10 Pull-Out Trash Cans For The Kitchen

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Best Overall


Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-17C

Best In Value​

Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-1835SCDM-217

Best Budget

Simplehuman Pull-Out Recycler

Simplehuman Pull-Out Recycler

The obvious benefit of having your trash hidden comes first. You don’t have to see the unpleasant sight of trash stacked up in a corner no matter who enters your kitchen.

Especially in the event of visitors or even residents, keeping the trash out of sight significantly improves the look of your kitchen.

A handy pull-out trash can cabinet can be utilized to conceal rubbish from view and free up room in the kitchen.

There is probably one of these products that will fit in your standard, narrow, or shallow cabinet because they come in a variety of sizes and capacities.

The two-compartment design of the majority of slide-out garbage can holders makes them ideal for recycling.

But there are other single-compartment options available. These are convenient for fitting in compact locations, such as those under sinks, and they enable you to make the most of your cabinet space.

Best 10 Pull Out Trash Cans For The Kitchen


Best Overall: Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-17C

The pull-out waste container system from Rev-A-Shelf, model RV-18KD-17C, is simple to mount. Four supplied screws should be used to attach the frame to the cabinet floor.

The frame easily slides out after being installed. There are three different capacities for the pull-out garbage can: a single 35 quart, a double 35 quart, and a double 27 quart.

The garbage cans’ pulling handles are detachable, and lids and a door installation are options. Choose the size that best fits you, make the necessary adjustments, and takes pleasure in your worry-free purchase.



Best Value: Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-1835SCDM-217

The bottom-mounted waste bin organizer Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-1835SCDM-217 includes door mounting brackets.

When you open your cabinet door, just attach the brackets to the door and slide the garbage can holder out.

The soft-close slide technology that this product has will allow the full extension slides to retract quietly.

A single-compartment 50-quart version of this product is also an option; it has a rear basket for additional storage and is ideal for narrow cabinets.



Best Budget: Simplehuman Dual Compartment Pull-Out Recycler

A bottom-mount waste bin organizer is the Simplehuman kitchen cabinet under the counter. You can access the garbage in comfort and with ease thanks to the full extension ball-bearing tracks.

The 35 Liter / 9.3 Gallon garbage cans are held in place securely by the strong, all-steel frame that is built to last.

Additionally, the tough, custom-fit liners ensure that they are both long-lasting and sturdy.

This is a useful recycling station due to the various rubbish containers.



Best Steel: Simplehuman Under Counter Pull-Out Trash Can

Easy to install and ideal for smaller and narrower cabinets is the Simplehuman 30-litre under-counter waste bin solution.

The garbage container is readily reached thanks to the chrome steel handle, and the pre-assembled tracks guarantee that it rolls out without a hitch.

The can is firmly secured in the bracket thanks to the perfectly concealed custom-fit liners.

The combination of appropriate materials and sound engineering results in this slide-out garbage can holder.



Best Technology: Knape & Vogt USC 15-2-35PT Double Waste Container

A special backsplash and floor on the Knape & Vogt USC 15-2-35PT double bin pull-out garbage can prevent material from falling through or under the unit.

Perfect for preventing messes and for simple cleanup. The rail accents can be altered to match the overall kitchen or cabinet style, and the sturdy and secure hardware is concealed.

The soft-close technology that this product offers is another excellent feature. There is also a single cabinet, a more compact version of this product.



Best Design: Rev-A-Shelf 5149-18DM-217 Double Waste Container

A trash disposal option that conceals your unsightly trash is provided by the Rev-A-Shelf 5149-18DM-217. Even with the heaviest loads, the sleek, brushed metal frame’s operation is remarkably smooth, and the containers are firmly held in place.

This design features a sturdy and simple-to-clean polymer base along with adjustable door mounting brackets. This garbage can cabinet is incredibly strong and long-lasting.



Best Portable: Knape & Vogt RS-PSW15-2-35-R-P Pull-Out Trash Can

Installing the Knape & Vogt RS-PSW15-2-35-R-P slide-out garbage can holder is simple. Using a unique wire management system, the two 7.25-gallon bins are fixed to the sliding steel frame.

This device comes with lids that may be used to block odors and give it a tidy appearance.

This device comes in a smaller size that just requires a 9′′ wide cabinet opening, which could help you make the most of your limited cabinet or under-sink space.



Best Opening: Rev-A-Shelf 4WCTM-18DM2

For a cabinet with a 15-inch aperture, the Rev-A-Shelf 4WCTM-18DM2 Waste disposal solution is designed perfectly.

The pull-out waste container system’s depth can be adjusted from 22.5 to 24.5 inches.

Although the installation could be a little difficult, you can count on this hardwood front-mount device to be quite durable as a result.

The product’s available lids are sold separately. Depending on the design of your cabinet, they could not operate entirely on the back wastebasket.



Best Durable: Rev-A-Shelf WCSSC-1835DM-2

The Rev-A-Shelf WCSSC-1835DM-2 is a floor-mount pull-out garbage can with a full-extension soft-close slide system and wooden construction.

The item is made to fit a cabinet that is 18 inches tall with a 15-inch opening.

The 2 x 50 qt version of this product can be the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking a pull-out trash disposal solution with a larger capacity.

Considering its large capacity, double-check that the height of this unit suits the size of your kitchen cabinets.



Best Square: Knape & Vogt SBM9-1-20WH In Cabinet Pull-Out Trash Can

A variety of sizes are offered for the pull-out waste bin made by Knape & Vogt, model SBM9-1-20WH. Cabinets must have a minimum width between 8 and 19 inches.

Given that you may purchase this trash bin system with one, two, three, or four bins, you will probably be able to find a waste bin organizer with the proper dimensions and capacity.

The bins are kept safely in place by the wire management system, and a handle is provided to remove them from the cabinet.

Additionally, lids and a door mount bracket are available to assist mask any odors.



Things I consider Before Buying A Trash Can

The following are the points which I usually take into consideration before buying trash cans-


  • Before investing in a disposal cabinet I would try to make sure to measure the width, depth, and height of your interior cabinets.
  • I also consider potential obstructions like pipes or hinges.
  • I could try to get creative with the actual cabinet size because many pull-out garbage cans come in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • As per details, the typical width of a cabinet is 18 inches. It also allocates space for bins that are either 35 quarts or 50 quarts in size on both sides of the pull-out garbage bin.

1 or 2 Bins

  • I also consider the space details.
  • I would also consider models that store them side by side in tighter cabinets, such as those that fit beneath sinks or double-bin types.
  • In case I plan on squeezing two bins inside a cabinet, I would alternatively utilize smaller bins.
  • If you only want to use one, choose a larger bin so you won’t need to change the bag as frequently.

Bottom or Side-Supported

  • A bottom or side-supported trash can unit includes a sturdy steel frame and quiet, soft closing slides.
  • With the help of a drilling template for the floor and door, the pull-out is readily installed in the garbage cabinet.
  • What I like is that the pull-out trash cans have an easy front adjustment in all directions.
  • To discover the ideal match for my kitchen garbage solutions I take care of the colors offered and how they go in sync with my kitchen’s color coordination.

Mount to the Cabinet Door

  • Every pull-out garbage can that can be mounted on a door must be installed from the bottom up first.
  • You typically have the option of mounting the pull-out garbage can to your kitchen cabinet door as well.
  • For mounting door mounting brackets, some designs have handles that may be removed.
  • The ability to draw out your garbage cans without having to first open your cabinet door is a big benefit of a door mounting system.

Tools Needed

  • Drawer Pull Drilling Guide
  • 3/8″ Forstner Bit
  • 3/8″ Plug Cutter
  • Pocket hole jig
  • Face Clamp
  • Tablesaw
  • Mitre saw
  • Cordless Drill
  • Framing Square
  • Level

Expensive or Cheap

These pull-out garbage cans can be expensive because they are so contemporary as there are other add-ons required to assemble them, your overall expense will rise.

On a similar note, purchasing a whole set of garbage cans that includes the wireframe, sliders, and other installation hardware items could further turn out to be more expensive.

Therefore, you should ascertain your needs to purchase a pull-out garbage can within your means. To put it another way, you should only pay for what you need.

Installation Of A Pull-Out Trash Can Using Tools

Following the below steps could assist you in installation of pull-out trash can-

  • Size up your cabinet
  • Purchase your hardware
  • Sanitize your cabinet
  • Take the door off
  • Put the door mounting kit and pull-out garbage can together
  • Identify screw holes
  • Make beginning holes
  • Set up the hardware package
  • Rear bracket address
  • The cabinet door with hardware
  • Set up the equipment
  • Enjoy the free room


The convenience you may have been missing out on is a pull-out garbage cabinet. You can easily maintain a clean, odor-free kitchen with a disguised garbage can.

The hanging pull-out trash bin cabinet is, in our opinion, the finest choice because it accommodates two trash cans, prevents scratches, and makes moving about easier.

Additionally, it prevents access to the trash can. A fallen garbage can is probably not a strange sight, but it’s also not something you want to see whether you have kids or dogs at home.

Your children and pets won’t be able to access the trash with a pull-out trash can cabinet, and neither will they be able to tamper with it.

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