Granite Cookware Vs Ceramic Cookware: All You Need To Know

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If you’re looking for a cookware set for your kitchen that is durable, functions perfectly, and is non-stick also, you should go for either granite cookware or ceramic cookware. This two cookware are the best fit for your kitchen. They have all the qualities you need in a cookware set and don’t tarnish quickly. Today, we’ll tell you about granite and ceramic cookware. This will be pretty useful to you if you want to buy one of these.

What Is Granite Cookware?


Granite cookware is referred to as those cookware; pans, pot etc. made with aluminum, stainless steel or even carbon steel. These types of cookwares are coated with a non-stick material; mostly vitreous enamel or PTFE,  to give them a good finish and durability. These types of cookwares are quite in demand these days because of their qualities. Granite cookware doesn’t rust easily, the food doesn’t stick in these and they are easy to clean.

Advantages of Granite Cookware

  • Granite cookware is a good conductor of heat; it heats up quickly and saves time.
  • They are lightweight; granite cookware is not heavy like other cookware, which makes it easy to cook in it.
  • They do not rust easily.
  • Granite cookware gives an appealing look to your kitchen; they have a good appearance and can easily blend in the kitchen.
  • Granite cookware is safe to use.
  • Granite cookware has a glass coating which makes it non-stick, so they are easy to clean.

Disadvantages of Granite Cookware

  • Granite cookware gets damaged easily and the coating can come off.
  • It isn’t safe to cook food in granite cookware with a chipped coating.
  • Granite cookware can’t be used on glass cooktops.
  • Granite cookware doesn’t have a variety in design.
  • The quality of granite cookware can be bad sometimes and in that case they do not function properly.
  • Granite cookware is not of any use without its coating.
  • One needs to be careful while handling granite cookware.
Granite Cookware

What Is Ceramic Cookware?

Ceramic cookware is one of the safest cookware out there. This cookware is also made from metal but with a different coating. They have a ceramic coating on them instead of aluminum, non-stick, PFO and PTFE. This coating is known as Teflon. Teflon is a silicone coating that makes the ceramic cookware non-stick.

Ceramic cookware is considered good for one’s health but it may not always be right. They work well at a high temperature, don’t contain any harmful substances, and are non-reactive. However, ceramic cookware is not durable and can easily get scratches or get damage. These types of cookware can get tarnished within a short period. Ceramic cookware needs to be of good quality otherwise it can be a threat to your health.

Types of Ceramic cookware

Ceramic cookware is not only of one type, it has variety. Here are the two types of ceramic cookware available in the market:

  • Ceramic-Coated Cookware

    Ceramic-coated cookware is not made of ceramic, it just has the coating of it. They are often made from materials like stainless steel or aluminum. These materials are used as a base for the cookware and then they’re coated with Teflon; a silicone coating. This coating is totally free of any chemicals and is safe to use. It also gives the non-stick factor to ceramic cookware. These cookwares are not durable and get chipped or damaged easily. Though the metal acts as a conductor of heat, the Teflon coating makes it non-stick and cleanable.

  • Solid Ceramic Cookware

    Solid ceramic cookware refers to the cookware that is made out of clay molds. These cookwares are heavyweight and are difficult to cook in. While they are totally safe and healthy to use, they need to be handled with utter care. These cookwares get damaged as fast as the blink of an eye. These cookware don’t contain any metal like aluminum or stainless steel to conduct heat, so cooking food in these can be tiring.

Advantages Of Ceramic cookware

  • Ceramic cookware is non toxic.
  • It can be easily cleaned.
  • It is as efficient as non-stick cookware.
  • It is heat resistant.
  • This cookware is healthy to cook in and totally safe to use.
  • It has a good finish; it gives a good look to your kitchen.
  • It has variations and different types.

Disadvantages Of Ceramic cookware

  • Ceramic cookware is not durable.
  • It needs to be handled with care as it can get chipped or damaged when dropped on a hard surface.
  • It does not heat evenly.
  • Ceramic cookware is not fast and takes time to cook.
  • It tarnishes in a short time; can catch stains and get discolored.

The Differences Between Granite Cookware and Ceramic Cookware

Granite cookware and ceramic cookware, both are a good choice and you might get confused as to which one of them will suit your kitchen, so here we’ve done the comparison between both cookwares that will help you take the buying decision:

Performance of Granite and Ceramic Cookware

Performance of the cookware is an important thing that indicates its efficiency. Both granite and ceramic cookwares are non-stick and make cooking easy.

They both save time and effort put in cleaning as there is no chance of food getting stuck. Granite cookware is a good conductor of heat whereas ceramic cookware is not. Ceramic cookware can’t heat evenly whereas granite cookware can keep in the heat for longer. The heating does affect the performance of the cookware.

Safety of Granite and Ceramic Cookware

Although granite cookware is totally safe to use, it does contain PTFE. PTFE, PFOA and lead can be harmful in any cookware. So, do check for the material used in the making of cookware before buying it.

Ceramic cookware is the total opposite, it doesn’t contain any type of chemical substance. It is made purely from ceramic or has a Teflon coating. These are totally safe to use and do not react with the food.

Durability of Granite and Ceramic Cookware

Both the cookwares are fragile, you need to be careful while handling them. Be careful not to hit or drop them on a hard surface as they can easily break or get damaged.

If comparing the two cookware, ceramic is not as durable as granite cookware. It may be better between the two, but it is not to be used for a long time. Ceramic cookware can break and get tarnished easily.

Aesthetics of Granite and Ceramic Cookware

Aesthetics of the cookware influence your buying decision to a great extent. The granite cookware may be good in performance and its heat conducting abilities, but it is not quite pleasing when it comes to aesthetics. Granite cookware has a very limited variety and almost all of them look the same giving you no choice.

On the other hand, ceramic cookware is available in a variety of shades and options. So, you get to choose the perfect-looking cookware for your kitchen.

Both the cookwares blend well into your kitchen, but ceramic gives a good and pleasing look to it.

Ceramic vs Granite Cookware Similarities

Both the cookwares are similar in terms of strength and durability. While they may be totally different from each other, they have something in common. Both the cookwares are not durable and can’t be used for a long time.

Granite cookware can easily be broken or damaged, the coating can chip off and it can even rust. 

Ceramic cookware doesn’t rust but it tarnishes very fast. It also gets damaged easily like the granite cookware.

So, both the cookwares need maintenance one needs to be careful enough not to drop them.on any hard surface.

Granite Cookware vs Ceramic Cookware: Which One Is Better?

To put it simply, no cookware is better than the other. It depends on your choice of what cookware suits your kitchen. 

If you’re looking for a cookware that is good performance wise and is also durable, a granite cookware will be the one for you. It has a modern look and is totally safe to use. The only drawback is its limited options and its strength.

Appearance-wise, a ceramic cookware will do much better than a granite cookware. You can get this cookware in your favorite color because of the options available. It may not be durable, but it sure gives a good look to your kitchen.

Anyways, both the cookwares are to be dealt with care as they both can break easily.


Granite and ceramic are two different cookwares, yet so similar. That’s one of the reasons why people are often confused as to which cookware will work best for their kitchen. Granite cookware is in demand these days and so is ceramic cookware. They both possess different qualities but durability is one common thing between the two.

They both can’t be used for long because they will either rust, chip off, or get tarnished. If you’re looking for cookware that has a variety of shades, ceramic cookware would be a perfect choice but if not, go for granite cookware. They both have some advantages and disadvantages, you just need to decide what will affect your buying decision and what will not.

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