The 8 Best Pizza Ovens For Your Backyard In 2024

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Well, who doesn’t love pizza? And what’s better than being able to make your own pizza while also retaining its classic flavor? With the pandemic, there’s still uncertainty when it comes to ordering. Therefore, purchasing a pizza oven for your home seems like a worthwhile investment.

Now, it’s very important to differentiate between a pizza oven and a regular oven. A pizza oven is way superior to a regular oven because to enjoy a classic pizza, you ought to ensure that it is prepared like one. For this purpose, a pizza oven guarantees that your pizza will be evenly cooked at a consistent temperature.

Pizza Oven

In the article that follows, we shall delve into the factors that ought to be taken into consideration before you purchase a pizza oven for your backyard. At the same time, we will provide you with a list of the best ovens out there. Depending on your needs, you can opt for any one of them.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor


Before purchasing an at-home pizza oven, you must choose between an indoor and an outdoor pizza oven. In other words, you need to decide where you would be placing your oven. Now if you reside in an apartment with little to no outdoor space, a pizza oven designed specifically for indoors is an obvious choice for you. However, if you reside in an area with impressive outdoor space, you would have to choose between an indoor and an outdoor pizza oven unless you have an option to purchase both.

The first point to take into consideration is that a pizza oven designed specifically for indoors is designed in a manner that is way smaller than an outdoor pizza oven. Therefore, given the outlay is the main area of consideration for you, you should opt for an indoor smoker.

However, you don’t have the option to choose from a wide variety of fuel sources when operating an indoor oven. For an outdoor oven, you can go for wood and gas as viable options. However, you are restricted to electricity or other kitchen appliances when making use of an indoor oven.

Therefore, if you would rather choose wood or gas as your fuel source and are not concerned about size, an outdoor pizza oven is the best option for you.

What Size To Get?

Once you’ve concluded the location of your pizza oven, you need to decide the size of your pizza oven. This factor mainly comes into consideration when using an outdoor oven because if you opt for an indoor oven, your choices are relatively restricted. On the other hand, outdoor pizza ovens come in various sizes. A few of these ovens are large.

As a result, they are meant to be a permanent part of your outdoor setting. In contrast, several others are medium-sized. Therefore, they are easily portable just like a grill. In fact, there are some ovens that are so small that they can easily be accommodated on the kitchen countertops. Such ovens are ideal for traveling but are not a feasible option when you have outdoor storage.

Choosing between the varied sizes will be dependent on the way you are going to make use of your pizza oven. Are you planning to use it somewhere around your backyard only? Do you plan on taking your oven on camping trips? Are you equipped with the necessary accommodation to store the oven in case you’re not using it? These are some examples of the kinds of questions that you must consider before making a buying decision.

Fuel & Heating

  1. Wood

    Wood’s is often considered the most appropriate fuel source for preparing any pizza because of the tradition and because it adds a pleasant and subtle flavor to the food that other fuel sources cannot impart. This comparison is similar to that of any gas grill with any charcoal grill. Although gas offers convenience, the food cooked on gas will not have a flavor similar to that of the food prepared on a charcoal grill.

  2. Gas

    Almost every other pizza oven for your home uses propane gas as its primary fuel source. Now there are several reasons behind this preference. Firstly, gas has the potential to generate as much heat as wood does, thereby creating the desired hot environment. Secondly, although it lacks the flavor offered by wood, it is relatively more convenient because it eliminates the need to use logs. And lastly, you have greater control over the temperature when using gas as compared to wood.

  3. Electric

    If any one of you has ever cooked using an electricity-powered at-home oven, you would know by now that they are not the supreme option when it comes to evenly cook your food. Generally, it is best for you to avoid electric pizza ovens as and when possible. However, that is a big drawback because most indoor ovens use electricity as the main fuel. But nonetheless, in the list mentioned below, there is one electric oven that you can consider.

The 8 Best Pizza Ovens For Backyard

  1. BakerStone Indoor Series Gas Stove Top Pizza Oven

    If you’re in no mood to invest a hefty amount in an in-home pizza oven at the moment, the BakerStone Indoor Series Gas Stove Top Pizza Oven Box is your best option. Made out of stainless steel, this pizza box will conveniently sit on your gas range burner. Thereafter, it will make use of the flames to attain a temperature of approximately 600 to 800 degrees which will be sufficiently hot to prepare a pizza that is 11-inch in 2 to 4 minutes.

  2. Ooni Koda

    Famously advertised as the most famous pizza company in the world, Ooni Koda’s ovens have been designed in a way that they resemble any work of modern art. These ovens can be easily set up. They are particularly famous for their pie. The compact and outdoor oven which operates on gas provided by this company has the potential to go as high as 950 degrees. This oven is set to use once unboxed and weigh approximately 20 pounds. Therefore, it is a versatile option if you want to enjoy a really good pizza.

  3. Camp Chef Italia Artisan

    In case it isn’t evident by the name, the Camp Chef Italia Artisan is the best option for campers primarily because it is manufactured keeping camping in mind. The oven is composed using stainless steel which is not only durable but also very easy to maintain. The Italian Artisans function as a replica of original wood-fired pizza as a result of proper ventilation and construction which tends to be double-walled. When you’re out camping, you can complement this oven with a disposable propane bottle. You can conveniently hook this oven to any propane tank when at home.

  4. Gozney Roccbox

    Purchasing the Gozney Roccbox is a value-for-money deal. This company also manufactures pizza ovens for commercial purposes. In fact, the primary purpose behind making the Gozney Roccbox was to make pizza, which has the same quality as a restaurant pizza, easily portable. This is possible due to its rolling flame cooking method which has been patented. This oven makes use of wood or gas as a fuel source. The oven also offers a detachable burner and foldable legs which makes it easily transportable. The silicon jacket ensures that the oven is cool to touch no matter if it is operating at a temperature of 950 degrees.

  5. Ooni Pro 16

    The Ooni Pro 16 is one of the top items on the list. The major advantage of this oven is its ability to cook a pizza as big as 16-inch in size. It can make use of gas, charcoal, or wood as a fuel source, and therefore, it is a versatile device. The oven reaches a temperature of 932 degrees in a mere 20 minutes. You can even adjust the temperature using its dual airflow control system. The chimney plays an important role to even out the heat distribution of the oven and at the same time, the insulating capability of this oven is top-notch even for a long period of time.

  6. Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

    If you want to invest in a compact pizza oven for your home, the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is the best option. Although it makes use of electricity, this oven has the potential to go as high as 750 degrees. In addition, you can prepare a pizza in 2 minutes using this oven. The Element IQ system of Breville makes use of algorithms to coincide with various types of pizzas.

  7. Forno Venetzia Pronto 500 Wood Burning Oven

    If you are compassionate about Italian pizza, the Forno Venezia Pronto 500 Wood Burning Oven is your calling. The Pronto 500 is manufactured in Italy. It is ceramic-insulated, brick-lined, and wood-fired. The oven operates on a wheeled stainless steel cart which has shelves made out of wood.

  8. Kalamazoo Countertop Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

    The ovens manufactured by Kalamazoo are on the expensive side, and they are certainly a worthwhile investment. With a stainless steel exterior, the Kalamazoo Countertop Artisan Fire Pizza Oven is attentive to temperature changes and possesses several likable capabilities.

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