Can You Put Foil In The Air Fryer?

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To cut it short, yes, you can put foil inside an air fryer. This is the most frequently questioned topic surrounding air fryers by the users. According to our team, you must first read the manual with the device; it will help you immeasurably. Through the manual, the user can understand how the machine works and what one must avoid or do when using it. Now coming back to the question, the answer is generally yes.

However, most brands do not advertise it, but users can use foil in their air fryers. It is known that whatever can be put in an oven can also be placed in safely in an air fryer. Hopefully, through this scoop, we will address all your queries regarding foil usage in a fryer and provide you with satisfying solutions.

When putting foil into the fryer the user needs to make sure that he is not covering the basket completely with the foil. This is done so that the air can circulate all around. If you have an air fryer oven that has two trays, you can wrap the bottom tray in foil that would catch the drippings, sauce grease anything that might be in that top tray. This helps preserve the tool’s shelf-life and reduces later stress regarding the clean-up.

Is It Safe to Use Foil in the Air Fryer?


Using aluminum in your air fryer is completely secure. In addition, it makes preparing food through an air fryer simpler. Owing to its relatively high melting point and lack of effervescence, aluminum should not be combined with food or any other substance during cooking. You may thus feel secure. Aluminum is very accessible, extremely recyclable, and environmentally beneficial.

Concentrate on all the methods of utilizing aluminum foil that may benefit you rather than worrying over your air fryer going up in flames: The air fryer will produce less mess and need much less maintenance time if aluminum foil is used. Those annoying bits and gooey sauces have no chance.

Make sure you do not use foil with acidic food items such as citrus or tomatoes, as aluminum reacts with them. You should conduct independent research and come to your conclusions.

How To Safely Use Foil In The Air Fryer?

When using aluminum foil be double sure that you have not blocked any hole at the bottom of the basket. When you plug those little holes at the base of the container, you are thwarting the benefits of an air fryer. They have a purpose, and that purpose is to allow the air to truly flow completely throughout the full surface of the meal, including the bottom. You are only effectively top frying your dish when you seal the perforations rather than fully cooking it.

It is advised that you make a foil sling. Create a tiny strip by bending a lengthy piece in half twice. Use those as grips to put anything into the air fryer. Then just tuck those handles in so that you can remove the meal once it is done.

Food can also be made accessible to the heat source by using foil. When frying a steak, you may break up the aluminum foil so that it is quite inconsistent before placing it in the basket to produce a beautiful brown crust. The steak is laid on top of that, which raises it somewhat and brings it closer to the heat source so you can get a good brown on it.

Foil In an Air Fryer

When To Use Foil In The Air Fryer

For items that are sensitive to sticking, especially eggs, placing a piece of foil in the air fryer is greatly beneficial. Making bowls out of tinfoil keeps the eggs tightly packed so they can be cooked without spilling or sliding down mesh baskets. It is beneficial for minimizing cleaning after preparing dishes with seasoning that may slip through cracks in the basket and overcook, such as wings that could easily stick or other foods with stuffing. There are occasions when the air fryer’s design or capacity prohibits using aluminum; in those situations, you would either want to switch to a new size or just use another material.

When using small fryers, it may be preferable to use parchment paper wherever feasible to prevent clogging the airflow and halting the cooking process if cleaning is a problem. Due to the limitation of room inside the air fryer device, you cannot consistently wrap the corners of the aluminum foil easily.

Why Would You Want To Use Aluminum Foil In The Air Fryer?

There are many reasons why users would use aluminum foil in their air fryers. Some are mentioned here.

  • It contributes to enhanced taste creation. The foil enables the food to roast in the seasonings, enhancing the flavor of your cuisine, as opposed to the drippings sinking to the base of the fryer.
  • Excellent heat dispersion is aided by it. When utilized properly, foil swiftly and evenly disperses heat.
  • Clean-up is made simpler as a result. You will not have as much huge mess in the container if you wrap your meal in foil or put it in there.
  • Ensures that your food will not stick to the basket.

How Does An Air Fryer Work?

The parts of an air fryer are many. A food-holding basket, heating elements, a large fan, and apertures for warm air circulation. These pores enable warm air to circulate uniformly around the item in the basket, giving it a deep-fried, crunchy texture without the need for oil. Foods are evenly crisped thanks to the stifling air circulating throughout the cooking area!

A blower that distributes air and a heat source (a hot coil) are often located at the base of an air fryer. Whenever the temperature is above 320 Fahrenheit, the pressure of the hot air produces a convection oven phenomenon.


Can you put wax paper in the air fryer?

As per many online reliable sites, you cannot use wax paper in an air fryer. Wax paper is heat-sensitive, and since hot air is necessary for the air fryer preparation of food, they do not combine.

Can you put parchment paper in the air fryer?

Yes, according to several online websites, parchment paper may be used in an air fryer. It may be used in air fryers because of the silicone covering, which makes it heat resilient. In an air fryer, parchment paper could be used to prevent food spattering. When feasible, many world-class chefs advise using parchment paper instead of foil because it is not a receptive material thus there is less chance of food sticking to it. It also benefits the environment. Special parchment paper with holes and circles particularly made for air fryers is available from manufacturers.
It also benefits the environment. Special parchment paper with holes and circles particularly made for air fryers is available from manufacturers. 
Always choose parchment paper over foil, unless you are using the foil as a sling or to lift your dish. Otherwise, use the foil to preserve the hotness of the dish after it is removed from the oven.

Are there health risks of using aluminum foil?

Since air fryers are comparatively recent kitchen equipment, it has not been well investigated whether using foil in them renders them extra dangerous. According to research and studies, aluminum foil is hazardous, and prolonged exposure to it might be bad for your health. For instance, excessive aluminum foil use has been connected to Alzheimer’s. 
However, the quantity of aluminum we consume from food is negligible and is not regarded as dangerous. However, others claim that using aluminum foil increases the quantity of metal in your diet. 
Thus, aluminum foil is not very harmful, but its usage can result in a higher intake of metal through food.

Does using aluminum foil in the air fryer give your food a metallic taste?

As long as you resist using it with acidic meals, it will not give your dish a metallic flavor. The problem with this type of food is that it will chemically interact with the foil, causing tiny metal flecks to appear in your dish. Additionally, stay away from salty meals because they might pose a similar problem.

Can I put a paper towel in the air fryer?

Not at all. When frying food in an air fryer, avoid using a paper towel. You may use it to clean the grease from the basket’s perimeter.


For many households and kitchens, air fryers have very quickly become important and a device that is used daily. Also in the kitchen, we find aluminum foil. Aluminum foils are a powerhouse. The heat-conducting material may be used to clean the base of your microwave, your cooktop, and perhaps even your grill plates, greatly reducing cooking times and messes.  

Many users use aluminum foils in their air fryers constantly. As long as you follow basic safety precautions, using foil in an air fryer is fine. Make careful to use a tiny bit of it to cover your food or to cushion the bottom of your basket. Food items that are sour or too mild should not be placed. 

But eventually, using a foil frying sheet in an air fryer is not the best option. The best choice is to use a plain basket or a basket lined with pierced parchment paper.

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