Everything You Need To Know About Cigar Humidification

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Warm temperatures are necessary for cigars; otherwise, they would go all squishy and lose their quality. Who wants to do that?

It would be a good idea to store them safely in humidors so that they can stay fresh for a longer time. Your cigar wouldn’t survive more than three weeks if stored improperly.

Given that sufficient care has been taken regarding its careful preservation, a good quality cigar that is huge and has a darker color may survive two years or more.

To know the state of your cigar, moisture levels should be appropriately examined regularly. To keep your cigars in the finest shape, humidity levels need to be monitored and kept at the ideal levels.

They shouldn’t become too wet, which may make them mold or rot away, nor should they become too dry and wilt away, which could also lead them to lose their distinctive flavor.

In this article, I have tried to give some insights concerning cigar humidification, which you might want to know for your cigar care.

All About Cigar Humidification

What Is A Humidor?


In simple terms, a humidor is a temperature-controlled box, case, or cabinet, for storing cigars and other tobacco products. It could be a pocket-size or even a full-blown walk-in humidor that is available for your cigar humidification.

It is designed in such a way that it could help in maintaining adequate humidity levels while also keeping the quality intact which adds to the proper aging of your cigar keeping them in their best condition for years.

A humidor is available in various sizes. You might want to take it while you are traveling or you might want it for your house. There are simple but effective tips that are considered to take care of them for your cigars.

Features Of A Humidor

Humidor depends on the following features-

  • Temperature control
  • Style
  • Capacity
  • Type Of Humidity System
  • User Friendly Or Not

How Do Humidors Work?

Humidors’ working mechanism depends on one important mechanism which is to manage humidity levels that could occur when you open it or when there’s a sudden drop or a rise in moisture or humidity levels. The functioning of Humidors largely depends on these parts-

  • Humidifier

    This component of the humidor functions when there’s an extremely dry condition and it operates by counteracting it to bring the moisture to the recommended level.

    The humidification system is of prime essence for maintaining cigar quality. It may help in retaining enough moisture to keep up with aroma and is essentially intact in cigars that give that robust aroma and flavor through proper preservation.

    A good level of moisture or relative humidity for a humidor is about 70-71%. To achieve this, a proper source of distilled water should be used.

    Floral foam or sponges could be used to supply water on the insides of the humidor. The water should be distilled as there could be possibilities that, in case normal tap water would be used, there could be events of insects or mineral buildup.

  • Hygrometer

    Other than humidifiers, another important component of humidors is the hygrometer. A hydrometer is used to check the moisture levels inside the humidor.

    A hygrometer could also be installed inside the humidor to check if it needs some drying up or requires adjusting the humidity levels as per the requirements.

    A humidor With electronic humidity controls has a hygrometer attached to its humidifier and It is necessary to review the condition of your humidor for moisture at short intervals so that the real state of your humidor could be properly checked.

  • Thermostat

    Cigars need the proper temperature to retain their quality, aroma, and flavor. They could also be kept in good condition if they are at room temperature.

    In a humidor that is void of a temperature controller, one could easily balance the temperature using a basic thermometer which could indicate the actual condition that the humidor is having at any given time.

  • Spanish Cedar

    The choice of people who are looking for something reliable and traditional, then people might go for Spanish cedar.

    There are some of them which are lined with cedar for others, it can be found in various options like it can be made up of Cedar shelves and compartments.

    Spanish cedar is a very good anti-insect humidor and doesn’t even delay with time. They have a very good quality for absorption.

    They keep very optimum temperatures,  inside the humidors as they release water inside them, to keep things moist and nice, for a better running of the contents inside the humidors.

Lifespan Of A Humidor? How Long Would They Last?

It all depends on how you use it and if you and someone who travels a lot a travel humidor will have some lights to collect for years then a stationery store new video will be perfect for you.

If you are someone who smokes a lot of cigars then you should go for a travel humidor as you will oftentimes drop and give wear and tears to the humidor case. It all depends on how you use it.

Types Of Humidors

Though there are various types of humidors that one could get their hands on, the following are some of the most common varieties of humidor-

  • Single Chamber Humidor

    A single-chamber humidor has a simple design and is usually made using wood or acrylic. It is basic and very compact and could take up less amount of space.

    Additionally, these single-chamber humidors may also come integrated. additional accessories to save up on humidor space.

  • Glass Top Humidor

    A glass-top humidor is a beautiful-looking humidor that is liked by a lot of cigar lovers today. The glass material is made from tempered glass which would add to its durability and safety.

    There is a plus point of having a humidor that has a glass top, not only it looks elegant, the actual condition of your cigars can be known by taking a quick gander at them through the glass lid.

  • Cabinet Humidor

    It’s a smaller version of Napoleon and they are connected to a cabinet drawer, which are sliding doors, just keep in mind not to sag the edge of the hinges or the door of the humidor.

    It’s made up of glass, wood, and metal which is a common type of cabinet humidor, they have a hulk-type body from the inside

    This is made up of Spanish cedar, and other different varieties of wood. These cabinets are capable of stacking up to 1,000 – 4,000 sticks at once.

What Would Happen If You Do Not Humidify Cigars?

If you use a dry cigar then it will taste bitter and very bad so it is advised to use a humidor to keep the cigar moist as it will turn bitter and very hot if kept open or dry.

As a cigar dries out, it loses all its distinctive qualities which are necessary as flavor, texture, construction, and performance. Cigars when dried out break apart and burn at a higher speed, which kills the purpose of a cigar.

How Often Should You Refill Your Humidor?

The refilling would depend on how often you open the humidor. The refilling should always be done using distilled water and tap water should be avoided at all times.

Thus, distilled water could be added to your humidor once a month and in case of adding the solution, it could be done every 3 months.

How Much Does A Humidor Cost?

The price for a humidor depends on the design you choose and all the qualities you look for in a humidor.

The basic size of a cigar humidor is small in size and can cost up to 100$. If you look for a bigger and better humidor like the one with bells and whistles then the price will go up a bit, like 500$.


Cigar humidification is essential for enhancing the quality and life of your cigars as it would help in protecting and preserve your cigar from any known or unknown damage.

Selecting the ideal cigar humidor may depend on your personal preference, budget, lifestyle, budget, and size. To each their own.

For a small-size humidor, all you need is a shelf or mantel to be on it. And If you have a moisture-running humidor then you will require a power source of 120 volts.

A perfect humidor that has been properly taken care of while keeping the balanced and ideal humidity levels, neither too moist nor too dry, just adequately humidified.

These simple steps could set you apart from the crowd of normal smokers and you might give an impression of an elite cigar smoker who gives proper care and attention to the quality and preservation of their cigars.

Thus, cigar humidification is pivotal for your cigars. You may want to know everything about it before deciding on making the ultimate decision.

I have tried to give you the essential details you would like to know about what a humidor is all about, then you can always look up to this article for everything you need to know about humidification.

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