Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx Pellet Grill Review

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The Camp Chef Smokepro DLX Pellet offers premium features at an affordable price. This grill has gained a special place in the market. Is it a premium product? Why do customers prefer this? Is it worth the money? What opinions do customers have? Let’s figure out all these one by one.

This grill offers super cool features at an affordable cost which other grills do not provide. This is why people are amazed and prefer smokers pro-DLX over others. Champ Chef is a Utah –based company that has offered outdoor cooking and camping cookware for the past 20 years. This has now released the smoke pro-DLX pellet grill, which has gained a good place in the market for its extraordinary features at an affordable cost. Before moving to the article, read the pellet grill and smoker buying guide.

Camp chef smoke pro-DLX pellet grill

Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx Pellet Grill


This is an excellent product that is worth every penny. Many features like PID control and digital thermometer are part of this. This provides more utility to people than the money they spend, which gives them a high level of satisfaction.

  1. Setup: Simple Build And Standard Seasoning

    Though simple, even the champ chef smoke pro needed a bit of assembling like any other standalone smoker. The setup could be done with the help of a manual. You don’t need technical tools to build them; a socket wrench set would save much of your time. After assembling the legs, handles, and burner, it’s time to place the remaining components in the barrel. The setup process is done.

    Now it’s time for standard seasoning. It is important because it will remove the residue from the product’s manufacturing. Usually, these residues will be petroleum particles that are unlikely to be placed in food. Therefore standard seasoning is the best way to remove them. All you have to do is to set the temperature to 235ºF for 45 minutes. This not only removes the residue from the smoker but definitely adds flavor to the food while you cook as it leaves a small black smoke that flavors up your meat. Now your smoker is ready to use. Hurry up! Take your meat, smoke them and enjoy your meal.

  2. Design: Nothing Flashy, Care In Detail

    The Champ Chef Smokepro DLX Pellet Grill has a cooking area of 429 square inches and a second cooking rack of 144 square inches. Its hopper capacity is 18 pounds. It has an attachment that is compatible with champ chef accessories. It has a main smoker body, smoker box and 4 legs, 2 of which are connected with wheels for easy movement of smokers. Its other parts are a pellet rake, a side shelf, and a drip bucket. Its auto pellet severs a dispenser and turns off once it’s done. Due to its larger hopper capacity, you will need to refill them less frequently.

    It is a black motif like all other smokers; it does not have high standard unique body designs but a simple and neat feature and design that a smoker needs. Its hopper and grill lid have a glossy subtle stainless steel finish. The feature that smoker pro had from others is that it had a secondary staging shelf to a built-in bottle opener. It is an enamel-coated grill that looks attractive and easy to clean. Having a place to set tools and trays is a minor addition to this smoker but it is of great help to the users.

    It also has a magnetic latch on the hopper lid which keeps the lid in place when moving the grill. Even though it is not a great innovation but has made the customers happy but wiping out their small annoyances. This has got a huge place in customers’ hearts.

  3. Performance: Tighter Control For Smoking Precision

    One of the most important reasons why people prefer this smoker over others is that they add flavor to your meat. Of course! All the smokers that are available in the market do the same, but these smokers provide a stable temperature for perfect smoking. The temperature swing, which is common in smokers, causes big stress on users. But in the case of the camp chef smoke pro DLX pellet grill, the temperature is maintained well and it does not swing above or below the set limit beyond 5ºF.

    Unlike other pellet smokers, Smokepro DLX offers a wide range of temperatures. The temperature of camp chef smoke pro DLX ranges from 160ºF at low to 220ºF for high cooking options. One of the issues faced by this smoker is that it failed to provide pellets when low, even though it had few. One solution could be keeping an 18-pound hopper well stocked so that gravity will push the pellets down.

  4. Price: Pro-level Features At The Budget Price Point

    As discussed many times, attractive features at affordable cost have made the champ chef smoke pro-DLX a huge hit. The price of this smoker usually ranges between 500-600 dollars which is quite impressive. Of course! You will be wondering why many smokers are in the same price range. What’s the difference? But this smoker provides excellent temperature stability and many other impressive features which could not be found at this cost.

    Also, there are many smokers whose prices are above the said range but do not provide the stable temperature that the smoke pro-DLX gives you. If you are wondering, is it worth the price and money? The answer is definitely “yes”. Camp chef smoke pro DLX pellet grill provides value for your money and a good option to buy.

  5. Unique Features: Ash Clean-out System

    The most difficult task is to clean out things once it’s done. And cleaning a smoker is going to be huge. But the champ chef has heard all our voices. They have provided an ash clean-out system which even the costly ones don’t provide. This has made our jobs easy, without which we would have removed all the parts and vacuumed them after 50 hours of smoking. It has made our life easier, hasn’t it?

Camp Chef Smokerpro Dlx Vs. Z Grills Pro 7002b Smoker & Grill

Z grills pro 7002B smoker & grill is a new entrant in the market. It has more cooking areas than champ chef smoker pro. However, camp chef smoke pro stands ahead regarding temperature control and stability over the z grill pro 7002B. Camp chef smoke is easy to assemble when compared to z grills pro. The feature of cleaning out ash makes camp chef smoke pro distinct. However, both these smokers are made from high-quality material that makes them durable. Camp chef is merely a smoker, whereas z grill is a smoker cum grill equipment.

Coming to the negative aspects of these smokers, a drip pan is not easy to remove in the case of camp chef smoke pro, whereas only average smoke is released in z grills pro 7002B grill and smoker. So in concluding, this Z grills pro 70002B Smoker and grill are the cheapest option in the market, almost around 350 dollars, but the temperature control is not much effective, which results in less value for money. This is the reason why camp chef smoke pro-DLX is preferred by many over Z Grills.

To conclude, my views on this camp chef smoke pro DLX pellet grill are that it is simple, easy to assemble, and quick to use. With so many other attractive features, champ chef has won many hearts and is still striving to win many. Its temperature control system is the center of its victory because this is a common problem in even high-quality smokers. But smoke pro has just taken it off. Its clean ash system has made our life simpler and more accessible. If you get more value for your money, then that’s where customers fall for you.

Smokepro DLX has not only held the market tight but has also gained customer loyalty which is not a joke. And in this global competition creating a mark for yourself is not an easy task. For this, you should not only sell products at a low price to customers but also make them feel every penny they have spent is worth it. Try providing them with values and not vouchers and coupons. Provide them with what they need and not what you have.

This crucial principle has taken camp chef smoke pro DLX pellet grill to where they are. They have provided not only the thing the smokers need, but more importantly, they have provided what the consumer needs. So, if you are thinking of investing in a smoker-to-smoke food for your family and friends at an affordable cost, with many features and high value, the camp chef smoke pro DLX pellet grill is for you. Just go and grab them and enjoy, don’t waste your time.

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