5 Factors To Consider Before Buying an Electric Smoker

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An electric smoker is a cooking device often used outdoors that serves the primary purpose of smoking food and makes the use of electric rods as the source of heating. When compared to charcoal smokers, electric smokers offer both ease of use and cleaning. Most of the electric smokers have built of either stainless steel or cast iron.

Electric Smoker

Electric smokers offer a wide variety of features, including temperature controls, double doors, smoking racks, cooking area, cooking racks, and accouterments like remote controls, one-touch power buttons, and digital control panels. They come in budget-friendly options as well as ones that are most advanced. Nonetheless, the choice of the ideal electric smoker comes down to your requirements and budget.

The 5 Reasons To Buying An Electric Smoker


An electric smoker is a worthwhile investment precisely because of the wide variety of features that it offers. Below are some of the most important reasons why you should consider buying an electric smoker:

  1. Perfect For Beginners

    If you’ve recently entered the field of using smokers, an electric smoker is an ideal choice for you. Often when a task seems complicated, you’re likely to give up on it more easily and quickly. In reality, if you are well-versed with the working of an electric oven, an electric smoker will be a smooth ride for you.

    You can set the electric smoker to a specific temperature for the desired period of time. The results of using an electric smoker are undoubtedly satisfying. Now once you become adept at using this smoker, you can definitely upgrade your smoker or you may stick to this one if it suffices your needs. Make sure you learn some basic techniques before you opt for any type of smoker.

  2. Cheapest Types Of Smoker

    Electric smokers are a budget-friendly option as compared to the other types of options available in the market. Not only do they cost less but also have a long durable lifespan. Compare an electric smoker to a pellet grill. Although a pellet grill comes in with some extra bells and whistles and eliminates the need to reload chips on a frequent basis, they cost anywhere between $500-1200.

    Nonetheless, it comes down to your needs and the amount you’re willing to spend. If you think investing in a pellet grill is a worthwhile decision, you should definitely go for it. Otherwise, an electric smoker is a right option for you because it’ll cost you as low as $200 and allow you to enjoy rich-smoky flavored meat.

  3. Easy To Smoke On

    Electric smokers are an easy option to smoke not only for beginners. Consider the time taken to light charcoal, control airflow, and carefully analyze the temperature controls. If you eliminate the need to carry out these tasks, you’d definitely have a lot more time on your hands to attend to the sauces, rubs, brines, and sides.

    Now, to run an electric smoker, all you need to do is start by filling the water tray. Then throw in your wood chips, and plug the electric smoker into the electric unit. Adjust the settings of the smoker to suit your needs. Allow the smoker to preheat properly and reach the required temperature and then, place your food inside the cooking chamber.

  4. Able To Smoke In Areas With A Fire Ban

    Has it ever happened to you that you pulled out your charcoal or gas smoker on a fine summer evening to enjoy home-cooked meat, but realized that there is a fire ban in your area? Unfortunately, some states prohibit you from smoking using a charcoal smoker if there is a fire ban. The laws related to this imposition are subject to variation depending upon the state that you reside in.

    Although it does no harm to simply check such regulations, you wouldn’t have to incur any such obstructions with an electric smoker. Even without a fire ban, if you reside in an apartment or a locality that prohibits smoking using a charcoal smoker, using an electric smoker is the only viable option that you have.

  5. It’s Easy To Cold Smoke On

    If you’re someone who takes great interest in experimenting with different cooking methods, an electric smoker is your go-to option. Electric smokers are versatile cooking appliances. They allow you to easily cold smoke cheese or bacon. In addition, electric smokers enable you to prepare a wide range of food items, including dried meats, fish, meat logs and loaves, sausages, and desserts.

Why An Electric Smoker Might Not Be Right For You?

  1. Lack Of A Smoke Ring

    Just below the surface of the meat is a pink coloration known as a smoke ring. It functions as a distinct indicator of a southern BBQ. In fact, more often than not, many pitmasters choose to slice open their brisket to find a smoke ring. Now, there are two things that you ought to take into consideration before you purchase an electric smoker.

    Firstly, a smoke ring is the result of the interaction of the chemical emitted during combustion with the one that is present in the meat. Even if you choose to place pellets or chips or chunks inside your electric smoker, the temperature of wood smoldering will not be sufficient enough to elicit the chemicals that are a prerequisite to creating the smoke ring.

    Secondly, although a smoke ring looks impressive, it doesn’t have an impact on the taste of the meat. Therefore, if the looks of the meat are not on your priority list, the absence of a smoke ring will not be an issue for you.

  2. Not As Versatile As Other Smokers

    An electric smoker doesn’t provide you with the choice to grill burgers or sear a steak. Although the other smokers available in the market have trouble grilling, an electric smoker is completely out of the race. There are some people out there who suggest that you can’t smoke using a pellet grill. However, that’s simply not true. Many manufacturers provide buyers with the slide and sear grilling feature that allows them to avail of direct flame searing.

  3. Parts Can Break Down

    Electric smokers are undoubtedly more complicated appliances than conventional smokers. The complexity of these smokers is the primary reason for their ease of use. With complexity comes more problems. Since electric smokers have more parts, it is likely that one or the other parts will break down. Furthermore, replacing the broken parts can be on the expensive side and you’d also need to hire a professional to perform the job adeptly.

  4. Limited Portability

    As evident by the name, electric smokers operate on power. That means taking your electric smoker on your camping, tailgating, or other such trips is not really an option. Even within your house, if you wish to position it at a place with no close power outlet, you’ll likely need to use an extension cord. Or if you wish to avoid this hassle, you’ll need to call the electrician to install a power outlet. Therefore, it is obvious that the convenience offered by modern world smokers is likely to come at a cost.

Have We Convinced You To Pull The Trigger On An Electric Smoker?

Although electric smokers have certain limitations, so does every other smoker available in the market. All that matters is whether the smoker suffices for your needs or not. If you’re someone who is short on time or perhaps eager for the food to get cooked quickly, an electric smoker is your option. If you’re a beginner in the world of dishes prepared on smokers, opt for an electric smoker given you can invest in one.

Likewise, if you wish to feed a large number of people at the same time but are reluctant to compromise on the taste, an electric smoker will work best to cater to your needs. And lastly, if you’re not someone who’s dejected by the absence of smoke rings, electric smokers will provide results that won’t let you down.


Therefore, there’s a list of reasons that indicate the applicability of electric smokers. To start with, using an electric smoker is time effective. Not only does it cook food faster but also offers easy cleaning. Although there are high-end options available in the case of electric smokers, you can also check in for the more affordable models.

An electric smoker is built in such a manner that it cooks a wide variety of food items. Apart from allowing you to smoke meat, it also enables you to enjoy steak and fish. Since almost every electric smoker has a built-in grill, you’re not required to spend money on an additional one. Most electric smokers are made using removable parts and therefore, allow you to clean the parts either using a wet cloth or your hand. However, if you wish to eliminate the smell from the smoker, it is advisable to wash it at least once every week.

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