10 Best Soda Makers In 2023

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A soda maker is a kitchen appliance that carbonates water, making it perfect for those who enjoy bubbly water or want to cut down on their soda consumption. There are several types of soda makers available on the market, ranging from countertop models to portable ones that can be taken on the go.

When choosing a soda maker, it’s important to consider how much carbonation you want, as well as how easy the appliance is to use. Some soda makers come with reusable CO2 canisters, while others require disposable ones. Most have an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in when the water reservoir is empty, and some even come with filters to remove impurities from tap water.

The soda maker is compact and easy to store. It is short enough to fit under most cabinets and has a sleek design. To use it, you must purchase a CO2 canister, fill the bottle with cold water, and push the button. When the desired carbonation level is achieved, release the button. You can find a soda maker with a variety of features to suit your home and your budget.

The 10 Best Soda Makers In 2023


Best Overall: Drinkmate Sparkling Soda Maker

Drink mate sparkling soda maker can carbonate any liquid, including tap water, and add bubbles to many other beverages. The fizz infuser technology release valve prevents spills and foaming.

It makes one liter of fresh, sparkling water at a time. It can produce up to 60 liters of bubbly water. It uses BPA-free plastic bottles, and it uses standard 60L CO2 cylinders for easy carbonation. The machine is easy to use, and it is fun to operate.

Unlike other soda makers, this portable device doesn’t need electricity to operate. Its lightweight design makes it easy to take with you on camping trips, potlucks, and other adventurous adventures.



Best In Design: SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker

The SodaStream Fizzi is a tabletop appliance that includes a sparkling water maker, a 60L CO2 cylinder, and a 1-liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle. The sparkling water maker is easy to use, and the CO2 cylinder will make up to 60 liters of sparkling water. The BPA-free bottle is reusable and perfect for taking your sparkling water on the go.

It comes with three different settings for carbonation levels, so you can choose how much fizz you want in your water. It’s also compatible with all SodaStream flavors, so you can add a little flavor to your water if you like. The machine also has an automatic self-cleaning cycle, which helps to keep it clean and hygienic.



Best In Splurge: Aarke Carbonator III Soda Maker

The aarke carbonator is the third-generation model of their popular soda maker. The biggest change in this latest version is the new and improved carbonating system. With this updated system, you can now carbonate water more quickly and with less noise.

It is designed to be user-friendly, elegant, and compact. It includes a BPA-Free PET water bottle that is perfect for storing your carbonated water, and the easy-to-use carbonation system makes it simple to add just the right amount of fizz. In addition, the new system is also more energy-efficient.



Best For Home Bar: Drinkworks Home Bar Pro by Keurig

The Drinkworks Home Bar is a cutting-edge cocktail machine that gives users the ability to make bar-quality drinks in under a minute. The machine uses special pods that contain all of the necessary ingredients for each drink, and the user simply has to select their desired drink and hit the start button. The machine then mixes the drink to perfection and dispenses it into a glass.

The machine comes with everything you need to get started, including two CO2 cartridges, a water filter, and a pack of cleaning tablets. You’ll also find a prepaid pod recycles bag and a pack of coasters, so you can enjoy your drinks in style. With over a dozen different types of cocktails available, it is sure to have something for everyone.



Best In Innovation: Spärkel Beverage System

The Spärkel beverage system is a unique sparkling water maker. What makes it unique is that it is powered by electricity, and uses no gas cylinders like most other carbonation machines. The machine comes with five levels of carbonation, so users can choose the perfect amount of fizz for their drink.

The system comes with one reusable bottle and 10 carbonators. It is easy to use; simply fill the bottle with water, add your favorite beverage concentrate, and then carbonate it with the included carbonators. In addition, it has a compact design that makes it easy to store on a countertop or in a cabinet. Also, It comes with a 1-year replacement warranty.



Best In Budget: Nuvantee Soda Siphon

The Nuvantee soda maker is a convenient and easy way to make seltzer water at home. Simply fill the siphon with water from your tap or bottled water, screw on the top, and then press the lever to release the CO2. In just minutes, you’ll have delicious sparkling water to enjoy.

This soda maker is made from durable aluminum and features a sleek, attractive design that will look great on your kitchen counter. It features a durable pressure regulator and a lid with safe, secure threading to prevent drips. It is also dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it after each use.



Best With Glass Bottles: SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Machine

The SodaStream aqua fizz is a sleek and stylish sparkling water machine that comes with Co2 and glass carafes. Simply fill the carafe with tap water, screw on the Sodastream carbonating bottle, and press the button to add bubbles. You can choose your own level of fizziness.

In addition, the machine is designed to be easy to use, with a simple push-button operation. It is powered by a Co2 cylinder, each cylinder can carbonate up to 60 liters of water.



Best Traditional Soda Siphon: iSi Classic MeshSodamaker

The iSi classic sodamaker is a convenient and easy-to-use device that allows you to enjoy fresh, homemade soda water with the touch of a button.

First, the steady stream technology ensures that your soda streams evenly and consistently. Second, the drip-less pouring spout means that you’ll never have to worry about spills or messes.

Third, the charger holder, measuring tube, and removal key make it easy to fill the soda maker with your favorite beverage. Finally, the dust cap prevents dust and debris from clogging the soda maker’s components.

The unique stainless steel mesh design helps to infuse your water with carbonation, while the BPA-free PEN plastic bottle ensures that your soda stays fresh and delicious.



Best High-End: Twenty39 Qarbo – Sparkling Water Maker

The Qarbo uses an air charge 2-stage pressure release valve to carbonate water, which means that you can carbonate water to your desired level of fizziness. The Qarbo also includes a filter that removes impurities from tap water, making sure that your sparkling water is always clean and refreshing.

The machine is lightweight and easy to use, and it comes with a durable design that will withstand regular use. With the ability to be compatible with standard 60-liter CO2 gas cylinders, this sparkling water maker is perfect for those who want to enjoy fresh, bubbly water. Also, it comes with a 3-year warranty.



Best With Technology: Philips Stainless Sparkling Soda Maker

With just a touch of a button, you can easily carbonate water and create your own custom beverages. This soda maker comes with a reusable carbonating bottle. The soda maker is made with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body and a durable carbonating system.

The soda maker comes with a CO2 cylinder that will carbonate up to 60 liters of water, and it also has a built-in pressure release valve that ensures safety when using the appliance.



How We Tested Each Soda Maker?

We did thorough research on the soda Makers and found some of the best Soda Makers available all over the web. We went through different websites, webpages, e-shopping portals, compared different options and checked the product according to their features. We also evaluated different customer reviews and the ratings of various soda makers according to their range. We asked our colleagues, family members and friends about their personal experiences on Soda Makers. We collected all the data and then studied it for the benefits and disadvantages of the Soda maker. We then came up with various features for checking a Soda maker and different things that might be of use to you if you want to buy a Soda Maker.  

Features to Consider When Buying Soda Maker

The features of a soda maker definitely affect your purchase decision so it’s always good to consider them before buying one. Some of the important features of a soda maker are:

  • Versatility

    The very first feature to consider when buying a soda maker is its versatility. The soda maker should be versatile i.e. easily adaptable to new conditions or measures. It should be multitasking/ multifunctional so that it is easy for you to perform more than one task. It should be adaptive to changes. So, do check out all your options for soda maker as it comes in quite handy at times.

  • Carbonation style

    This is also one of the important features to take into account before buying a soda maker. While many soda Makers use a CO2 cylinder for the purpose of carbonating your drink for making soda, some do not. If your soda maker does not use a CO2 cylinder for the carbonation process, you will have to buy one separately, so it’s always better to check beforehand.

  • Countertop vs. Handheld

    The type of soda maker may affect your buying decision. So, you should always be clear about what type of soda maker is perfect for your home. The most used types are countertop and handheld soda Makers. The countertop soda Makers are placed on the counters and take space while a handheld soda maker is much faster and doesn’t consume any space on your counter. We would recommend you to use a handmade soda maker as it is a better option than countertop one.

  • Size

    The size of the soda maker is also an important feature. If you need the soda maker for occasional usage or for personal use, you should go for the small sized soda maker. But if you need the soda maker for daily usage or for a large family, a larger size soda maker will suit you best. This may affect your budget and requirements. So, do check the size of the soda maker before buying.

  • Electric vs. non-electric

    This is also one of the important features to keep in mind while looking for a soda maker. An electric soda maker needs electricity to function and it is much quicker than the non-electric soda maker. But a non-electric soda maker is a good option for you if you want to use a traditional method of using a soda maker. You just have to put some effort into using a non-electric soda maker. An electric soda maker comes in quite handy at times like these when you don’t want to put much effort and time to make soda.

  • Settings

    This is also one of the important features to check in a soda maker. The settings in the soda maker can be in the form of a control panel or some buttons. You can click on those buttons for enabling different functions in the soda maker. This makes soda making quite easy.


  • Are soda makers worth it?

    Although this fully depends on you if you need the soda maker or not, but yes, soda makers are totally worth it. They are environment friendly as they can be used upto 3-4 years and as a result that reduces the use of single use plastic bottles. They are not cost effective so it may affect your budget but rather than that, the soda makers are quite good as they are healthy and natural and don’t affect your body in any bad way. So, yes every penny spent on a soda maker is totally worth it.

  • What is the best soda maker to buy?

    There are a wide range of options available all over the web and it can be difficult to select the best Soda Maker among those options.

    As per our evaluation and collected data, one of the best Soda makers available on the web is SodaStream fizzi. It is upto all our standards. This soda maker is electrical and isn’t your normal soda maker. This is quite easy to use and maintain and doesn’t consume much of your time and effort. This soda maker is not also expensive, it can fit in your budget. So, this is an all-in-one package and we would totally recommend you to go for this one.

  • How does carbonation work?

    Carbonating has made it much easier to make soda at the comfort of your home but still many people may not be aware how the whole carbonation process works. Carbonation is the process used by Soda Makers in order to make soda. Soda makers often use a tube or a pipe-like thing that goes into the water while the carbonation process. The carbon dioxide dissolves into the water on its surface. Creating the bubbles increases the area or place that helps in dissolving more carbon dioxide.

  • What should I look for in a soda maker?

    When buying the product online/ from the web, there can be a various number of things to be checked in a product. The same goes for a soda maker. We have mentioned above some of the important features to look for in a soda maker. Firstly, you should look for the type of soda maker you want; electric, non-electric, countertop, handheld. After you’ve decided as to what type will suit you best, check the soda maker for versatility, control buttons, size of the soda maker etc. You should always evaluate the soda maker for different factors and standards. Do compare all the available options based on their features to select the perfect soda maker for your home.

  • What is the difference between SodaStream fizzi and Jet?

    The SodaStream fizzi and Jet both are quite good and effective in making soda. Although both of them are equally pleasing, the jet is more texturised and has a good finish. The SodaStream fizzi is easy to use and clean, it is also budget friendly so many people prefer this one over any other soda maker. But the jet soda maker is better in terms of quality and finish. So, you can decide on the basis of the comparison as to which one you will be buying.

  • How long does a CO2 canister last?

    The duration of a CO2 canister depends on how often you use it and how much you use it. Those who consume about one 8-ounce glass of fizzy water per day, their canister will last for about 3 months. But if you consume more fizzy water or use it more frequently, like 8 ounces twice or thrice, your canister will last for just a month. So, take this thing into consideration before buying a soda maker. If you buy a large sized soda maker, it may last for more time than usual.

  • How do I get replacement CO2 canisters?

    There are many carbonating appliances available all over the web that you can check out if you want a replacement CO2 canister. There are replacement cartridges, cylinders and refills that you can use as replacement CO2 canisters. These are easily available on websites, e-shopping sites like Amazon and many more.


Soda makers are a great way to make your own carbonated drinks at home. They’re affordable, easy to use, and let you customize your drinks exactly the way you like them. We hope this article has helped you narrow down your choices and that you find the perfect machine to help you make delicious, fizzy drinks at home.

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