Blue Diamond Pan Review: All Claims Analyzed

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A good non-stick pan is a must-have for your kitchen if you wish to cook lip-smacking recipes. Making a perfect choice could be a difficult task.

However, what factors will help you to choose from the abundant options available, especially when each one of them is backed by legions of fans or celebrity chefs?

Before you make a decision, let’s dive into the claims proposed by this non-stick pan available in the consumer market today- Blue Diamond Pan.

Blue Diamond Pan Review

What Is Blue Diamond Pan?


Blue Diamond is a popular brand of non-stick cooking utensils that claims to use aluminum along with a ceramic diamond-infused non-stick layer of coating.

It is manufactured by the Cookware Company which considers itself to be the pioneer of long-lasting ceramic cookware.

Blue Diamond is not a product that emerged overnight but an investment that is made by a larger company that specializes in the manufacture as well as distribution of cookware.

The base material of the Blue Diamond Pan is mentioned to be aluminum which is a budget-friendly metal that is a good conductor of electricity.

In addition, the metal is known for its durability. The non-stick nature of the pan is the peculiar feature of the Blue Diamond Pan.

The ceramic coating of the pan consists of several diamonds and therefore, the name Blue Diamond.

The product is advertised for its durability and you would only need to clean it using a paper towel according to the claims.

The ceramic material offered by this brand is eco-friendly, non-stick, as well as non-toxic. The company in fact claims that you don’t have to use oil or butter when using the Blue Diamond Pans.

The handle of the Blue Diamond Pan has a hollow ending which facilitates easy dispersion of heat and thereby, ensures that the handle remains cool, again according to the claims.

You can use the Blue Diamond Pans with electric or gas cooktop surfaces. However, you will not be able to use them on induction ranges.

When it comes to induction cooktops, you would need a magnetic base for proper functioning. However, the Blue Diamond Pan has an aluminum base which by no means, is magnetic.

It is manufactured using aluminum, a much cheaper metal than copper or stainless steel.

Well, one reason behind the non-conformity to instructions is their contradiction with the company’s claims.

Consider the following instructions which clearly contradict the claims put forth by Blue Diamond-

  • Hand-wash the pans when the utensil is claimed to be dishwasher safe.
  • Make use of high-smoke point oil when it is claimed that nothing will stick to the pan’s surface.
  • Only use nylon or wood utensils even when the pan claims to be metal-utensil resistant.
  • It is instructed that you should use your Blue Diamond Pan at a low-to-medium heat setting while the claims suggest it can be safely used to 850 F.
  • Lastly, the instructions indicate that metal handles can become too hot and therefore, one should exercise caution when cooking, but the company’s claim states that the handle is designed in a manner that it will stay cool.

Claims Analyzed

The following are the different manufacturer claims that are analyzed-

  • Claim 01

    The Blue Diamond Pan’s Coating Is Five Times Harder

    Additionally, it heats up four times faster as compared to the traditional non-stick pans available in the market.

    Now, this is not a valid claim. Almost every pan is made from metal which tends to expand when exposed to heat.

    The small-sized apertures in the pan’s surface widen and thereby, allow your food to stick and entangle.

    Now a non-stick pan resolves this problem by introducing a type of coating which fills the pores.

    This coating has the tendency to be chipped, dissolved, or scratched until it doesn’t work anymore.

    Although the claim put forth by the Blue Diamond company that diamonds are more effective at conducting heat than copper is true, it is not identical to the claim that aluminum wrapped in the diamond-infused ceramic coating is a better conductor of heat than copper.

    Customer reviews substantiate this truth further by stating that the time to boil of the Blue Diamond’s pans doesn’t favorably compare to that of the other brands available in the market.

  • Claim 02

    The Blue Diamond Pan Does Not Contain PFOA, PFAS, Cadmium, And Lead

    While there are chances that this claim might be true, it is not possible to verify them independently.

    PFOA is a part of the PFAS group of chemicals which are very hard to break down in the human body and can also lead to hormone disorders, congenital disabilities, or even cancer.

    While Blue Diamond claims of manufacturing utensils that are devoid of metals like cadmium or lead, this claim is hard to analyze because product manufacturing takes place in China where oversight is limited.

    Therefore, although PFOA and PFAS have been eliminated, there is no way we can be assured of the heavy metal content of the coating.

  • Claim 03

    The Pan is oven Safe To A Maximum Limit Of 850 F

    The claim stands justified because the pan is made using silicone, diamond, and aluminum, all of which have the potential to tolerate high temperatures.

    However, it is important to note that this is only the oven-safe temperature limit and the pan cannot tolerate direct heat at higher levels.

    Customer feedback as well as company instructions hold that your pan will operate best when subjected to a low-to-medium heat setting.

  • Claim 04

    The Coating Of The Pan Is Non-Stick

    The claim is true only if you maintain your pan under specific conditions and clean it appropriately.

    Several customers have suggested that although the pan performs exceptionally well for the first few months, it loses its non-stick properties with time.

    However, the loss of non-stick properties leads to the question of whether the owners of these pans have been cleaning them properly.

    If not, one could also take help from these methods to clean burnt pans.

  • Claim 05

    The Blue Diamond Pan Is Resistant To Metal Utensils

    While customers who make use of this pan with non-abrasive utensils and oil find its functioning completely satisfactory, those who take the chance of using a metal tool on the coating find themselves to be disappointed.

    Numerous tests conducted on the pan have provided a nominal rating of 4 out of 5 points which are on par with almost every nonstick pan brand found in the market.

  • Claim 06

    The Pan’s Handle Remains Cool

    If you compare the Blue Diamond Pan to other pans, it might stand true in this aspect. However, several customers have complained about this flaw.

    When the pan is smaller in size as compared to the burner, there are higher chances of overheating.

    Thus, although it might stay cooler as compared to pans from other brands, it will eventually end up getting hot under the given circumstances.

  • Claim 07

    Blue Diamond provides a lifetime warranty on the pans

    Although the claim seems lucrative, it is true only in technical terms.

    The company states that any faulty workmanship will be corrected by the brand without any charges, but any other damage will not be included in the warranty.

    The warranty doesn’t include discoloration, stains, or scratches that might be caused due to normal wear and tear.

    Several customer reviews have suggested that the company proposes any scratches from metal utensils fall under the category of normal wear and tear irrespective of the marketing hype.

Pros And Cons

  • Blue Diamond Pan is a budget-friendly utensil
  • It is lightweight and has a non-stick coating
  • It could offer more durability
  • You can also choose from a wide variety of shapes as well as sizes
  • Blue Diamond Pan may offer superior heat distribution
  • The Blue Diamond Pans claim to have a PFOA- and lead-free coating
  • Inability to justify the toxin-free claims
  • You can’t use your pan with an induction stove
  • Cleanup becomes comparably difficult and you need to scrub to get rid of the stuck food


Therefore, what I can conclude is that the Blue Diamond company has managed to deliver an almost flawed but sincerely respectable product at a very competitive price.

Although the claim about the handle stands unjustified according to me, the other features are fairly in line with the claims put forth by the company.

I may also add that if the company’s instructions are followed rather than their promotional claims, using it might be a satisfying experience. 

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