GE Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker Review

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GE Undercounter Nugget Ice machine is a product from, General Electric Company, an American multinational conglomerate company.

Undercounter ice machines often start as a convenience but probably wind up becoming an essential home appliance.

Nugget ice or a block of chewable ice has many applications. It is popularly used in hospitals. On certain occasions, there will be a need of producing extra ice pebbles.

Thus in such situations, a high-capacity ice machine is to be useful around the house or a hospital.

In the past, a refrigerator was the main source of ice in a home, but now the under-counter and freestanding ice makers are available.

Thus, homeowners may enjoy significantly higher ice volumes.

A counter ice maker, like the GE Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker, is equipment to be placed inside the kitchen, such that there is no substitution for this.

This exquisitely crafted table-top tiny ice maker has a larger bin, to produce an enormous quantity of fresh ice all the time. It is optimized to prevent ice clumping.

GE Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker

GE Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker


The machine has an LED illumination inside that helps to view the nugget ice. The design is built-in to be capable of freestanding.

Thus it ensures installation flexibility. The nugget ice can be easily transferred to any glassware. The adaptable positioning makes it operational for both indoor and outdoor needs.

From what I figured, it is completely wrapped in stainless steel. Also, the machine is to be cleaned once in six months, and it is informed by an indicator.

What I Liked

The strengths of this machine are very much stunning as many like it to be owned for domestic or commercial services. The qualities I liked were-

  • Quantity And Quality

    This ice-making machine can make an ice quantity of 56lbs every day. Also, it can hold 26lbs in its large bin at a time.

    Also, it is guaranteed that the ice nuggets produced are free from clumps. The best quality chewable ice nuggets can be consumed by a family comprising a large number of members.

  • Easy Installation

    It is easy to install the machine as it comes with free-standing capability. Thus it can be installed anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with its adjustable leveling legs, and hinges that can be reversible.

  • Does Most Of The Work For You

    Before choosing an ice maker, realize the technical aspects also. The models like these can produce a different result than the typical refrigerator’s ice maker.

    The LED ice bin in this appliance can contain 26 pounds of ice. As the bin is not getting refrigerated completely, some portion of the ice begins to melt.

    But the machine keeps producing crunchable small ice nuggets by recycling melting ice from the trash can.

    Thus the machine is to be cleaned at least once every six months, by removing strains from the entire bin. The indicator light attached to it will remind the time of cleaning.

    The machine is to be cleaned as soon as possible if the indicator is on.

  • Design Matters

    The GE Undercounter nugget ice maker is made to fit under the countertop, instead of using another extra device making the countertop very much congested.

    As it is designed with a free-standing feature, it can be placed anywhere instead of installing it under the counter. Any environment is ideal for this machine.

    It can take a custom door panel or you can choose from one of GE’s stainless steel door designs. It is made to be installed either freestanding or built-in, indoors or out.

    The design advantages such as the 26-pound ice container being located inside, the 56-pound daily capacity, and the LED lighting to view the ice scoop are included.

    The ice maker also comes with a reliable ice scoop. The reminder light is convenient so that the user can be informed of the time for cleaning.

What If It Breaks?

According to the official website, the product comes up with a 1-year replaceable warranty for its parts. Also, the company offers a one-year service warranty for the overall appliance.

They say that the sealed refrigeration system is covered by a five-year warranty for the parts as well as the entire service. Extended warranties or certain services are provided at no additional cost.

What I Didn't Like

So far I was examining the upside aspects of this model. It has some downsides also. These downsides make the product a little bit away from its competitors-

  • I Have To Buy What?

    Even though it is an expensive product, it will not cover the stainless steel door and the drainage pipe. Thus,  you have to buy these items separately by paying an extra amount apart from the total cost.

    The stainless door is a necessary component for the device. The drainage pipe can be optional. If there is a drainage pipe already installed, then that can be used.

    The machine is designed on the gravity drain system which is why the company is describing it as optional. This operation of the drain can be customized as per the installation environment.

  • A Pretty Penny

    As the machine itself is expensive, the additional fittings like the stainless steel door and the drainage pipe costs extra charges.

    These components are highly expensive. Thus the total cost makes a huge amount to be paid and so all the time this cannot be affordable for an average person.

    Thus, in my opinion, such a consumer will not be able to afford and maintain the machine for domestic purposes.

  • Things Can Get Messy

    The ice bin may occasionally contain water because, as previously explained, this machine relies on a gravity drain mechanism by default.

    The machine does not come with an ice catcher, as the consumer should be satisfied with the scoop. Else, you have to buy additional attachments like the ice catcher to make it comfortable.

  • No Energy Star Tag

    The energy star tag indicates how efficiently the appliance is consuming energy for the function of the appliance to make it perfectly operational.

    The label sticker placed on the machine can be identified by the buyer to understand the energy efficiency.

    This model does not come with the tag, and this is not the most energy-efficient ice maker.

Suggestions Before You Buy

Though I have mentioned valuable information, the following suggestion could be considered before buying GE undercounter Nugget Ice Maker-

  • If you are satisfied with the model that looks like unfinished equipment without the up-front door, then you can purchase this model, and the extra door can be attached on additional payment.
  • Remember that the scoop that comes with this nugget ice maker has a somewhat wide mouth, thus there is the need to buy a smaller scoop if you intend to scoop ice directly from the machine to a cup. 
  • Make sure that the accessibility to use the embedded gravity drain system is available because this machine needs a drain system anyway, and for that, you have to pay more.
  • If you are going to customize the gravity drain system which is a built-in feature, then alternate methods for draining are to be introduced.
  • There is a need to provide a water filter because this ice maker is not that much compatible with hard water.
  • If the machine is going to be installed in such a place, then it should be very much careful in providing the water filter for water intake.
  • The hard water can badly make effects the machine components. The machine is not accompanied by a water filter.
  • As this machine also generates heat, you have to keep it away from other heat-generating appliances. Thus it cannot be placed near ovens, dishwashers, or any such devices.


The GE undercounter nugget ice maker is needed as a convenience to make chewable ice nuggets. It is used as a domestic appliance as well as used in hospitals for making ice pebbles.

It is a high-capacity ice maker and its bin can store a large quantity of ice. The product is highly expensive even though it is a necessity.

It has an unfinished structure without the up-front door. The door is highly expensive and one has to buy it separately.

The gravity-drain system is its built-in feature and thus there is no extra drain pipe attached to it. The intake water should not be hard so an extra water filter is to be attached to the tap that supplies water to this machine.

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