12 Best Wine Decanter In 2023

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A wine decanter is a vessel, usually made of glass, that is used for pouring and serving wine. A typical wine decanter has a wide base and a long neck, which helps to aerate the wine as it is poured.

Decanting allows for oxygen to interact with the wine, which can help to improve its flavor and aroma. In addition, decanting helps to remove sediments that may have formed during the aging process.

Wine decanters vary in size and shape, and they can be simple or ornate. When choosing a decanter, it is important to consider the type of wine being served. For example, red wines are typically decanted for a longer period of time than white wines.

However, most people do not realize that wine decanting is an age-old practice. The practice of wine decanting can be traced back to the same time around winemaking. Wine decanters were found in ancient Roman sites and it is believed that they kept wine decanters as home décor.

The design of the modern-day glass decanter with a circular body and long, narrow neck is remarkable to the ones used by ancient Romans. Decanters of this type are still the most famous decanters across the globe. Decanting is done to aerate the wine before consuming it and to separate the wine from the sediments accumulated at the bottom.

The 12 Best Wine Decanters In 2023


Best Overall: Le Chateau Red Wine Decanter

The Le Chateau decanter is hand-blown of lead-free crystal, and it holds a standard 750ml bottle of wine. The decanter has a wide base that allows the wine to breathe, and it has a long tapered neck that makes pouring easy.

In addition, the clear crystal construction lets you easily view the wine as it flows into the decanter, ensuring that no sediment is left behind. The sleek design also makes it a stylish addition to any home bar or kitchen counter.



Best Value: HiCoup Crystal Wine Decanter

The HiCoup crystal wine decanter is crafted from hand-blown, lead-free crystal glass. This decanter is designed to aerate wine, allowing it to breathe and reach its full potential. The wide base of the decanter provides a large surface area for oxygen to interact with the wine.

The decanter can hold up to 750ml of wine, making it perfect for sharing a bottle with friends or family. The unique U-shaped design works perfectly as a decorative pitcher, and the clear glass construction ensures that your wine will always look its best.



Best Crystal Wine Decanter: USBOQO HBS Red Wine Decanter

The USBOQO HBS decanter is a must-have designed for all fragrant red wines. The unique snail-shaped design allows for maximum aeration, while the wide base provides stability and prevents spills. Also, the wide opening makes it easy to pour without spillage.

The decanter also features a unique drip-free pouring spout that allows you to pour your wine without making a mess. With a 1200ml capacity, it can hold nearly two entire bottles of red wine. The decanter is made of lead-free and hand-blown premium-grade crystal glass, which makes it both durable and beautiful.



Editor’s Choice: Menu Wine Decanter

The Menu wine decanter is a beautifully designed piece of glassware that makes aerating your wine easy and effortless. The decanter is hand-blown and has a wide base which allows for more surface area contact with the air, resulting in a quicker and more efficient aeration process. It also has a long, tapered neck which prevents drips and spills.

It also helps to remove any sediment that may be present in the wine. The decanter makes it easy to decant wine – simply press the decanter onto the top of an opened bottle and pour. The decanter holds 750ml, making it perfect for most standard bottles of wine.



Best In Design: Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter

The Godinger Dublin wine decanter is made of lead-free crystal, it has a capacity of 750ml, making it perfect for decanting your favorite wines. The wide base of the decanter allows for optimal aeration of red wines, while the narrow neck prevents spillage.

The decanter also features a stopper that fits snugly into the neck, keeping your wine fresh and delicious. The elegant timeless design helps to release its flavor and aroma.



Best Set: YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter

The YouYah decanter is made from lead-free crystal, and it features a unique iceberg design. The iceberg design helps to aerate the wine, and it also helps to keep the wine chilled.

It has a double-layered filter that will help to remove impurities from your wine. The first layer of the filter is made of stainless steel, which will trap larger particles. The second layer is made of activated carbon, which will absorb smaller particles and help to remove any unpleasant odors.

It uses the newest waterfall pouring design. This design allows you to pour your wine without having to remove the stopper, which makes it much easier to use. In addition, the stopper has a silicone seal that prevents leaks.

This decanter is made with an aerator filter, which allows oxygen to flow through the wine, giving it a smoother flavor and aroma. The cleaning beads make it easy to keep your decanter sparkling clean. The drying stand ensures that your decanter always looks its best.



Best Reidel: Riedel Merlot Decanter

The Riedel Merlot Decanter has been designed with a wide base and a tall, slender body to give your wine the space it needs to breathe. The machine-blown crystal glass is lead-free, ensuring that your wine will taste its best. Also, it has a capacity of 34 1/4 ounces

The decanter’s wide base also makes it easy to pour, while the long neck provides a comfortable grip. It has a simple yet elegant design that makes it perfect for use with any stemware.



Best Budget: Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter

The Vintorio Citadel wine decanter is made of lead-free crystal glass for a beautiful, timeless look. It is specially designed to aerate your wine as it pours, using a wide 8.5-inch diameter base with an inner aerator groove. This allows oxygen to interact with the wine, releasing its full flavor and aroma.

The decanter also has a tapered spout that prevents drips and spills, making it easy to pour a glass of your favorite wine. The punt is also rounded for a comfortable grip.



Best In Style: Onearf Wine Decanter and Carafe

The Onearf wine decanter is made from non-lead crystal glass, which makes it safe to use and helps to preserve the flavor of the wine. With a capacity of 1200ml, it is perfect for storing and serving wine.

The stopper is made from food-grade stainless steel and silicone gel, making it safe for use with your favorite wines. The silicone gel provides an airtight seal that prevents oxygen from entering the bottle and causing the wine to spoil.

The decanter also comes with a drying stand that is made of durable stainless steel and has a chrome finish. The box of cleaning beads helps to keep your decanter clean and free of residue.



Best Budget Wide-Base Decanter: GoodGlassware Wine Decanter

GoodGlassware’s decanter is made from lead-free, recycled glass. The decanter has an 8.7 Inches concave base that maximizes the amount of surface area that is exposed to air, and a slanted rim that prevents dripping and spillage.

It can hold up to 44 ounces (1300 ml) of wine. The elongated neck and tapered body of the decanter help to aerate wine as it is poured, releasing the full bouquet of aromas.

It is designed to aerate wine as it is poured, allowing the drinker to enjoy the full flavor and aroma of their favorite vintage.



Best Budget Swan Decanter: WBSEos Wine Decanter

The WBSEos wine decanter has a unique U-shaped design not only looks elegant but also provides optimal aeration for your wine. The easy-to-release oblique nozzle makes it easy to pour without dripping, and the wide base ensures stability when pouring.

The long, slender neck helps to aerate the wine very smoothly. The decanter is lightweight and has a grip that makes it easy to pour. The decanter is made of lead-free crystal and is dishwasher safe.



Best Electric Decanter: vSpin Active Wine Decanter

The vSpin Active wine decanter features a unique design that allows for efficient wine aeration. It is a high-quality decanter made from lead-free German crystal. The decanter features a unique spinning base that aerates the wine as it pours, allowing it to breathe and reach its full potential.

This decanter comes with a set of a powerful motor that quickly and effectively spins wine, aerating it and releasing its flavor and aroma. The easy-to-use controls allow you to adjust the speed of the spinning, so you can customize the decanting process to your specific preferences.



What Is A Vacuum Sealer And Do I Need One?

Many international companies such as Metrokane sell vacuum decanters that help preserve the wine. Wines can be vacuum-sealed to exclude extra oxygen, which slows the oxidation reaction and prolongs the life of the wine. Wines protected with a vacuum seal can survive up to 14 days (about 2 weeks) whereas unopened wines only last 5 days.

A vacuum sealer is a wonderful purchase if you only drink one glass of wine at a time and are concerned about wasting a bottle. In this manner, you would avoid feeling horrible or guilty about having to discard a half-bottle of wine that was spoiled.

Why Do You Need A Decanter?

Decanters are tools that facilitate the process of wine decanting. Decanters are used to remove the impure sediments that accumulate after the years of wine preservation. Sediments ruin the taste and tend to disrupt its finesse. Through a decanter, the process of aeration is also possible in which the wine interacts with the oxygen and changes its aroma and flavor. Broken and unwanted pieces of the cork can also be easily spotted and removed in a decanter.

What To Look For In A Wine Decanter

  1. Type

    Wine decanters come in numerous sizes and types. The design and type of your decanter will depend on the nature and quality of the wine you are serving or consuming. Here is a list of some of the popular wine decanters.

    • Standard Wine Decanter

      It is perfect for both wine enthusiasts and beginners. It has a classic wide bottom and tall neck.

    • Swan Wine Decanter

      Another immensely popular wine decanter among the fans is this one. This decanter comes in a U- shape which looks like a swan and has two openings.
    • Snail-Shape Wine Decanter

      This wine decanter resembles a snail because of the hole in the center. The decanter’s wide base and ergonomic shape make it easy to hold while pouring wine.
    • Wine Decanter with Strainer

      Some glassware manufacturers provide wine decanters along with a filter connected to the spout. For mature wine, this kind of decanter is appropriate.
    • Electric Wine Decanter

      This technologically advanced wine decanter is supported by a solid foundation that forces air via a tube within the decanter to hasten the decanting process.
  2. Easy To Hold And Pour

    Always buy decanters that are lightweight and ergonomically shaped. Well-designed wine decanters give you a good grip and do not hurt your hands when held for a long time. Although the heavier wine decanters might look attractive, they may not be the best investment overall. You will be pouring from a decanter each time you use it. Thus, if you find that your wine decanter is difficult to pour and you always end up making a mess in the end then it is time to buy a new wine decanter.

    Search for a wine decanter that is not too difficult to serve without leaking or spilling while you are comparing your alternatives, and read user reviews to learn more.

  3. Attractive Design

    The expensive wine decanters look stunning and easily grab everyone’s attention. Some wine decanters are so visually impressive that they look like some piece of artwork and may not serve any other purpose.

    Even the most basic of models may seem stunning, especially when full of red wine. Spend some time looking over your alternatives to see what stands out to you if you genuinely want to locate a wine decanter that adds some artistic flair to your house.

  4. Size

    One wine bottle can typically fit within the majority of wine decanters. There are a few that are big enough to hold multiple bottles and some that are just small enough to hold one glass at once.

  5. Ease Of Cleaning

    You must clean your wine decanter after every use. The sediments pile up at the base of the decanter and need to be washed off. There are many brushes designed dedicatedly to clean wine decanters without leaving any residue that can change the taste of the wine in the next usage. Prefer a decanter that is safe to put in the dishwasher and if not, then at least it can be washed using a handwash.

  6. Sturdy And Durable

    Wine decanters sold in the market are mostly made of glass or high-quality crystal. Both are equally prone to damage and therefore require proper attention and care. Wine decanters are very fragile and you must be very gentle with them. Buy decanters that are sturdy and built well so that they do not break easily.

  7. Extra Features

    Many accessories are available in the market which boosts the efficiency of wine decanters. Stopper, cleaning tools, or an integrated or detachable aerator are some of the accessories that oenophiles own.


  1. How Do Decanters Work?

    Decanters start functioning when the wine is slowly and smoothly poured into it at a 45-degree angle. The wine is then stirred from time to time to increase the speed of oxidation. The sediments start hoarding up at the base of the vessel and remain there. After some time, the wine is perfect for consumption and you can pour it out in a wine glass and enjoy it.

  2. How Do You Clean And Care For Decanters?

    The instructions to clean the vessel are often mentioned by the manufacturer. Some decanters are dishwasher-safe, and some can be gently washed by hand. You might as well need a cleaning solution to rub off rigid stains of wine. You make use of vinegar or baking soda as cleaning solutions and scrub the vessel with a scrubbing agent such as salt or rice. In the end, rinse the decanter with hot water and let it dry naturally.

  3. How Long Should You Decant Wine?

    Only decant the wine about 30 minutes before serving if it is exceptionally old. White wines, as well as younger, more vivacious red wines, can be decanted up to an hour before serving.

  4. How Do You Store Decanters?

    You must make sure that your decanter is completely dry before storing it. When your decanter is not in use you should keep it in a place where accidents can be avoided. If you have pets and kids in your home then keep the vessel away from their reach.

    The best option is a closed cabinet, which also keeps your decanter from collecting dust. To prevent mishaps when bringing it out or putting it back, make sure it is accessible to you. Glassware can break when subjected to sharp changes in temperature from hot to cold and vice versa, therefore keep your decanter in a place with a steady and moderate temperature.

  5. How Long Can You Leave Wine In A Decanter?

    You should consume it within 2 to 3 days if it is kept in the decanter. Once the wine has been poured, it should not be kept in storage for longer than that.

  6. Should You Decant White Wine?

    Yes, you should decant your white wine before consuming it. A small amount of exposure to oxygen will not do any harm to the white wine. However, if exposed for a long time it can ruin the taste and the flavor. White wines are stored in the fridge therefore some minutes of decanting can bring down the temperature to a level where you can drink and enjoy it. Decanting white wines also facilitates the tight aromas to air out and mix well with each other which are otherwise stuck due to the freezing temperatures.


Decanters exist in a wide variety of styles, dimensions, and pricing points. Several thousand dollars and up to $20–$30 each decanter, are the possible ranges. Nevertheless, many people still do not know the use and benefits of a wine decanter. Wine aficionados know the relevance and usefulness of wine decanters.

These innovative decanters are specially designed to aerate your wine as you pour, giving it a richer flavor and smoother texture. The unique design also makes it easy to pour without spillage, so you can enjoy every last drop of your favorite vintage.

We hope that this has helped you in your search for the perfect one to suit your needs. All of these decanters are made from high-quality materials and would make a great addition to any wine lover’s collection.

So, if you want to impress your guests at the next dinner party or simply enjoy a better glass of wine, consider picking up a decanter. Not only will it make your wine taste better, but it’ll also give you an opportunity to show off your impeccable hosting skills.

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