Evo Grill Review– Is An Evo Flat Top Grill Worth The Money?

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Evo Grill is a high-end kitchen product from the American-based company, Evo America, LLC. The Evo grill model is stable in the market with its renowned products like a built-in cooktop with a stainless cooking surface. The built-in cooktop is a unique product, especially for outdoor kitchens. It has certain features like a movable cart for moving around the patio or garden and a foldable table top for cooking. Also, you can place (install) it wherever you are.

Evo Grill

Using it for cooking brings together family and friends thus creating a festive atmosphere through outdoor cooking. It is distinguished from other kitchen products. It is adaptable to the kitchen with their customized design, and premium built quality. Apart from this, when installed outdoors, it can create an environment with social interaction over freshly prepared food varieties. It is easy to use, and also easy to clean the cooking surface.

Is Evo Grill Worth The Money?


Evo grill is worthwhile since it provides enjoyable entertainment for folks who love to cook and serve. It is a creation of skilled individuals to unite society around food preparation. The company has distinguished products that can be used to port the food service. The company offers different appliances useful for food services for many people at your house, and appliances that can be used indoors and outdoors. Thus you need not bother about the return on investment (ROI) while installing the Evo grill.

What Can You Cook On Evo Flat Top Grill?

It is a kitchen appliance. Thus you can cook anything on it. You can prepare the entire food items needed for breakfast or meals. You can prepare tacos, fajitas, pancakes, burgers, etc.

It is suitable for both commercial kitchens. FOH cooking model, and BOH cooking model. FOH stands for front-of-house cooking. Here the customers can directly view the kitchen of the restaurant and connect to those in the kitchen, resulting in a completely customer-friendly approach.

BOH cooking is back-of-house cooking. In the BOH model, the restaurant’s back house is not visible to the customers. This is the place where the food is prepared, stocked, and plated. Thus customers cannot interact with the kitchen staff.

Evo Grill Models

It is available in different models suitable for various situations. The classification is based on their physical structure and usability. Some of them are suitable for small outdoor kitchens, and some are suitable for large volumes of cooking (hotels and restaurants).  The general classification includes drop-in, tabletop, and cart. Each of the products falls into any of these three categories. All the models are comfortable to use specifically for outdoor cooking.

  1. Evo Affinity 25 G Drop-in

    The Evo Affinity 25G is suitable for smaller outdoor cooking. It has a flat cooking surface with a diameter of 25 inches. It has the following specifications:

    • 36,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units)
    • The diameter cooking surface is 25”
    • Natural gas or Propane can be used as the fuel
    • Seasoned earlier with Black oil
    • Separate heat control for the interior and exterior cooking zones
    • Possible heating ranges from 225°F to 550°F
    • Uniform surface temperature while heating (no special areas)
  2. Evo Affinity 25E Electric Built-in

    The Evo Affinity 25E Cooktop is ideal for indoor residential kitchens. An extremely capable cooking appliance, it is ideal for warming, keeping foods, and low-to-high temperature preparations. This product is also suitable for front-of-house cooking styles. This product has the following specifications:

    • Requires customized cabinet to get it installed
    • Circular cook surface made with stainless steel and radius of 25”
    • Two heat zones, inner and outer, are controlled by separate knobs on an electrically monitored heater
    • Black oil seasoned surface
    • LED display screen
    • Temperature range from 150˚F to 525˚F

    This device might need an adapter or converter to be used in your destination due to the different outlets and voltage around the world. Before making a purchase, please verify the compatibility of the electrical devices with the power supply at your place.

  3. Evo Affinity 30G

    This kitchen appliance is very much suited for front-of-house cooking. It has the following specifications:

    • Could be installed on a specialized cabinet (installation required)
    • Has a diameter of 30”
    • Circular surface already seasoned with black oil
    • Keeps consistent temperature levels
    • Temperature levels range 225˚F to 550˚F
    • Two temperature zones
    • Inner and outer temperature zones are controlled with different knobs
    • Natural gas or propane is used as fuel
    • Piezo ignition to ignite the gas
    • 36,2677 British thermal units
    • Generally used for outdoor kitchens
  4. Evo Professional Table Top Flattop Grill

    This model is different from the previous models. This is a professional cooking appliance. The Evo Professional Table Top Flat Top grill is best suited for commercial applications. It is a luxury model suitable for outdoor catering services, and BOH cooking styles. The cooking staff should be a little bit experienced in using this model. It does not mean that they should be experienced, but should be skilled people. This model comes with the following specifications:

    • Circular Cooktop that has adjustable heat control and fast temperature recovery
    • The cooking surface is pre-seasoned with black oil
    • Two circular temperature zones
    • The diameter of the circular cooking surface is 30”
    • Inner and outer temperature zones can be controlled with separate knobs
    • Temperature ranging from 225ºF to 550ºF
    • Liquid petroleum Propane gas with 48,000 BTUs
    • Natural Gas with 48,000 BTUs
    • Stainless steel burners
    • Electronic push button for igniting
    • Durable cooking surface
    • Applicable for different cooking techniques like to saute, fry, roast, steam, toast, etc.
    • The spill collection tray is mounted to collect the spills from the cooking surface
    • Easy to clean
  5. Evo Add-ons

    For outdoor food services that require fast, hot, and delicate food preparation, the Evo Commercial Professional Series models are the ideal choice. All Evo products are made with durable stainless steel cooking surfaces. The Evo products come with the following add-ons:

    • Evo cookbook
    • Spatulas made with stainless steel
    • Cleaning kits for cleaning the
    • Cooking surface, the handle, etc.

Why Is Evo Flat Top Grill So Expensive?

There are a few reasons that are to be considered before deciding that Evo Flat Top Grills are so expensive. The Evo Flat Top Grill is a multipurpose kitchen appliance and has many advantages over traditional ones. Some are:

  • Lifetime Durability (lasts for a long time)
  • Exceptionally built with good quality stainless steel
  • The cooking surface is made with a single piece of steel that has flexible edges to make it compatible with other attachments. This cooking surface makes heat to retain there and thereby presents a better usage
  • Professionally designed and built
  • The surface is not sticky and no need to make it non-stick as it is already designed as a non-sticky surface
  • The temperature of the cooking surface is ranging from 225°F to 550°F


  1. How Is Evo grill Cook Surface Made Up?

    The cooking surface is circular made up of stainless steel and pre-seasoned with black oil. Thus it is not sticky, and thus easy to clean. The cleaning kits will be provided by the manufacturer along with the product.

  2. What Is Special About Evo Grill?

    It is easy to install and use for indoor as well as outdoor applications. It is durable, and ideal for cooking any type of food. It is portable and thus can be easily carried out from one place to another. The main objective of it is to create a social atmosphere to connect friends and relatives around the food service.

  3. What Type Of Fuel Is Used In Evo grill?

    The fuels used are natural gas and Propane. The residential models are electronic and connected to the electric supply through an adapter to maintain the voltage levels ( as it is manufactured based on the voltage level where the company is situated).


It is manufactured by the American company Evo America LLC. It is best suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking. The main goal of this product is to create a social community environment based on food service. The company delivers built-in cooktops suitable for back-of-house, and front-of-house cooking applications. The models can prepare all types of food cooking. It can be used for frying, toasting, roasting, sauteing, etc. The cooking surface is pre-seasoned with black oil to prevent sticking the food items. The product has inner and outer temperature zones with separate knobs to control the temperature.

Both commercial models and residential models are easy to use. The fuels used are Natural gas and Propane gas. An electronic model is also available for residential indoor kitchens that can be used along with an adapter to control the flow of the electric supply. These products come with a user manual and cleaning kits. The main advantages of it are the durability of the cooking surface, and its portability which makes it easy to install anywhere you desire.

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