Best 20 Hookah Flavors In 2023

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Many individuals nowadays use hookahs for socializing, whether with family, friends or at other gatherings. So, what exactly are hookahs and shishas? Hookahs are water pipes used to smoke specially prepared tobacco combinations in a variety of flavors.


In many other regions, hookahs are also known as narghile, shisha, and hubble-bubble. Most individuals feel that smoking hookah is less harmful than smoking cigarettes; people can enjoy hookah socially and on occasion, with various flavors. Smoking hookah is soothing and can help people reduce stress. Hookah can be consumed with family, friends, or by oneself.

So, here are some of the top hookah flavors to choose from based on your personal preference.

The 20 Best Hookah Flavors


  1. Adalya Lady Killer

    The lady killer is great for folks who enjoy their smoke to be sweet without being overbearing. The flavor is top-notch. This hookah tobacco is a delicious blend of sweet melon, juicy mango, woodland berries, strawberries, and refreshing mint. It produces a smooth smoke with a lengthy burn period. So, if you’re looking for the ideal and most flavorful hookah taste, this is the one.

  2. Fumari Red Gummi Bear

    It’s cherry with a raspberry hint that reminds us of those tasty red bear sweets from our childhood that we loved eating. This is one of the most popular shisha flavors, which delivers a perfectly balanced flavor of sweetness, which one should try once in their life.

  3. Al-Fakher Mint

    Al-Fakher is a luxury brand of flavored tobacco with a smooth and unique flavor. It can be mixed with almost any shisha tobacco flavor and delivers a perfectly balanced medium-strong mint flavor. There are no artificial colors or flavors in Al Fakher Mint; only the finest Al Fakher tobacco blended with real mint leaves. A classic flavor containing only the best cooling agents.

  4. Adalya Berlin Nights

    The amazing combination of peach and mint will transport you to long hours of intense smoke. Adalya offers a diverse selection of shisha flavors while maintaining consistent quality. We highly recommend tasting this light Adalya flavor once. Adalya is beginner-friendly tobacco because of its high-quality manufacturing.

  5. Eternal Smoke Dark Bean

    These café-style flavors provide a soothing environment, ideal for anybody wishing to unwind. Look no further than eternal smoke dark bean for hookah tobacco with a distinct and unforgettable flavor. It’s exclusively designed for those who want to enjoy the smell and taste of daily espresso in their favorite shisha!

  6. Al Fakhar Two Apples

    Al-Fakher is known for flavored tobacco that experienced hookah users primarily utilize due to its smooth and distinctive smoking experience. The combination sweetness of red and green apples is a refreshing and natural tasting favorite worldwide. The delicate apple tastes with acidic anise undertones. This double apple taste has a lengthy history and is still popular among many. It’s a flavor that you’ll adore with every pull.

  7. Starbuzz Code 69

    Many people regard StarBuzz hookah tobacco as one of the best brands on the market. It has a lovely fruity candy smell, orange, and passion fruit, with notes of sour cherry and zesty iced tea, and is a great addition to your shisha collection.

  8. Adalya Blue Melon

    This hookah mixture is a traditional mix of melon and blueberry with a minty freshness. Even though the blue melon hookah mixture is on the cold side, the taste is still exquisite. They have many flavors for everyone, including traditional favorites like Lady killer and Berlin nights, so everyone can enjoy them.

  9. Social Smoke Berry Punch

    Berry Punch is a robust blend of luscious berries with a fruity finish. It is a type of berry cocktail shisha flavor. Social Smoke has relatively few leaf stems and a medium cut. Because it is so moist and juicy, it emits substantial clouds of smoke. It contains strong strawberry and raspberry undertones that come together to produce a wonderful scent for berry flavor lovers.

  10. Adalya Love 66

    It is one of the most popular flavors of Adalya; some sources claim that it tastes like watermelon and passion fruit, but it actually seems to employ more menthol and flowers in addition to the perfume of passion fruit. For individuals who want fruity and sweet flavors. Love 66 is a great choice. If you want fruity or even just sweeter-tasting shishas, it is definitely worth a try!

  11. Fumari Blueberry Muffin

    Blueberry muffin shisha is one of Fumari’s very special flavors. The flavor is extremely sweet with the flavor of blueberries and some hint of muffin. For those who want to mitigate some of the sweetness, it is suggested that a sense of French vanilla can be a beautiful complement by adding a smooth and creamy to the blueberry flavor without compromising the taste or much of the sweetness.

  12. Tangiers Chocolate Mint

    Cream mint and cocoa make a tasty mix. Perfectly withstands impact from the outside environment. It has a flavor similar to fresh menthol overtones and authentic milk chocolate. Inspiration is delightfully cooled with peppermint, which may be consumed on its own or used with your favorite combination for more cooling.

  13. Trifecta Blonde Peppermint Shake

    A must-try flavor for shisha tobacco! This Trifecta tobacco flavor for blonde leaf shisha has a strong sweet peppermint flavor with hints of creaminess all throughout. Give it a try if you’re seeking tasty and cooling hookah tobacco. You won’t be let down.

  14. Starbuzz Blue Mist

    One of the most refined and smooth flavors you will ever smoke is Blue mist from StarBuzz. It works well as a mixer and solitary tobacco. You may try combining it with vanilla, strawberries, grapes, or some of your own creations. You can never go wrong with this, whether you smoke it alone or combine it with any other Shisha flavor. It is a highly recommended brand to any beginning hookah smokers because it is simple to prepare and has a lower nicotine concentration for a smaller buzz.

  15. Social Smoke Absolute Zero

    It is a perfect choice if you’re seeking a pleasant and minty hookah flavor. It is a particularly sweet and chilly mint mixture and produces thick hazy smoke that replenishes your taste from the first puff. There are no artificial colors or preservatives added and is a reliable hookah to have. Furthermore, this hookah tobacco has a distinct and delightful blend of peppermint and winter-fresh flavor.

  16. Tangiers Cane Mint

    Tangiers Shisha Tobacco is a famous shisha brand with a unique and distinct flavor hookah which has a big fan following among smokers. The mint aroma has a strong cooling impact which can be enjoyed in hot summers. With only a bit of sweetness, the flavor is robust and refreshing. Mint enthusiasts should try this to kickstart their hookah smoking sessions!

  17. Zomo Acai Cream

    Zomo appears to be a shisha brand that enjoys creating innovative flavors and is known for producing high-quality products. Acai cream has a somewhat sour flavor similar to blackberries and a mild sweetness similar to raspberries. It has slightly earthy elements that keep the flavor from being excessively sweet, and it finishes with a cream or vanilla note. It is a must-try flavor that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

  18. Nakhla Double Apple

    The authentic double apple taste is Nakhla double apple shisha tobacco. Nakhla traditional flavored tobacco is made in Egypt. It is available in both exotic and traditional tastes. Their anise and the light apple flavor combination is a fantastic illustration of what a classic smoking experience should be like.

  19. Chaos El Patron

    It combines the flavors of passion fruit, orange, and peach into a flawlessly mixed mixture. The tobacco is pleasant and simple to smoke, with thick, creamy clouds produced. Chaos El Patron is sure to give a pleasurable experience whether you smoke alone or with others.

  20. Serbetli Ice Berry

    It is a delightful shisha flavor that will immediately become one of your favorites. Serbetli Ice Berry (Ice Berries) Turkish hookah tobacco Is a novel flavor of raspberries and berries with mint. Very refreshing, like raspberry lemonade with mint. It’s ideal for a summer hookah setting! So, if you’re seeking a hookah tobacco flavor that will definitely tickle your taste buds, try Serbetli Ice Berry. You will not be let down!

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