8 Best Highest Watt Microwaves In 2023

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When it comes to microwave wattage, how much is the ideal one? The highest-watt microwave is the most powerful one.

Microwaves are very useful and convenient for reheating your food, so do your research and know more about the wattage that will be suitable for you.

Usually, microwaves come with about 500 to 600-watt power but there are options available with higher wattage.

The 8 Best Highest-Watt Microwaves In 2023


Best Overall: Breville Smooth Wave Microwave

Breville Smooth Wave Microwave

The Breville Smooth Wave Microwave takes the guesswork out of cooking with Sensor iQ technology that automatically adjusts cooking time and power. With 15 in-built smart presets, it can handle anything from reheating to defrosting to cooking a whole meal.

With its 19″D x 20.43″W x 12.44″H dimensions and sleek design is sure to complement any kitchen, and the 1.2 cubic feet capacity is perfect for small families or couples. At just 27 pounds, it’s also lightweight and easy to move. It is engineered for quiet operation.

Its soft close door is 80% quieter than similar models on the market, and the unit itself is 50% quieter in operation. In addition, the Smooth Wave Microwave automatically adjusts power intensity to deliver smooth, even power for deliciously even results. It has a unique feature, the shortcuts panel on the inside door, with this you can melt chocolate, soften butter, and reheat pizza or popcorn. Plus, it protects your child with one touch thanks to the child lock button. 



Best For Large Family: Panasonic Microwave Oven

Panasonic Microwave Oven

It measures 18.44″D x 18.5″W x 10.94″H and has a 2.2 cubic feet capacity, making it a great choice for those who want to save space without sacrificing power. This microwave oven has 1250 watts of high power, making it ideal for cooking or reheating large meals.

It is known for its inverter technology, which delivers a consistent stream of power and evenly prepares food. The advanced inverter turbo defrosts speed up defrosting time, making it more convenient for busy families. In addition, it also makes it possible to cook food at lower temperatures, preserving nutrients and texture.

With 14 preset menu items, a quick minute timer, a delayed start, and a child safety lock, this oven has something to offer everyone. The sleek design is both eye-catching and functional, as it takes up minimal counter space while still providing all the features you need.



Best With Safety Lock: Panasonic NN-SN936B Microwave Oven

Panasonic NN-SN936B Microwave Oven

With 1250 watts of power, this microwave can handle even the most demanding cooking tasks. The large 2.2 cubic feet capacity and compact design make it perfect for small kitchens or office break rooms. At 37 pounds, it is one of the lightest microwaves on the market.

The oven has 18 x 16 x 7 inches dimensions and comes with a 16 1/2 inch turntable that is thinner, and lighter. It has patented inverter technology that generates a seamless stream of power. This ensures that your food will be evenly cooked every time. It comes equipped with 14 preset menu items, so you can cook your food the way you like it.

The quick-minute timer is perfect for those times when you’re in a hurry, and the delayed start feature ensures that your food will be ready when you are. The child safety lock prevents accidental activation, so you can rest assured that your little ones are safe.



Best With Humidity Sensor: TOSHIBA ML-EM45P(BS) Microwave Oven

TOSHIBA ML-EM45P(BS) Microwave Oven

It comes in dimensions of 17.91″D x 21.77″W x 12.87″H, making it a perfect size for most countertops. It weighs a mere ‎36.6 pounds, so it can easily be moved around if necessary. Plus, with a ‎1.6 cubic feet capacity, it can accommodate large dishes with ease. The black stainless-steel finish is sleek and modern, and the sound On/Off function is a convenient feature. 

With 1200 watts of power, it can quickly heat up food. There are also 10 power levels that allow you to adjust the heat as needed. The oven comes with a pre-programmed sensor menu that makes it easy to cook popular foods. Additionally, the innovative position-memory technique ensures that the turntable resets to the initial position after each use.

The auto-defrost function is great for thawing out frozen food, while the multi-stage cooking function allows you to cook food at different stages in the same cycle. The child safety lock is a great feature if you have young children in the home, as it prevents them from accidentally turning on the oven. The clock and kitchen timer functions are also handy features, as they allow you to keep track of cooking times.



Best Stainless Steel: GE 3-in-1 Microwave Oven

GE 3-in-1 Microwave Oven

With dimensions of 16.6″D x 20.6″W x 11.88″H, it is large enough to accommodate a variety of dishes, but not so bulky that it takes up too much counter space. The oven has a capacity of 1 cubic foot and weighs 35 pounds, making it easy to move around as needed. The three-in-one design means that the oven can be used as a traditional microwave, a convection oven, or a combination of both.

With a sleek stainless steel design, this microwave oven will look great in any kitchen, and the included turntable ensures that your food will cook evenly every time. With its convenient presets, this versatile oven can cook a wide variety of foods to perfection, from French fries to chicken nuggets.



Best Sensor Menu: TOSHIBA EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

TOSHIBA EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

At 17.1″D x 20.5″W x 12.8″H, it is large enough to accommodate a family-sized meal, yet compact enough to fit on most countertops. With 34.6 pounds, it is also lightweight enough to be easily moved if necessary. In terms of capacity, it can hold up to 1.2 cubic feet of food, making it ideal for larger families or for entertaining guests.

It offers 1100 watts of power with 10 power settings, making it perfect for cooking a variety of foods. The defrost function is great for thawing frozen food, and the clock and kitchen timer makes it easy to keep track of time. The large digital display is easy to read, and the control panel is simple to use.

The mute function allows you to turn off the beep so it won’t interrupt your work or conversations and if there are any problems with the oven, the 1-year warranty has you covered.



Best Budget: Farberware Countertop Microwave

Farberware Countertop Microwave

It offers 16.54″D x 20.2″W x 12.03″H dimensions and 25.8 pounds weight with a 1.1 cubic feet capacity, so it doesn’t take up too much space on the countertop. The controls are easy to use and the microwave heats food evenly and quickly. This microwave also features multi-stage cooking, allowing you to cook your food at different stages with the push of a button. 

It packs 1000 Watts of output power, making it a powerful and fast option for cooking or reheating your food.  The defrost function is also a handy feature. With 10 power levels and 6 one-touch cooking programs, it can handle a variety of cooking tasks with ease. 

It features an LED display and easy-view interior LED lighting, making it easy to see what is cooking inside. The stylish stainless-steel front and handles give the microwave a sleek, elegant look, and the child safety lock function provides an added level of security.



Best Value: Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1 Microwave

Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1 Microwave

The unit is 20.4″D x 21″W x 21″H and weighs 34 pounds. It has a spacious 1.1 cubic feet capacity, making it ideal for family meals. In addition to being a conventional microwave, it also functions as an air fryer and convection oven. This gives you the flexibility to cook food in a variety of ways, all with the push of a button. 

Its element IQ system automatically adjusts power levels based on what you’re cooking. This ensures that your food always comes out perfectly cooked. With nineteen built-in smarts presets, it can microwave, reheat and defrost your food with just a touch of a button. The inverter technology automatically adjusts power intensity for even cooking results.

It packs 1000 Watts of output power, making it a powerful and fast option for cooking or reheating your food.  The defrost function is also a handy feature. With 10 power levels and 6 one-touch cooking programs, it can handle a variety of cooking tasks with ease. 

It features an LED display and easy-view interior LED lighting, making it easy to see what is cooking inside. The stylish stainless-steel front and handles give the microwave a sleek, elegant look, and the child safety lock function provides an added level of security.



Why Does Wattage Matter?

When it comes to cooking food faster, the higher wattage matters the most in microwaves. The higher the wattage is, the more powerful it is, and can quickly cook method.

While more wattage means more power it also means that they’re of higher prices.

Types of Microwaves

Microwaves could be of the following types-

  • Solo Microwave

    This is the most standard microwave there is, it can be used for reheating and defrosting. If you want to have a basic microwave this might be the best option for you.

    A solo microwave is a basic functioning microwave. It could be considered great for reheating, cooking, and defrosting but cannot grill or bake.

  • Convection Microwave

    They are ideal for grilling and baking as they have a fan and a heating element that create airflow patterns in the microwave.

    If you want a microwave with more than a simple heating option then a convection microwave is the one for you.

    However, they can be a little more expensive than the rest. A convection microwave can grill, bake, roast and crisp foods.

  • Combination Microwave

    A combination microwave can grill, steam, and use convection heating to cook food.

    An ideal combination microwave comes with multi-step programming which can use the microwave, convection, and grill functions to cook food properly.

  • Grill Microwave

    These can be used for both grilling and cooking like a normal microwave. A grill microwave is suitable for grilling meat and vegetables, and they come with grilling accessories.

    The grill microwaves could be used for simple cooking and they can reheat food and drinks as well as defrost food.

  • Inverter Microwave

    Unlike a convection microwave, a microwave that uses an inverter is expensive. But it supplies an even amount of power, uses less energy, and, distributes heat more efficiently which lets you cook using lower heat settings.

Features To Consider Before Buying A Microwave

Here are some common features to look for while buying a microwave-

  • Power Consumption

    If you are someone who makes heavy food or in huge quantities consider buying a powerful microwave with high wattage, if you’re making food for one or two people and in less quantity then consider a less wattage one.

  • Auto Cook

    In an auto cook option, you can select t,  the dish type and it will set the time and power configuration for you, you won’t have to set the time manually. If you are someone who wants to simplify their cooking then choose a microwave with an auto cook option.

  • Defrost

    Defrost is a function that specializes in initiating frozen foods.

  • Child Lock

    If you have children at home it is best to buy a microwave with a child lock feature. Child lock works like a password, you will have to put in a specific code for the microwave to work.

  • Timer

    With a timer, you can specify the cooking duration with the option depending on the panel type, a knob, or a LanD touch one. You can specify the duration from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

  • Panel Types

    There are the three-panels: mechanical, tact dial, or feather touch. Mechanical and tact dials usually come in simpler models, a feather touch panel can sense your fingers just like a touch screen would and a feather touch panel usually comes with higher models.

Is Higher-Watt Microwaves Better?

If you’re looking for a microwave that can cook large quantities of food in a small amount of time then yes, a higher-watt microwave is a better option for you.

For most microwaves the food takes time to cook for example, for cooking a mug cat takes about 2 minutes but in a higher-watt microwave higher-wattage you even less time.

Different Watt Ranges For Microwaves

If you’re someone who does not use microwaves that much, then an 800 to an000-watt microwave will work perfectly fine for you.

Usually, countertop microwaves, over-the-range microwaves, and microwave drawers come in 800 to 1000wattst.

Microwaves come in different wattage ranges, you can choose from all these mentioned below-

  • 600 To 800 Watts

    These are the least expensive ones, you can cook instant meals, reheat drinks, and heat, small meals.

    Most recipes have instructions for 800-watt ones, so a 600 to800-wattage microwave will take more time to cook food properly. It can reheat food or cook dense food such as meatloaf.

  • 800 To 1000 Watts

    Microwaves between this range can effectively cook or reheat food quickly.

    You can actually cook your popcorn in 2 minutes and boil water quickly, most 800 to 1000-watt mi1000-watt have different cooking modes too so you can make different dishes in them.

    It can cook ground meat, pasta, lentils, poultry, fish, and vegetables, less perfectly, but keep in mind that they can quickly overheat.

  • Over 1000 watts

    Microwaves over 1000 watts are mostly used for commercial use. These microwaves take much less time to cook or heat up large amounts of d.

    If you’re a business owner then these microwaves are a perfect choice for you but for someone who does not use a microwave that much then choose a lower-wattage one.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

Is There A 2000-Watt Microwave?

Yes, there are 2000 watts mi2000-watt available but they are mostly for commercial use. As mentioned above, if you’re a business owner and you need a microwave that can cook food quickly and in large quantities then a 1000 to 2000 watt m2000-watt will be very useful as they are not designed for residential use.

Do They Make 1,100-Watt Microwaves?

Yes, there are 1100-watt microwaves avail1100-what they are expensive and work exactly like a 1000-watt one.

We would not recommend buying an 1100-watt microwave, 1100-watts you can buy a similar-wattage microwave at less expense.

How Many Watts Are Commercial Microwaves?

Mostly a commercial microwave has a high wattage ranging from 1100 to 2500, it depends on the business owner to choose one according to their needs.

For example, a pizza place would need a higher higher-wattage to cook many pizzas at once and a cafeteria would need a lesser lesser-wattage for heating drinks and reheating brownies and muffins.

Is a 1000-watt microwave eno1000-watt mostly a 1000-watt 1000-watt is enough. If you’re someone who uses a microwave frequently then a 1000-watt microwave is perf1000-watts.

it can also be used for commercial use if you don’t need a microwave to cook huge quantities of food.

Is A 900 Watt Microwave Enough?

A 900-watt micr900-watt is not that different from a 1000-watt one 1000-watt performance and price as well.

So, we would recommend choosing a 1000-watt1000-watte rather than a 900-watt 900-watt 700 Watt microwave enough.

It all depends on how frequently and how much you frequently microwave. If you’re willing to wait 45 mins more for your food to cook then yes, a 700-watt microwave is the enou700-watt size of the microwave I need.

After figuring out what type of microwave suits your preferences check out the size of your kitchen counter or where you want to put your microwave. If you have a small space in your kitchen make sure to measure it and choose accordingly, while you’re measuring it check for an outlet nearby and keep your microwave near it.

What Type Of Microwave Do I Need?

You can choose from a countertop, range, and built-in, built-inle go for a countertop microwave as it does not need any extra installation and they are more affordable. A built-in or over-the-range built-only is expensive and needs a professional to install it.

Can You Make Popcorn In A 700-Watt Microwave?

Yes, you can make popcorn in a 700-watt microwave 700-watt takes more time than the description. You can just increase the time by 1 or 2 minutes more if the popcorns are still popping and stop when they are done.

What Microwave Wattage Do I Need?

If you’re looking for a microwave for residential use then an 800 to 1000-wattage ocean and is enough for you. They won’t use much power and won’t overcook your food.

What Microwave Features Should I Look For?

If you are trying to save some space in your kitchen then a multipurpose microwave like a convection microwave would be the best for you. Make sure you choose a microwave with a less complicated control panel for easy use.

How Do I Clean My Microwave?

Clean your microwave regularly to prevent the gunk from building up. Use baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar to clean the specific gunk spots.


Before buying a microwave you must understand how different wattage works, in this article you will find everything you might need to know before buying a microwave.

They come in different styles and functions, which makes it easier for you to choose one for a residential purpose, and for commercial use, they usually come with more space and more wattage.

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