Grills: Everything You Need To Know About Grills

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For a perfect summer party in your backyard, you need to have a beautiful grill to host a barbecue party, I will try to look for different types of grills.

With that, you can quickly know all about grills next time you buy a grill you will have a better idea for yourself to look for.

Here I will discuss various types of grills, you can contrast and compare easily from them as per your preferences and liking.

All About Grills That You Need to Know

Types Of Grill


The following are various types of grills-

  • Gas Grill

    Skill Level

    Using a gas grill needs a little bit of knowledge but as compared to others; they are relatively easier to run.

    Once you get a hold of how to control the temperature, for a fine, equal cook then this is for you, this process will be as easy as eating a cake.

    Price Level

    The Price Range for a Gas Grill lies between 100-300 $, it’s up to you who wants to buy propane refills or not or whether you want a natural source of gas, depending on your availability of budget.

    Fuel Needs

    They are two main types of fuel used in a gas grill I.e liquid propane and natural gas- Propane gas is used at a large scale as most people don’t have the access to using natural gas for grilling.

    Propane Gas can run up to 25 hours, for grilling once put on for cooking, which is a lot for barbequing.

    Thus, if you have a natural gas supply source then you should connect to a supply spot, which is continuously running rather than the propane gas fuel, Which needs refilling

    Cooking Time

    To cook on a gas grill is much easier than any griller, its cooking time is much shorter and quicker than any other Griller.

    If you want to make a quick afternoon barbeque session or just burgers for dinner then this is the find for you, and they are super easy to clean all you need is a brush and It’s done.

    Flavor Profile

    When it comes to flavoring then a gas griller has its own distinctive chart smokey flavor which can be enhanced with various types of seasoning and we can use different types of woods to add that different flavor to her burgers, meats, and sausages.


    A gas griller can be used as a smoker when we use it as one and it can also be used as a burner, where you can cook your meals accordingly.

  • Charcoal Grill

    Skill Level

    Working with charcoal will be a tricky job but it can also be a skill that can make you stand different from the crowd. Once you become professional with this, you will always look forward to the old way of cooking.

    When you get to know how to handle the heat and the smoke then you can easily cook any kind of meal on a charcoal grill. You must know how to control the temperature and air vent and you are good to go.

    Price Level

    Charcoal grills are basic in design and simple design with minimal control, they lie on the cheaper side of the scale. It lies between a little more than 100 $ or even less.

    Fuel Needs

    As the name gives the obvious hint that it’s a grill that runs on coal all you need is a fire starter or a matchstick to run the Griller smoothly.

    Cook Time

    Cook time is usually longer with a charcoal grill than with a propane gas source, because the charcoal can take around half-hour to warm up earlier than it is equipped to grill. Speed up the manner with a chimney starter.

    Flavor Profile

    Charcoal grills are unknown for their flavor enhancement in cooking. You can always use charcoal with some kind of wood or some kind of specialized wood chips that can enhance your meals. For that extra fruity, savory, smokey flavor in your food, you could try a charcoal grill.


    When you use a charcoal grill you have full control over your temperature settings as you can set the flame lower or higher.

    According to the kind of meal you’re preparing whereas, when you use any other type of grill they have their own set of temperatures which you have to follow and you can’t change the settings.

    A charcoal grill is a very versatile grill if you are looking for a serious barbecue session or for that matter only for smoking your meals then this is the grill you are looking for.

  • Wood Pellet Grill

    Skill Level

    It’s quite easy to use a wood pallet grill once you get the idea of how to use it. You have to do is light up the grill and the rest will be done by the grill itself.

    Some of the grills have high-tech technology which makes them a winner among the rest of the grills. It does have a temperature control and timing set to make a perfect meal for yourself.

    Price Level

    Because of the different functions available in this grill, the price range for the grill is from
    300-3000 $ or more, with more, the price Rises as the model adds up the functions In the grill.

    Fuel Needs

    Pellet grills require power and wooden pellets as a twin gasoline source. You will want to plug the grill into a door outlet and fill the facet chamber with wooden pallets, after which set the temperature controls for it to work.

    Cook Time

    Depending on the dimensions of your wood pellet grill, it can take 10 to fifteen mins to attain the cooking temperature you want.

    From there, the preparation for dinner time varies depending on whether or not you are smoking, baking, or grilling, so it depends on how you cook and what you cook.

    Flavor Profile

    Just as you know, like the charcoal pellet, and wooden pellets which are infused with Flavours like apples, cherries, and pecans, the varieties are endless.

    You get your favorite type of meal according to your preference. These are pre-made and packed with flavours which makes them perfect for you to use for your cooking experience.


    Wood pellet grills are the best among the rest, as you can grill, smoke, barbecue & bake all in one with pure perfection and simplicity.

  • Electric Grill

    Skill Level

    To use an electric grill you need not have a lot of experience but you need to know how to run the grill effortlessly. All you need to do is plug in the wire and set the temperature you want and just let the electric grill do its job.

    Electric grill could also be a safer option for those who are new to grilling and have no idea how to use a manual grill. This could be their best bet.

    Price Range

    Electric grills are expensive as compared to any other kind of grill, the price increases with the increase in size and technical advancement.

    The general price range lies between $200-$300 and even goes $ 1000 or even more. There is a thumb rule that the more area a grill occupies, the more will be its price with more features.

    Fuel Needs

    As the name suggests, no fuel is needed to run an ELECTRIC GRILL. All you need is an extension port to run electronic appliances, and electric grills are one of those that use electricity for cooking.

    Cook Time

    Within a few minutes, you can see that you can cook anything on an electric griller, as you don’t have to wait for the flames to get ready for cooking, you get a constant which speeds up the amount of heat so you get an even cook on your dishes.

    Flavor Profile

    Grills do not have a flavor of their own, so their flavor is neutral as they don’t generate flames or use any kind of charcoal, so all the flavor you get is from the food’s flavor that we add through seasoning.


    Electric Grills are the most portable grills among the others, as this type of grill is compact even more than charcoal models or others.

    They can be used in small places, outdoor spaces, and even in control environment like an apartment buildings or dorms.

  • Kamado Grill

    Skill Levels

    It’s a middle-level skilled grill as they can be used in many ways from grilling to smoking to praising to baking and many more.

    Price Range

    Because it’s the world’s most versatile grill, the price lies on a higher spectrum of the price range, ranging from around 500 $ to $1000 or even more. Because of the size of the mode price, there are some small compact kamado grills available whose pricing lies around $500.

    Fuel Needs

    Most Of The Grills Run On Gas Or Electricity As Their Idol For Smoking, Grilling & more, they are in extreme temperatures, so you have a good amount of continuous smoke.

    Cook Time

    As A Griller, Kamado Grill Runs On The Simple idea of preheating, which makes it easier to cook efficiently, unless you are not smoking, then u need a lot of hours

    Flavor Profile

    This type of grill Is known for its charcoal flavor as they give a charred flavor to the food you have. Would that be confused with flavors like apple cider and maple, Garlic, etc?


    To Have a traditional japanese pot shaped design, these are known for their sophistication and durability, which is why all so love this type of grill.

  • Smoker

    Skill Level

    It’s a professional-level griller that use smoke to grill meats for hours or even for days, throughout the process of making the meat.

    You need to keep a watch on the grill, and you have to keep checking the temperature and the fuel level. The result is just perfect, as you get mouth-watering meats that just melt in your mouth.

    Price Range

    They can be as low as $100 to a larger or more high level, above $ 1000, and you get a wide range of options to choose from.

    Fuel Needs

    Smokers are available in a range of fuel types, like charcoal, electric, or gas. Almost like wood pellet grills, smokers consider a mixture of water for steam-associated charcoal.

    They function either manually and are lit with a hearth starter or by an electrical switch that produces a flame through the heating system or electricity.

    Cook Time

    Cooking on a smoker relies on the number of hours you want to give to a particular dish, a big chunk of meat requires a much higher amount of time to cure than any other food.

    Flavor Profile

    You can add different flavors from different kinds of woods infused with flavors and you can add a nutty flavor to hickory to herbal or sage, the combination is just mouth-watering.

Configuration Of Grills

You can choose from all these types of grills according to the place you want to set up your BBQ, from the configuration you can easily decide which will suit you the best-

  • Freestanding
  • Built-in
  • Portable/tabletop
  • Flat Top

Grill Grate Materials

The following grill grate materials could be considered-

Stainless Steel Or Steel

It’s made up of steel which is anti-rust or corrosion free, which makes them heat up faster & they are budget friendly for everyone.

Cast Iron

The grate is made up of cast iron which makes it a better heat conductor, and it gives an even distribution of heat thoroughly so that the food gets cooked properly.

Porcelain-Coated Grill Grates

It’s a non-stick grate that makes it the easiest to clean and it protects from getting rusty.


It’s available in lightweight material, which is easy to clean and does have anti-rust properties to it.


To sum up my article, I could say that you can easily make up your mind which grill will suit you the best and just have to read and know everything you need to know about grills. 

From different kinds of grills to know about their great materials, I have tried to cover essential details regarding grills and what to consider before making the ultimate buying decision.

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