Best 8 Oven Mitts In 2023

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Big Red House

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Ritz Royale

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When you are shopping for kitchen tools, it often gets confusing to differentiate essential items from non-essential ones. And once you are able to narrow down the essential items, you are confused as to which ones are better and which ones are not worth it.

For instance, you might have heard that cotton oven mitts are better than silicone ones or even vice versa. However, how do you determine which one is a viable option for you?

Well, the usefulness of an oven mitt depends on your needs. To start with, an oven mitt is worn inside the kitchen usually when you’re baking or using hot surfaces like stovetops, cookware, and ovens. An oven mitt is found in almost every other kitchen because they are extremely useful. However, you might be confused by the wide variety of options that are available to you. The two most common materials used to make mitts are silicone and cotton.

In the article that follows, we shall discuss the characteristics of a good oven mitt and the factors that you should analyze before finalizing an oven mitt for yourself.

The Best Oven Mitts In 2023


Best Overall: Big Red House Heat-Resistant Oven Mitts

These durable mitts are available in six different colors and feature dimensions of 12.5 x 7 x 2 inches, making them ideal for a wide range of cooking tasks.  

These unique mitts are made from a combination of silicone and cotton, which provides maximum thermal insulation, and superior gripping power and is extremely comfortable to wear.

They will last through multiple uses and prevent your hands from getting too hot when working with cast-iron cookware up to 480°F.

These mitts can be washed in the washing machine without falling apart or losing their shape.



Best Value: Ritz Royale Collection Pot Holder

With its spacious 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.75 inch dimensions and lightweight 7.2-ounce design, this versatile tool allows you to safely handle hot cookware.

With four pieces in every set, you’ll always have a backup on hand when you need it most. This accessory comes in a variety of handy colors.

Crafted from tough, heavy-duty canvas with a thick terry-looped cotton pocket and non-slip thumb and finger pockets, it provides the perfect combination of heat resistance and secure gripping power.



Best Silicon: MASTRAD- Silicone And Cotton Mitts

With their spacious size of 11 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches, these mitts are able to comfortably fit your hands. These mitts are actually heat resistant up to 572°F, allowing you to handle even the hottest pots and pans.

The 100% pure silicone surface is completely waterproof, even when subjected to boiling water, while the removable cotton lining ensures that your hands stay dry and comfortable at all times.



Best Design: KitchenAid Asteroid Cotton Oven Mitts

With their generous dimensions of 12.5 x, 7 x 0.13 inches and a pair of handy mini mitts included, they give you all the space you need to work seamlessly in the kitchen.

Made from high-quality, heat-resistant cotton, these oven mitts provide ample protection against burns, even at extremely high temperatures.

These mitts can withstand temperatures up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to handle even the hottest items with ease.

It features a unique, silicone grip pattern that provides excellent grip on all types of hot surfaces. Alos, they are available in lots of vibrant colors.



Best Flexible: HOMWE Silicone Oven Mitts

With their spacious, 13.19 x 8.9 x 1.89-inch design, these mitts offer plenty of room for your hands and arms. Their heat-resistant silicone construction, can also fully protect your hands up to 450°F. 

They are designed with a quilted cotton liner that offers superior insulation against both hot and cold temperatures.

Their longer wrist coverage, allow you to protect even your most sensitive areas like your fingertips and past your wrist with confidence.

Plus, they are flexible, and breathable, and feature a non-skid texture on the palm to help improve control and stability while handling heavy or delicate objects.



Best Budget: ARCLIBER Oven Mitts

These mitts feature high-quality heat resistance and flame retardant coating that makes them able to withstand temperatures up to 425 ° F with ease.

Plus, their large 16 x 6.7 x 1-inch dimensions provide plenty of space for your hands and arms. These mitts feature soft terry cloth lining that resists flames for up to 10 seconds.

Additionally, the flexible and extra-long design allows for a comfortable fit so that you can use these mitts with confidence.



Best Professional: Cuisinart Silicone Oven Mitts

These specially designed mitts are generously proportioned, with 14 x 1 x 1-inch dimensions that allow you to safely handle even large pots and pans without fear of burning your hands. 

Made from durable, flexible silicone, these mitts are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees. They are lined with super soft cotton and filled with premium insulating material to offer superior protection.



Best Durable: BESTONZON Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

With dimensions of 12.99 x 6.69 x 0.98 inches and heat resistance up to 500F, our mitts and pot holders are built to last and provide reliable protection even in the most testing kitchen environments.

Made from durable cotton with non-slip silicone grips, these oven mitts and pot holders are designed to protect your hands from heat and prevent accidents.

These mitts and potholders are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Also, includes 2 silicon oven mitts and 2 pot holders.



What Makes A Good Oven Mitt?

Although the question of a good oven mitt is subjective, there are certain basic features common to all ideal oven mitts. For one, an oven mitt should ensure proper insulation for protecting the hands from the heat of pans. In addition, opt for a good quality oven mitt even if it is slightly expensive because you wouldn’t want to burn your hands in the cooking process.

Secondly, an oven mitt should have an appreciable and useful life so that you know you are making a worthwhile investment. Thirdly, an oven mitt should be budget friendly or so to say an inexpensive purchase. Any oven mitt, therefore, will come under the umbrella of a useful purchase if it helps in heat resistance. 

Note that you should opt for oven mitts that not only cover your hands but also your wrists. This is particularly necessary if you will use the mitts to take something out that is deep inside the oven.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Oven Mitts

Given below is the list of factors that you should take into consideration before purchasing an oven mitt for yourself:

  1. Material

    An oven mitt is usually made from fabric that is either cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester or a blend of silicone and cotton. The primary merit of cotton is that it is easy to wash and soft to wear. On the other hand, silicone can be cleaned in depth and has a longer useful life.

    Luckily enough, there are a wide variety of materials that can be used to make oven mitts. Since the primary function served by each one of the materials is to guard against heat, it all comes down to preference. Now cotton mitts are a viable option for they come with extra padding and are soft, thereby making it easier to hold pans that are hot with relative ease.

    Silicone oven mitts are another great option because they not only offer resistance to heat but also offer a good grip. There are several oven mitts that are a mix of silicone and cotton, which is advantageous because there are fewer chances that you’d drop hot dishes.

  2. Cleaning

    Almost every oven mitt is machine washable. However, they should be hung for drying purposes instead of being subjected to the dryer. This is because the dryer can ruin the specified shape of the mitts. Silicone mitts offer ease of cleaning, but it is advised to not machine wash them even if the manual says so. Your oven mitts will last longer if you clean your oven mitts by hand. The choice is yours depending on the durability of your material.

  3. Usage

    You should consider the level of cooking that you are going to use in your kitchen. Note that professional chefs suggest that you use dish towels that are folded specifically. Therefore, you might not require a premium-quality oven mitt. Nonetheless, you need something to provide assured protection to your hands. So, you should opt for an oven mitt in any case but you’re free to choose the kind and quality that suits you and your needs best.


  1. How Do I Clean My Oven Mitts?

    If you have an oven mitt that is either made using cotton or silicone or a blend, machine washes it on the cold setting. You can use a stain remover to spray down the tough stains. The primary thing to take care of is to opt for an oven mitt that doesn’t hurt your hands.

  2. Can You Use A Towel As An Oven Mitt?

    Yes, you can use a towel instead of an oven mitt. In fact, many people out there use a towel as they find it more comfortable and versatile. Nonetheless, choosing between an oven mitt and a towel comes down to personal preference. Whatever product you are going to use depends on your comfort space.

  3. Are Silicone Oven Mitts Safe?

    Yes, a silicone oven mitt is stronger and provides more advanced protection than heat. In fact, they provide more protection than even cotton mitts do. Silicone mitts work wonders when they are lined or blended with other materials like cotton. However, it is important to note that a silicone mitt is easily breakable in a machine. Therefore, they can’t tolerate as much washing as a cotton oven mitt can. But silicone mitts work wonders when it comes to avoiding bacterial growth while cotton mitts are prone to bacterial growth.

  4. What Material Is Best For Oven Mitts?

    We all know that cast iron cookware is a good conductor of heat. To handle such utensils, silicone does wonder. You can hold utensils that are extremely hot using silicone oven mitts. Since oven mitts have the capacity to retain heat above the typical 400-degree barometer, they are an ideal option for handling all cast iron cookware with a temperature range of 500 degrees or more.

  5. How Heat-resistant Should Oven Mitts Be?

    The primary role of an oven mitt is to tolerate extreme heat levels. A mitt made out of aramid fabric can tolerate a temperature as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They can even tolerate exposure to an open flame. Now the most common appliances that are used for cooking are cast iron cookware. Therefore, any material that has the potential to tolerate temperatures of 400 degrees or above is good enough to be used for making oven mitts.


Therefore, it is evident that the heat-resistant potential of an oven mitt is the primary feature that needs to be considered. An oven mitt is a necessity if you are into baking. If you need to rearrange hots pans and pots on your stove or handle extremely hot utensils and cookware, oven mitts are your go-to kitchen tools.

In addition, oven mitts work as versatile tools. Since they provide greater coverage, they can be used for a wide variety of recipes. You can work easily without having to worry about burning your hands accidentally. With a high heat-resistant level, oven mitts ensure that your hands and forearms are protected from any accidents.

You can choose between cotton and silicone, the two most common options when it comes to oven mitts. You even have both budget-friendly and slightly expensive options to choose from as well.

Nonetheless, an oven mitt will work to your advantage if you know what your requirements are and which material will be suitable to fulfill those needs.

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