Cast Iron Vs Cast Aluminum – Which One Is Better For Kitchen?

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Cast Iron is not a new material used in kitchens, it’s been around here for centuries, it was first used around 7-century western and Asian countries, and it does have a much older history attached to it.

On the other hand, cast aluminum which is a new material used in the cooking world. Its origin is in the 20th century and it gained popularity after the use of nonstick coating was introduced in the market.

Cast iron vs cast aluminum, is a tough call and in this article, you could be able to learn about the good and bad of each of the cooking ware which could let you all decide, which one is better for you in the kitchen.

The main popularity of cast iron started its peak in the 20th century, and later, at present, it resurged in its popularity for its durability and good health benefits too.

Aluminum is the metal that is available in abundance, the earth is made up of aluminum metal, so it could be assumed that more kitchen utensils are made up of aluminum.

Here’s a brief comparison between the two. It can be difficult but I have tried to make it clear and easy for you all to decide.

Cast Iron vs Cast Aluminum

How Is Cast Iron And Cast Aluminum Any Different In Terms Of Weight


When it comes to weight, cast iron is 4 pounds more than what is cast in aluminum. As you know while cooking, you flip and turn food so weight plays a very vital part in the cooking procedure.

Other than that, there could be options and price differences available in the market based on the weight that these cast iron cookware carry.

Non-Stick Material Difference

Cast iron and aluminum cookware have nonstick surfaces but there is a hairline difference in how they achieve being nonstick.

Cast iron cookware can be prepared into a perfect nonstick base by seasoning it which could also help in protecting the base of the cookware from rusting.

Cast Aluminium is already coated with nonstick coating, they don’t need any extra process and is artificial but safe to use.

When you use cast iron you could use a spatula roughly as they are made from cast iron this isn’t possible when you use cast aluminum as this causes unwanted scratches and marks on the first layer of coating of the cookware which no one wants.

Healthwise Comparison: Cast Iron And Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum is notoriously famous for being risky when it comes to cooking, as they are made up of artificial coating so they carry a lot of synthetic materials in them which can get into your food.

Whereas when you see cast Iron, people consider them being healthy as they add that iron into the food they have been used for by the leaching process and this is great but some medical conditions stop us from eating extra iron and we do have supplements available in the market if you wish to add Iron into your diet.

People have this image that cast aluminum when used as material a base for cooking, tends to invite Alzheimer’s disease which isn’t proven anywhere but there’s this notion in the market that it is harmful to use cast aluminum.

Cooking Surface

Cast Iron and cast aluminum are pretty flexible when it comes to cooking, They can be used on gas es or Induction, or even Grills.

Still, we can use cast iron cooktops on induction, they are also user-friendly when you use them in the oven, as aluminum cookware can handle a limit of 170°c.

Beyond that, it doesn’t work, cast iron is not suitable for your glass cookware and one should use aluminum glassware when using a glass stove.

Heat Resistance And Thermal Properties

Cast Iron is known for its high-temperature tolerance and low heat conductivity level. This is the reason why we know that it takes a lot of time to heat a cast iron Utensil at a low temperature as compared to Cast Aluminium.

Cast Iron s famous for retaining Its heating powers as compared to cast aluminum models. Cast iron cookware is made up of one material and on the other hand, we have

Cast Aluminium is made up of aluminum but the handle is made up of heat-resistant stainless steel, the center of the pans also has a thermoplastic material which helps to retain less heat in the center.

This could make cooking easy with stainless steel handles and aluminum models much safe whereas when you cook with cast iron models you do need to take care of your safety by wearing gloves while cooking.


They both are somewhat the same when it comes to the dimensions of the models but cast aluminum needs special attention when it comes to casting the model.

The parts are put together in a stronger way than the other model. if you use runny batters, then in the center of the cast iron pan, there will be a leak at the center in between the seams.

One major difference between the two is, how the hinge is placed in these two models, in a cast aluminum model, the hinge is sandwiched between two stainless steel, compressed with a pin.

When it comes to the hinge on a cast iron pan one part is connected to the top and another to the bottom, these parts are fitted loosely together but they can be removed if the two parts are removed in opposite directions of the axis and hinge.

A Few Points To Look For

There are a few points to look for when deciding on what material you wish to invest on for your dream cookware for your kitchen-

  • Cast iron is much heavier than cast aluminum and they are easier to handle
  • Cast Iron can rust and it can be pretty bad if not taken care of properly, whereas the other one is just easy to clean and quite impossible to rust
  • Cast Aluminium can get scratched if you use a metal spatula roughly, on the other hand, cast iron is a very tough metal to scratch and can last for a very long time if they are kept properly
  • Stainless and iron are both much better than aluminum, as they are friendly from acidic foods like tomatoes they do not leach the food, so look for cooking models which are rare run-ups of stainless steel
  • When it comes to heating up faster, aluminum does heat up much more evenly and is faster paced
  • Cast Iron Cookware is somewhat indestructible and if you buy a good quality cast iron pan, it can go on and on, it just needs special attention and care, for the cleaning and storing process
  • Cast iron is good as it is non-stick if you seasoned them well before you use them and eggs aren’t a problem unless you stir them quickly
  • Cast Iron can be brittle whereas aluminum cookware is not as brittle as Cast Iron as you can break it if you drop it down on the floor
  • With Years of usage, cast iron can have a black Layer on its surface and it looks dirty, you can clean I, but this requires a little bit of extra effort
  • Aluminum is used in most commercial cookware as they are new technology and not as good as cast iron cookware but they are new and unique in design


According to different cooking scenarios, these two models have their own essence and great qualities.So, all it takes comes down to one thing, which is your liking and preference.

A few factors like the weight and the user-friendly approach to use on induction tops and glassware cooktops can influence your choice, and it would be bad for you to choose both of them.

It could be flexible for you to choose between the two and cook accordingly. You can make up your mind after you go through this article.

This is enjoyable because you can learn about such things before investing in something for which you will not be aware of the qualities.

Knowing the general properties, you could have a good idea which one is better for your kitchen, cast iron or cast aluminum; the choice is yours.

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