper.

To start with, you get durability no matter what color you will choose, as each variant is made of stainless steel. It is ideal for both beginners and professionals who have a great passion for cocktail making.

You get a heavy-duty stainless steel martini shaker that allows you to work with complete confidence and lets you serve the best of the well-mixed drinks.

Further, the set is bundled with a muddler for adding the extra flavors and a spiral mixing spoon for efficient stirring.

Nevertheless, you can two jiggers with different measurements aiding you in measuring and pouring the infusions and alcohol perfectly. The Hawthorne strainer further helps you in serving pulp-free drinks.

The cleaning however here is a bit of a task, as the set is color coated you can only wash them with the hands to avoid any scratches and color patches. Thus, the set is not dishwasher-friendly.



Best Professional: Crafthouse by Fortessa Professional Barware

Lastly, I have added this Boston shaker set by Fortessa’s crafthouse. The set is moderately priced with impeccable quality and if you are thinking of gifting it to your loved ones, you might want to go for this. Boston shaker is one of the most versatile shakers in the market and is unique in its way.

Almost all the components in the set are made of heavy-grade stainless steel. You will be getting a 2 piece of Boston shaker, a jigger, and a Hawthorne strainer, all these help you to whip up some delicious cocktails, martinis both shaken or stirred. These components are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The muddler however is the show-stealer here, it is carved out of rich black walnut wood, the finish is natural making it look all rusty.

The length is 11.5 inches it is handy enough to crush the ice particles, spices, or fruits. Although, it is recommended that you wash the muddler with your hand for longer durability.

If you are buying the set intending to gift it to someone, the company provides the set beautifully packed in a gift box.



Best Cocktail Shaker Set Buying Guide

This Cocktail Shaker Set buying guide is exclusively designed by us for your convenience. It covers all the aspects and standards that you need to look for in a Cocktail shaker set if you plan on buying one.

  • Level of expertise

    The first on the list is Level of expertise. There are some people or bartenders who mix the cocktail very well, and some who are at the beginner’s level. So, you need to know your level of expertise and for what you need the cocktail shaker set. This sure affects the purchase decision so you should be clear about the expertise.

  • Purpose

    The main purpose of a cocktail shaker set is to mix the ingredients of drinks or beverages efficiently so that the flavours are enhanced. Though the cocktail shaker set is usually of use to bartenders, you can also buy it if you are having a party at your home or setting up a bar at your home.

  • Design

    The Cocktail Shaker Set consists of higher, muddler, Shaker, Strainer etc. The shaker is usually in a bottle shape design that makes it easy to maintain a grip and mix the drinks. It is a practical design that can be found in most of the shakers.

  • Material

    This material of Shaker is one important thing to check before buying the Set. There are three types of cocktail shakers in total; The French Shaker, The Cobbler Shaker and The Boston Shaker. These are all made from stainless steel but The Cobbler Shaker is said to be the best among them. Most Cocktail Shaker Sets are made out of stainless steel so don’t forget to check this before buying.

  • Durability

    You should always check for the durability of the product before making a buying decision to avoid any future problems. You should go through the customer reviews and the product details to check the durability of the product.

  • Capacity

    This is also an important thing to check before buying the cocktail shaker set. If you need to make large servings, choose the cocktail shaker with a large capacity. If you need the cocktail shaker set for your home or personal uses or small serving, choose the cocktail shaker with less capacity. You should choose the small sized cocktail shaker if you have small hands as with large size,it can slip from your hands and may not be comfortable to use. It depends on your requirements.

Essential Tools for Cocktail Making Sets

Some essential tools that you need for a Cocktail making set are as follows:

  • Shaker

    The Cocktail Shaker is the main part of the cocktail making set as it mixes the drinks/ beverages. It requires skill to use a Cocktail Shaker correctly and efficiently. There are 3 types of shakers; the boston, cobbler and the french one. Most bartenders prefer the boston shaker over the others.

  • Jigger

    A Jigger is used for measuring the drinks, it also provides consistency in the cocktail so it is an important tool in the cocktail making set.

  • Muddler

    A Muddler is basically used to muddle or mash the ingredients to enhance the drink and provide a unique aroma and taste to your cocktail.

  • Bar Spoon

    A Bar Spoon is used to layer the drinks. It is long in size and ensures that the ingredients are mixed well in the glasses or jugs. The glasses and jugs can be big in size hence, making it difficult to mix the ingredients fully in the drink. To solve this issue, bar spoons are designed so that they reach the bottom of the jug or glass.

  • Strainer

    A Strainer is used to separate the ice from the drink. It helps maintain the smoothness in beverages. It is used so that the ice is removed from the drink while pouring into the glass.

  • Citrus Juicer

    A citrus juicer is used for the citrus fruits. It is used by most of the bartenders to make the cocktails and other drinks. These are shaped like a cone on the upside so that the juice can be easily extracted.

  • Knife

    A knife is used to cut the ingredients or fruits to make the cocktail. It is also one of the essential tools in the cocktail making set.

  • Glasses

    Glasses are used to serve the drinks/ cocktails and mix them. Hence, these are the main part of the cocktail making set.


  • What is the purpose of a cocktail shaker?

    The purpose of the cocktail shaker is to mix the ingredients or drinks to make a cocktail. It mixes the ingredients so that the flavours are fully enhanced. Not only that, the cocktail shaker also chills and dilutes the drink so that the drink is efficiently mixed and chilled when poured in the serving glass. The shaker does all of this in very less time and also doesn’t require too much effort. Despite all this, you should be skilled in using a cocktail shaker so that the drink is perfectly made.

  • What is a cocktail strainer?

    A Cocktail strainer is used to strain the cocktail drink which prevents the solid particles or ice from going in the drink. It ensures that the drink is smooth and perfectly made. It removes ice cubes from the drink when transferred to the serving glass. It is not like normal strainers, it is specially designed for cocktail drinks. It is placed on the mouth of the shaker and then the drink is transferred into the serving glass.

  • When was the cocktail shaker first used?

    It is available through the sources that the cocktail shaker was first patented by a person named W. Harnett in 1872. The cocktail shakers before were not designed or modern, but still did the job with the same efficiency. It is also said that people used glasses as a cocktail shaker in wars or at home as there were not many resources back then.

  • What size is the ideal cocktail shaker?

    There is no ideal size for a cocktail shaker, it depends on your requirements. We would advise you to choose the cocktail shaker that is easy to use and maintain a grip on. The Boston, Cobbler and French Shakers come in different sizes; the cobbler shaker is 28 oz. or more, the boston shaker 18 oz. and more. If you have small hands, go for the smaller size and if you have large hands, go for the large size cocktail shaker.

  • How do you properly shake a cocktail?

    If you are not sure or not aware of how to shake a cocktail properly, do check this out.

    To properly shake a cocktail,

    • Firstly, add all the ingredients required to make the drink.
    • Then, close the lid tightly to ensure that the ingredients don’t spill.
    • After that, get a good and comfortable grip on the shaker.
    • Now, shake the ingredients thoroughly to dilute and mix the ingredients till there is moisture visible on the outside.
    • After you’re sure that the ingredients are well mixed, open the shaker very carefully and see that the drink/ ingredients don’t spill out.
    • Now, you just need to pour the drink in the serving glass. For this, take a cocktail strainer, put it on the mouth of the shaker and transfer the drink in the glass so that the ice doesn’t go along with it. You can put the ice afterwards directly into the drink. When the cocktail is ready, you can serve it in the glasses.


I hope that this list helps you find the best cocktail shaker set that not only works for you but looks elegant adorned at your bar top or kitchen. Making cocktails at home is usually easy especially when you are a little passionate about trying new cocktails. Buying a set is usually more convenient than collecting the different components from the scratch.

While buying a cocktail shaker, there are several features that you should consider. Firstly the type of shaker set you are looking for, whether a Boston shaker a Cobbler one, or a French shaker. If you are new then you might like the Cobbler or a martini shaker and if you are looking for a more challenging task, you can try the Boston shaker.

If you are seeking a basic for the shaker set to start with you might like an OXO cocktail shaker set or shakers like Brumate that works both as shaker and tumbler, further it is available in different colors that are cool to pick from.

For the basic beginners, however, I would recommend going for the sets that have a moderate number of components, for instance, Barfly 5 piece cocktail shaker set, which has all the basic components you would be needed for starting your endeavor in making delicious cocktails.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a full-blown cocktail set that you can adorn in the kitchen top or bar, or you want to gift the set to someone you might like the cocktail sets by Mixology, Vinobrav, or Fortessa’s crafthouse.

Although almost all the shaker sets deliver you the same functionality, however in the end, what works for you as well as the convenience is something that matters the most. Comment down below if you liked any of them, and I would love to hear your suggestions.

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