10 Best Outdoor Griddles In 2023

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Outdoor griddles offer a delicious and convenient way to cook outdoors. A griddle is a large flat surface that is used for cooking. It is typically made of metal or stone, and it is often heated by gas or electricity.

Griddles are common in commercial kitchens, but they are also increasingly popular for home cooking. An outdoor griddle provides the perfect way to enjoy healthy, delicious meals while spending time with family and friends.

Cooking on a griddle is relatively simple, and it allows you to cook multiple items at once. Plus, cleanup is usually quick and easy. You can find them in a variety of sizes, with the most popular being the one-burner griddle.

These units are compact and easy to transport, making them ideal for picnics, camping trips, and tailgating parties. Two-burner griddles are also available, and they offer twice the cooking surface of a one-burner unit.

For larger gatherings, you might want to consider a three- or four-burner griddle. These models come with side shelves that provide additional prep space, and they typically have built-in storage areas for your utensils and accessories.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best outdoor griddles on the market, based on our expert evaluation. These top griddles will make your next cookout a success.

Buying your first outdoor griddle can be a very tiring and annoying process. If you ask 10 different people, we can guarantee you 10 different people are going to give you 10 different answers. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with the best buying guide for outdoor griddles in the market. If you are an outdoor grilling fanatic and always have an appetite for grilled meat in the mornings then this scoop will be a lifesaver for you.

If you want to make your outdoor gathering more fun then be sure to have a perfect outdoor griddle to help you cook in style. Outdoor griddles cook great-tasting dishes when you are out picnicking, camping, mountain climbing, or just simply relaxing on your lawn.

One cannot move on with the guide to the best outdoor griddle before explaining to you what it is. Cooking utensils with flat surfaces are called griddles. The earliest griddles were brick or stone slabs set over a blazing fire. Advanced griddles burn a metal surface using power, gas, coal, wood, or a cooktop.

The 10 Best Outdoor Griddles In 2023


Best Overall: Blackstone Tabletop Griddle

The Blackstone Tabletop griddle is the perfect tool for cooking up fresh and delicious meals on the go. It features a durable, heavy-duty design that can withstand high temperatures and long cooking times, as well as a grease management system that keeps the griddle surface clean and easy to maintain.

With its large cooking surface, built-in temperature gauge, and effortless temperature control, make it simple to create great-tasting food.

With two knobs for temperature control and an integrated ignition system for quick and easy start-up, make your cooking experience hassle-free. Plus, the leg levelers ensure that the griddle is stable on any surface. And the compact size makes it easy to transport.



Best Space-Saver : Cuisinart Round Flat Top Griddle

The Cuisinart round flat top griddle is a handy appliance that is perfect for cooking large meals. The spacious cooking surface provides plenty of room for multiple items, and the flat top ensures even heat distribution.

The integrated temperature control dial lets you choose the perfect setting for your food. With three distinct, adjustable burners, this flat top grill has the power and versatility to cook up everything.

The non-stick surface is also very easy to clean, making this griddle a snap to maintain. In addition, it comes with a built-in grease tray that collects excess fat and oil, making it a healthy option for cooking as well. And with its durable stainless lid with a vent that helps to keep heat in while letting the smoke out.



Best Adjustable-Zone Grill: Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle

The Camp Chef griddle is the perfect tool for cooking up a feast outdoors. With its large griddle surface, it can accommodate multiple food items at once. The griddle surface is made of durable material, providing even heat and making it easy to get those perfect sear marks. And clean-up is a breeze thanks to the removable grease tray.

The griddle also features two side shelves, which provide additional prep space or can be used to keep serving plates and utensils close at hand. And thanks to its sturdy construction, it is built to last. With its smart design and easy operation, this grill is perfect for cooking. With its adjustable leg levers, this grill is easy to set up and use on virtually any surface.



Best Large Portable: Country Smokers Portable Griddle

Country Smokers features four separate burners that can be independently controlled to allow you to cook multiple items at once. With its rugged design and high-quality construction, this is sure to become your go-to outdoor cooking solution. With its built-in legs, it can easily withstand extreme temperatures while providing ideal mobility and balance.

It is extremely lightweight and includes a carrying case for ease of transport. The legs are also removable for easy storage. Another great feature of this griddle is that it is made from steel which ensures even heat distribution. There is also a grease cup that catches any drippings so that your food will not be greasy.



Our Value Pick: Royal Gourmet Griddle

With its sleek, compact design and powerful burner, this versatile griddle can be set up wherever you need it. Its large grilling surface offers plenty of space. With its oversized burner and powerful heating elements, this burner heats up quickly and delivers consistent heat across the whole surface area.

And its adjustable heat settings ensure that everything will get perfectly cooked every time. Plus, with easy-to-clean components and convenient features like a removable grease catch pan and an inbuilt temperature gauge, this grill makes cooking outdoors a breeze. With its slim, lightweight design, this grill is perfectly portable.



Best Upgrade: Blackstone Gas Griddle

The Blackstone gas griddle is the perfect addition to any outdoor cooking setup. With two burners, it provides plenty of cooking space, and the rear grease management system makes clean-up a breeze. The built-in cutting board and garbage holder are also handy features, making it easy to keep your work area clean and organized.

The griddle itself is made from heavy-duty cold-rolled steel, so it can withstand high temperatures and heavy use. It features one lower shelf for easy storage of food, and the black powder-coated steel body is built to last. The grill also features two side shelves, ideal for prep space or holding platters of food.



Most Versatile: Cuisinart Gourmet Gas Griddle

This two-burner griddle features a stainless steel body and an infrared heating system that evenly distributes heat. The griddle also has a handy drip tray to catch any grease or fat, and it comes with a temperature control knob. The griddle also features a non-stick coating that ensures food will not stick to the surface, making clean-up quick and easy.

With its durable stainless steel construction, high heat output, and wide grilling surface, this griddle provides all the features you need to create healthy and flavorful meals with ease. And with its sleek and modern design, this is sure to be a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen.



Editor’s Choice: Camp Chef Fry Griddle

The Camp Chef Professional fry griddle is the ultimate tool for any outdoor cookout. It features a large cooking surface that is perfect for frying. And best of all, this griddle is made from heavy-duty stainless steel that will stand up to years of use.

And thanks to its convenient temperature control dial, you can easily adapt the heat to find just the right level for your specific cooking needs. Its two powerful burners provide even heat across the entire griddle surface, ensuring that all of your food cooks consistently.

This versatile cooking tool features a large flat grilling surface complemented by high heat resistance and durability, with built-in grease-drain technology that quickly drains excess fats and oils into a convenient grease cup.



Compact and portable: Lodge Grill/Griddle

The Lodge griddle/grill’s large surface area is ideal for cooking multiple items at once, and the reversible design means that you can use it as either a grill or a griddle.

The cast iron construction ensures even heat distribution and outstanding durability, while the pre-seasoned finish provides excellent non-stick performance.

Additionally, it comes with convenient carrying handles so that you can easily transport it from the kitchen to your grill without any hassle at all. It is oven safe, so you can use it both inside and out.



Best Portable: Pit Boss Portable Griddle

This versatile griddle features a powerful 2-burner gas system that delivers consistent heat for perfect results every time. With its rugged construction and solid performance, this portable griddle has consistently been my go-to choice for an easy and efficient way to cook outdoors.

The porcelain-coated griddle plate is easy to clean and heats evenly. The compact design makes it easy to store and transport and the built-in carrying handles make it even more convenient. Plus, it has a built-in igniter for easy lighting. It features a convenient grease management system that helps to reduce messy cleanups.



Tips for Seasoning Your Outdoor Griddle

  • First, use a moist towel to clean the grilling top of your griddle top. 
  • Then proceed to turn your primary burners on to the ‘HIGH’ heat setting. Now, wait for 10 to 15 minutes for your grill to heat up. 
  • Apply frying oil to the griddle top after your grill is hot enough. Use a spatula and a bunch of paper rolls to coat the oil uniformly throughout the entire griddle. Set your griddle to the GH heat setting. 
  • Simply let it cook when the oil has been poured evenly. Repeat this procedure two or three additional rounds once it looks that most of the oil has been burned off the surface. 
  • The process is done.

Types of Outdoor Griddles

There are many varied sizes and designs of griddles. Each alternative has unique benefits and drawbacks.

  • Gas griddles

    Gas griddles have the traditional flat-top grills that help cook the food right in its juices as it has no grates on them. They frequently have several burners with round heating components. Natural gas or propane is used to power a gas version. Griddles that run on natural gas or propane must be used outside because the fumes from these fuels pose serious health and safety dangers.

  • Electric griddles

    A heating coil that is integrated into an electric griddle is powered by electricity. Compact electric griddles are common in household appliances. The griddle’s frame is frequently constructed out of stainless steel or aluminum. These kitchen counter-mounted griddles are frequently rectangular in shape. The griddle is plugged in and turned on to begin heating the surface.

  • Panini griddles

    Panini griddles come along with two flat plates that help in cooking the specific dish. You may heat both sides of the sandwich simultaneously by applying pressure on the upper plate. Waffle plates, as well as grill plates, could be included alongside panini griddles.

  • Stovetop griddles

    Stovetop griddles are the best for cooking a lot of food at once because of how they are made. They are available in a variety of forms, dimensions, and materials. They are simple to use. All you need to do is put it on the burner and it will start cooking.

    The griddle can sit on multiple burners and allow you more cooking space. They are made of cast iron and aluminum. They have handles on the sides for better grip and support.

  • Griddle combos

    Manufacturers like Blackstone make griddles that are versatile and can serve multiple purposes. They include many extra features along with the basic griddle which elevates its appeal in the market.

    Bottle openers, air fryers, and deep fryers are some of the features that come as a package deal with griddles.

    Having said that, if you are a pizza lover, then you might want to learn how to cook pizza on a Blackstone griddle.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Griddle?

  • Size

    The size of your griddle depends on your needs. If you must use the griddle only for your family you can invest in smaller griddles. We recommend you invest in bigger-sized griddles as they give you a larger cooking area where you can cook multiple food items or dishes at one time. If you host parties very often or go camping then you might want to consider big-size griddles. In bigger griddles, you can simultaneously cook the food and then clean it as you go.

    Restaurants use full-sized griddles that are perfect for commercial use.

  • Number of Burners

    The number of burners on a griddle can vary from one to in some cases six. Griddles tend to have different temperature zones over their flat surface due to a smaller number of burners. The flat surface of the griddle will be hotter when a burner is placed under it. Whereas, the areas which are out of the reach of the burner will be cold and will not cook the food properly.

    Therefore, one can experience slow cooking and sometimes the food may not be cooked properly. A greater number of burners under your griddle’s surface can heat the top layer very quickly and evenly. If you intend to cook a large quantity of food at once, this may be crucial. More burners give you the temperature control in your hands.

  • Material

    The next thing that you might want to consider is the material of your griddle surface. Many manufacturers offer incredibly advanced elements on their surface such as the ceramic coated armor-plated griddle. Such griddles do not require regular maintenance and can be cleaned using a simple paper towel. On the other hand, some griddles are made of traditional stainless steel and cast iron that are rolled. They require more maintenance as they are prone to rust and require re-seasoning. Although they can last long if taken care of and retain heat much better than any other material.

  • Surface Area

    You must purchase a griddle with a larger surface area as cooking on them is more convenient. The surface area may vary from 200 square inches to just a little over 720 square inches. In 200 square inches, four burgers can be easily cooked; however if you plan to cook for more than four people, buy a griddle with a larger surface area. Although griddles with larger surface areas take time to reach the ideal heating temperature, some parts of the surface may have cold zones due to uneven heating.

  • Design

    All the griddles have a similar basic structure and design. They vary only in terms of size and the material used. All griddles have a flat-top surface on which cooking is done. Although some griddles come with a hood and some come with no hoods.

    If your griddle lacks a hood, you can buy a cover from the market. Griddles with hoods are a hundred percent recommended as they increase the versatility of griddles.

  • Ease of use

    The griddle that you are about to buy must be easy to access. It should be user-friendly. Griddles that give the user freedom to change settings such as temperature control are highly favoured. Griddles that require minimal maintenance and can be used for long-span should be your ideal choice. Versatile griddles should reduce your efforts and give you smooth and juicy results.

  • Temperature Control

    Temperature control is frequently included with griddles that have heating components. Larger griddles might have different controls for each heating element, whilst smaller griddles might just have a single dial for temperature control.

  • Portability

    The portability of your griddle is especially important. You might want to take your griddle to various events such as a picnic or a visit to your lake house or your kid’s ball game. Some manufacturers such as the Pit Boss make griddles that have a “lift-off” mechanism. They have legs underneath and can be easily transported. Other brands provide size variations. Thus, portability depends on how and where you wish to use your griddle.

  • Maintenance

    To make your griddle last longer you should clean it after every use as the oil and the leftover bits of food items just make a mess of the surface. You must season your griddle and invest in an excellent quality hood or cover.

    Avoid rust formation and remove the grease and debris. Wash the cooking area and remove the oils and then clean it using a dry soft cloth. Store your appliance in an appropriate safe area.


  • What brand is the best outdoor griddle?

    According to us, Blackstone is the best band for the outdoor griddle.

  • What is the best griddle to buy?

    We recommend you buy the Blackstone 36″ Cooking Station.

  • What is the best oil to use on an outdoor griddle for cooking?

    Canola oil is the most recommended oil for griddles. Its smoking point is remarkably high.

  • What can you cook on an outdoor griddle?

    You can cook anything from burgers, bacon, eggs, sandwiches, kabobs, and steak. The list can go on and on.


The best outdoor griddles can make your cooking experience much more enjoyable. They allow you to cook food outdoors while still enjoying the benefits of being inside.

We’ve provided a list of the 10 best outdoor griddles on the market today to make your decision easier. Be sure to consider what is important to you when making your purchase and enjoy cooking delicious meals outdoors this summer!

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