Best Electric Cigar Humidors In 2023

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Best Overall

NEEDONE 48L Electronic Humidor

NEEDONE 48L Electronic Humidor

Best Value​

NewAir Electric Humidor

NewAir Electric Humidor

Best Budget

NEEDONE 16L Electronic Humidor

NEEDONE 16L Electronic Humidor

The humidor is used to keep the cigars fresh and fragrant. It is useful for those who are interested in enjoying cigars with close friends or those with a long-standing interest in them. One of the main concerns of cigar users is the method used for cigar storage, so if you’re thinking of finally expanding your collection from one or two cigars to dozens, you might want to consider investing in a humidor. To avoid the tobacco products becoming crushed and losing their taste, the best way to store your cigars is by purchasing an electric humidor for your home.

An electric humidor maintains the ideal temperature and humidity levels to preserve the moisture in the cigars while they are being stored. For experienced cigar fans looking for a new and enhanced humidity management system for their home or workplace, an electric cigar humidor is a great option. The secret to amassing a sizable cigar collection is to preserve your cigars in mint condition and at the ideal temperature and humidity.

You can securely store your cigars at the ideal storage temperature with an electronic humidor. The most common type of humidifier available today, available in a variety of sizes and costs, is the hygrometer. Numerous features of the humidor cabinet are dependent on its size and cost. Cabinet humidors operate similarly to regular cigar humidors, with the exception that the hygrometer and humidifier are in control, not the cigars. It is automatic with this electric humidifier.

The 7 Best Electric Cigar Humidors In 2023


Best Overall: NEEDONE 48L Electronic Humidor 

The exterior dimensions of the electric humidor are 14″D x 20.1″W x 25.4″H, and it comes with a double-layered tempered glass door that allows you to see your cigars without opening the unit.

It has an interior capacity of 1.7 cubic feet, making it large enough to store up to 300 items at a time. The unit is also equipped with a digital humidity control system.

With a temperature range of 54℉ to 74℉, it provides the perfect environment for your cigars. The 3 movable Cedro shelves and a large-capacity drawer provide ample storage space.

The hygrometer ensures that your cigars are always at the perfect humidity level. It also provides a noise level of less than 38dB and 360-degree air circulation. 



Best In Budget: NEEDONE 16L Electronic Humidor

The dimensions of the unit are 22.05 x 17.72 x 12.2 inches, and it has a capacity of 0.57 Cu Ft. This humidor includes 22.3 pounds of weight.

It has a capacity of up to 100 cigars and features a glass door that allows you to see your cigars without opening the humidor. 

It provides an ideal environment for storing cigars, with a user-adjustable temperature range of 54 F to 74 F. It comes with 1 adjustable wooden shelf and 1 adjustable wooden drawer is an excellent way to store your cigars. 

This humidor uses semiconductor refrigeration technology to provide a noise level that is lower than 38dB. It also features air closed-loop circulation, which circulates air around the cigars and maintains a consistent level of humidity. 



Best In Value: NewAir 250 Count Electric Humidor 

This humidor features 19.3 x 13.6 x 18.5 inches dimensions and has 26.9 pounds of weight, making it a sturdy and reliable option.

It has a thermoelectric cooling system that keeps your cigars at the perfect temperature, while also locking in humidity. It also has plenty of space to store up to 250 cigars.

It provides easy-touch digital controls and high-quality Spanish cedar drawers and shelves. The built-in hygrometer ensures that your cigars are always stored at the perfect temperature.

The humidor also features an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to control the temperature of your cigars. It also has an upgraded lock and key feature that helps to keep your cigars secure.



Best Efficiency: Schmécké 250 Cigar Electric Humidor

It has dimensions of 13.5”x17.7”x27.1” and weighs 35.27 lbs. It also has a 1.5 cu ft capacity, making it one of the largest humidors on the market.

It also features a 3-in-1 Cigar Cooler, Heater & Humidor. This allows you to store your cigars at the perfect temperature and humidity.

This unit features self-regulating compressor cooling technology, ensuring that your cigars are kept at the perfect temperature and humidity levels.

The chic recessed handle and beautiful dual-pane tinted glass door add a touch of class, while the spacious interior provides plenty of room for up to 250 Churchill-sized cigars.

The adjustable and removable wood shelves allow you to customize the humidor to your specific needs, and the stainless steel design ensures that your cigars will stay fresh and flavorful.



Best Thermoelectric: Prestige Import Group Thermoelectric Humidor

This humidor has  14″D x 19″W x 20″H dimensions and ‎20 pounds of weight, making it perfectly sized for a large collection.

Additionally, it has a thermoelectric cooling system that keeps the cigars at the perfect temperature, and a humidification system that ensures the cigars stay fresh.

This humidor can hold up to 250 cigars and features 3 removable sliding trays for easy organizational access. The tempered glass door allows you to see your cigars without opening the humidor and losing precious moisture.

This free-standing unit features adjustable feet for leveling on any surface, and its ultra-quiet operation ensures that your cigars will be stored in perfect conditions.

It features a removable humidification tray and an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to maintain the perfect level of humidity for your cigars.



Best Compact: Whynter CHC-122BDa Electric Humidor 

With dimensions of 23 x 17.3 x 22 inches and a weight of 27 pounds, it has a 1.2 cu ft capacity, making it ideal for storing a large number of cigars.

This humidor can accommodate up to 250 cigars, providing plenty of space for your collection. It features a freestanding setup and vibration-free thermoelectric cooling. 

This unit includes removable 2 flat shelves, 1 drawer, and security lock, and two keys, making it perfect for keeping your cigars fresh and secure.

The tempered glass door ensures that your cigars are visible at all times, while the Spanish cedar lining protects them from pests.

The humidity tray and hygrometer help to keep the cigars at the perfect moisture level, while the adjustable digital display allows you to set the temperature to the ideal range for storing cigars (50ºF – 66ºF).



Best Dual Zone: FUKE 59L Stainless Electric Humidor

This electric humidor has 19.3″D x 13.6″W x 31.3″H dimensions and has 44.9 pounds of weight with 59 Liters capacity. 

It features two independent temperature zones, each with its own digital display, so you can store cigars at different temperatures depending on their style.

This is designed to store up to 200 cigars at the ideal temperature and humidity levels. The exterior of the humidor is made from stainless steel for durability.

The humidor features removable cedar wood shelving, 4 horizontal dividers, and 1 drawer, as well as an LED cold light.

It features a tempered glass door that allows you to see your cigars without having to open the humidor and potentially damage them.



How Does An Electric Cigar Humidor Works?

Sensors are used in an electric cigar cooler humidor to function. The sensor determines how much moisture is present outside. It activates the cabinet’s ventilator, forcing air through it. When the temperature reaches the predetermined optimal level, the ventilators shut off automatically.

Electronic cigar humidors can be operated without a person present. The user simply needs to launch the system once and check in on it every so often. The cigar can be effectively stored with the use of an electronic humidor:

  • Humidifier

    One of the most crucial components of the cigar humidor is the humidifier, and the effectiveness and quality of the humidifier depend on the size of the humidor. The humidifier, as its name suggests, gives your cigars the ideal amount of moisture they require to prevent the tobacco leaves within from shriveling. The moisture not only keeps the cigar fresh but also makes it possible for it to burn slowly.

  • Hygrometer

    Another crucial element of the cigar humidor is the hygrometer, which measures the humidity level and indicates whether it has to be raised or lowered. Hygrometers come in digital and analog varieties. The humidifier is connected to cigar humidors with electronic humidity controls.

  • Rule 70/70

    When it comes to cigar storage, whether in a little desktop humidor or a sizable walk-in humidor for businesses, you want to maintain circumstances that are similar to those found where the cigars were created. A warm, humid setting is required whether you are smoking authentic Cuban cigars or any other cigars from the Caribbean.

    Premium cigars are generally kept at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent relative humidity, that is called the 70/70 rule. You can smoke your favorite cigars anytime you want without worrying about bug damage, mildew, or decay thanks to this stable atmosphere keeping your tobacco in top condition for a long time.


  1. How Do You Keep An Electronic Cabinet At 70%?

    To prevent your cigars from drying out, a proper humidor will have a humidifying mechanism to add moisture to the enclosed space. This can be done using a sponge dipped in propylene glycol or distilled water, or it can be done with a computerized hygrometer that regulates the humidifier and airflow automatically. The relative humidity levels for your cigars can be easily managed with the help of humidors.

  2. How Do You Set Up An Electric Humidor?

    If you’re thinking about taking up cigar collection as a pastime, investing in a new humidor is a wonderful move. The best way to set up a humidor is to understand the conditions it should be in before storing your cigars. This will help you keep the quality of your cigars at an optimal level. A fresh humidor should always be re-humidified before being used to store cigars, according to the general norm. Due to your humidor’s material’s equilibrium, storing them right away will completely damage your cigars. Spanish cedar is the most common material used to create electric humidors, and most frequently, when they are distributed, they have not reached their equilibrium of 65% humidity.

  3. How Many Boveda Packs Do I Need In An Electric Humidor?

    One Boveda is advised for every 25 cigars your humidor can contain. Boveda won’t ever humidify more than the selected RH. Boveda can never be used in excess. Using more than the bare minimum will result in greater effectiveness and durability.

  4. How To Increase Humidity In The Hydroelectric Humidor?

    It is essential to take steps to maintain the right humidity level once you have established what it should be for your humidor and cigars. Making use of a humidifier is one approach to achieve this. To boost humidity, a cigar humidifier adds a tiny amount of water vapor to the air.

  5. What Is The Best Temperature Setting On The Electronic Humidor To Get The Best Humidity?

    The 70/70 rule is a common name for the general guideline for your cabinet humidor climate. You may store your cigars with the proper amount of AH, or water vapor pressure, by maintaining a temperature of 70°F and an RH of 70%.

  6. Who Can Make An Electronic Humidor For Cuban Cigars?

    Cuban cigars should be kept in a room with a relative humidity of 65 to 70 percent, between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius (60 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit). A cigar’s ability to mature can be hampered by lower temperatures. Due to the relationship between temperature and humidity, it is crucial to maintain a steady temperature. In contrast to a humid Habano, a dry cigar will taste harsh and have poor draw and smoke. An infection from a parasite known as a tobacco weevil or tobacco beetle can be triggered by temperatures above 18 °C. The decay caused by these parasites causes wrappers to rip. Even though infections of this kind are uncommon, the only treatment is to place the cigar box in your freezer for a few days.

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