Chefman Turbofry 2 Quart Air Fryer Review

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Are you searching for the greatest little, portable air fryer that is also reasonably priced? The Chefman Turbofry 2 Quart Air Fryer could be your finest alternative.

With the quickness of a microwave, you can achieve the browning effect of a convection oven.

It showcases to have a cutting-edge design, simple controls, and low cost and also claims to have every component that is necessary for an air fryer.

As per my findings, it could be added to your collection of kitchen appliances because it effectively addresses the key shortcomings of two of the most often-used kitchen equipment.

The Chefman Turbofry Air Fryer claims to be one of the models with the best customer ratings if you’re searching for a simpler, smaller appliance.

I tested the Chefman Turbofry 2 Quart Air Fryer to see if it stood up to the hype, so let’s find out whether it’s worthwhile to purchase or not.

Chefman air fryer

Chefman Company


The Chefman brand focuses on providing you with the cooking equipment you require to make your life simpler and more productive.

Chefman appliances are said to be unique because of their unwavering commitment to providing you with goods that uphold the highest standards of quality.

They claim to do so while also having cutting-edge aesthetics and a practical yet imaginative design.

A kitchen appliance firm called Chefman was established in 2011 that manufactures numerous kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers, air fryers, micro refrigerators, and many others.

Additionally, it can be observed that Chefman’s products continue to receive favorable reviews and that their costs are extremely low.

Most Common Positive Remarks

The qualities of the Chefman Air Fryer that I found that people loved the most are as follows-

  • Good value
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Small Footprint
  • Compact and Space-Saving
  • Cooks rapidly and crisps beautifully
  • Great capacity for 1-2 people (2 people max)

The Most Common Complaints

The most frequent complaints that could be found are-

  • No color choices
  • Time and temperature markings are challenging to read.
  • Knobs result in sloppy control.
  • To close the machine, you must grasp the unit.
  • Plastic odor
  • Size is insufficient
  • The vent becomes really warm in the back.


After using the Air Fryer for a month to prepare chicken fries, hot pockets, potato fries, and a variety of other foods…

Here is what I discovered-

  • Browning

    Browing is one of the key characteristics that set an air fryer apart from a microwave. Everything I tried to cook turned out nicely brown.

    The exterior of the air fryer was well-browned. The exterior of the fingerling potatoes turned crusty brown, while the interior remained soft.

    Additionally, the hot pockets’ caramelized exterior enhanced their flavor over their microwave-based counterpart.

  • Evenness Of Cooking

    Because of the air fryer’s powerful blower, hot or cold patches shouldn’t be a problem. But if you pack the air fryer full of food, it does become a problem.

    So, I put around a pound of chicken breast in the air fryer to test this.
    To promote equal cooking, we moved them after we halfway cooked the chicken and flipped it.

    Although it wasn’t flawless, it was quite close. To encourage consistent cooking, the chicken shrank, exposing more of the air fry basket. The surprisingly juicy chicken was produced.

    The lemon cake, however, did not turn out the same way as the chicken, which cooked uniformly. Behind the beautifully browned top, there was a substantial layer of uncooked batter.

    The air circulation inside the basket in our trial with the chicken was extremely good, but with cake batter, it was not, and the heat circulated throughout the basket was far less effective at properly cooking the food.

  • Versatility

    It has an integrated 30-minute timer and a manual temperature control with a 200°F to 400°F temperature range.

    Everything, including leftover dessert from the day before, frozen vegetables, chicken, and French fries, can be air-fried.

    However, two quarts is a tiny amount, so unless your home has just 1-2 members, we advise going for a larger quantity.

    It has the advantage of being able to cook frozen meals like chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, pizza pockets,

    French fries, etc., as well as reheating smaller portions of food and vegetable medleys (thicker veggies work better; think asparagus, not spinach) (great alternative to the microwave).

    However, due to the air fryer’s small size, baking pastries/cakes or wet batters, casseroles, and larger portions of meat are challenging to prepare in this way.

  • Design

    The Chefman Air Fryer resembles a little space pod, like the majority of air fryers do. Because it takes up less space on your counter and in your cupboard, the small and portable air fryer is perfect for any tiny kitchen, dorm room, and more.

  • Size

    It is a small Air Fryer; numerous objections were made over the product’s diameter.

    Having said that, Chefman never concealed this information from customers, so I cannot criticize them for it and have not talked much about the same.


    • Excellent for individuals who cook exclusively for themselves.
    • A smaller cooking surface leads to faster cooking.
    • Small footprint.
    • Lightweight for ease of movement.


    Not flexible in terms of how many people it can serve.
    Constraint to small meals.

  • Controls

    The two enormous knobs on this air fryer are probably what catches your eye first. At the top and in front, respectively.

    Temperature marks in 25° increments are found on the top knob, ranging from 200 to 400°F.

    The air fryer’s heating light and power indicator lights also let you know when it is on and whether it has finished preheating.


    • The use of the knobs is quite rapid and easy.
    • This is an easy and efficient method of cooking food for folks who feel overwhelmed by modern technological improvements.


    • There are very small time and temperature indications.
    • Given that the senior populace is drawn to the knobs’ simplicity, this is a serious engineering problem.
  • Basket/Drawer And Insert

    Like most air fryers, this one has a handle that protrudes from the front to act as leverage for removing the drawer.

    The integrated frying basket and tray allow for flexible meal preparation and easy cleanup because they are both dishwasher-safe.


    • The drawer is simple to remove and reinstall.
    • Non-Stick materials were used to make the basket and insert.
    • The drawer locks in and, when locked in, is secure.


    • To pull out or insert the drawer, you will need to hold onto the body of the unit because it is so light.
    • You’ll reach for the unit’s rear, where a vent can grow extremely hot.
    • Customers first complained a lot about the burning plastic scent sticking around after the first use.
  • Ease Of Cleaning

    Cleaning up the air fryer after a meal is simple thanks to the removable and dishwasher-safe 2-quart fryer basket and tray. Since the basket is non-stick, cooking spray is not necessary.

My Overall Takeaway

As to what I think about Chefman Air Fryer, it does have its shortcomings, but none of that will cause you to question its usefulness in the kitchen.

It does the job and is offered at a very modest cost (qualities that rarely come together).

Most significantly, it swiftly cooked our meal (something our oven is incapable of doing) and browned it (which a microwave cannot accomplish).

However, because everyone has various requirements and tastes in the kitchen, it’s critical to consider these three shortcomings:

  •  It’s tiny (ideal for 1-2 people)
  • The time and temperature indications are tiny
  • The rear vent becomes very warm

Therefore, before purchasing this air fryer, be sure to consider the following drawbacks.


In conclusion, I could say that Chefman Turbofry is small but powerful and for those who wish to experience air frying for the first time, the Chefman TurboFry in my opinion is an affordable option.

It is very reasonably priced, with modern styling, and simple controls! It has every essential component of an air fryer.

It could be a kitchen appliance that you can include in your kitchen devices,

For many years, air fryers have become popular, but only if they complement your way of life. A supper that will feed a large family will take too long to prepare.

It might be the ideal kitchen update for couples or individuals searching for rapid meal preparation methods that use less oil, nevertheless.

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