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Cigars are designed to be enjoyed. There’s a relaxed slowness to them. Cigars come in a variety of types and sizes, each with its own set of unique advantages. Cigars are made up of three fundamental components: filler, binder, and wrapper. On the inside, filler might be either lengthy or short.

High Rated Cigars

As a result, the originality of a blend might vary depending on the interior of the filler, which can be three leaves, five leaves, sometimes six leaves, or seven leaves. Then follows the wrapper, which must be flawless in order to provide the finishing, flavor, and premium appearance. Are all cigars great? No. Let us guide you to the greatest and most highly rated cigars…

The 11 Highly Rated Cigars


  1. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

    The A. Fuente Don Carlos cigar also known as the “Pride of the Fuente Family” is packed with beautiful flavors. This medium-bodied cigar is famous around the world for its rich flavor and unique vintage tobaccos that are individually picked for all Don Carlos cigars. This sophisticated cigar is full-bodied, peppery, and covered in aromatic Cameroon wrappers. Don Carlos designed this opulent cigar to provide the best in construction, consistency, and flavor. A delicately sweet finish appears, coupled with an enticing room note. Today, enjoy the ultimate in sophistication and refinement from a celebrated Dominican-made treasure.

  2. Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro

    To commemorate Padron’s 30th anniversary, the 1964 Anniversary Series line debuted in 1994. The Padron 1964 Anniversary Series is frequently regarded as one of the world’s greatest brands by industry professionals. This cigar will keep your attention until it’s too little to handle, with a spicy finish and wood and leather-forward tastes. The wrapper used also has an impact on the flavors, with the Maduro bringing a sweet chocolaty character and the Natural adding milder notes of cream and cedar. This unique Padron cigar line is frequently rated favorably by experts. With the Padron legacy, you will enjoy a smooth, nuanced flavor steeped in ancient history.

  3. Oliva Master Blends 3

    Master Blends 3 is the third in a series of limited-edition artisanal blends. A gleaming Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper conceals a substantial and delicious core of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Ligero tobaccos from prized Oliva family lands. It’s a rich full-bodied smoke with a gorgeous deep brown color and enticing flavors of earth, cream, coffee, and delectable undertones of brown sugar and maple. This is something that true cigar enthusiasts would appreciate. This is absolute box worthy.

  4. Perdomo Champagne Cigars

    Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne is a beautiful and flavorsome cigar at an excellent price. This cigar features a 6-year-old, slow-matured mix that is smooth, mellow, and creamy. The Perdomo Reserve Champagne Series is made with a blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and a shade-grown Connecticut wrapper that has been thoroughly matured. These cigars are well-constructed tributes to sweet, creamy, but also rich and full of depth.

  5. Ashton Virgin Sun Grown

    Ashton Virgin Sun Grown (VSG) was introduced in 1999 and has been regarded as a premium classic for over two decades. This method of production yields tobacco with a genuinely outstanding aromatic amplitude, as well as a very fatty aspect that gives us a sense of immense richness. In numerous classic shapes, mesmerizing notes of leather, wood, earth, black pepper, espresso, and leather develop in perfect harmony.

  6. Liga Privada Unico Serie

    These special editions include a three-country tobacco blend, featuring a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper, for a sweet and spicy flavor profile. This series’ cigars are not only different in size and blend but also super special, extremely limited, and exceptionally excellent. Also, this wonderfully made cigar pairs well with dark beer, red wine, and whiskey, however, it is not recommended to smoke it on an empty stomach.

  7. Montecristo

    These special editions include a three-country tobacco blend, featuring a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper, for a sweet and spicy flavor profile. This series’ cigars are not only different in size and blend but also super special, extremely limited, and exceptionally excellent. While the flavor patterns of each Montecristo cigar differ, they all possess the same natural woody flavor with a spicy or bitter-sweet tang that has made the brand such a prominent player among the tobacco companies.

  8. Punch Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch is a full-flavored, finished with a tasty Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf, with earthy and spicy flavors in it. Punch centers on a moderate to full-bodied Honduran style. When pinched, the cigar seems a little mushy, but it’s not a major concern because the flavors it provides are totally amazing and worth it.

  9. Surrogates

    Surrogates deliver on their promises. Surrogates come in a variety of sizes, each with its own name, blend, and band. The strength ranges from medium to full-bodied, with notes of spice, earth, cedar, and warm molasses. Each blend has its own personality, own name, and blend. These amazing and elegant cigars will make an excellent addition to your humidor.

  10. La Aroma De Cuba Edicion Especial

    La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial is made in Estell, Nicaragua, by renowned cigar maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia from a glossy Ecuador Habano wrapper leaf prepared from the plant’s highest portion. La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial is a pleasing, well-made cigar designed for enjoyment. It creates an exciting contrast with sweet chocolate, strong leather, earthy earth, deep pepper, and a hint of caramel.

  11. Joya De Nicaragua Joya Red

    Joya de Nicaragua Red is a brand-new cigar from Nicaragua’s oldest cigar manufacturer. It is the cigar for today’s smokers. The combination of these premium Nicaraguan tobaccos results in a well-balanced mix with medium strength and enticing tastes. Smooth nutty flavors with peppery undertones. This medium-bodied blend with a mix of tastes and strength uses lower priming of tobacco, providing it a bright and exceptionally pleasurable smoking experience at any time of day.

Best Cigars By Shape, Type, And Size

Cigars are measured by two factors first is length (in inches) and the second – is “ring gauge” (64ths of an inch). Finally, the cigar’s shape and size will influence how you experience the distinct tastes in each tobacco combination.

The only way size matters are how hot and quick it burns, with thinner cigars burning hotter and faster. Thicker and longer cigars will naturally take longer to burn, resulting in a smoke length of an hour or more. Some of the best cigars by shape, size, and type are:

  1. Petit Corona

    The Petit Corona, also known as a Mareva, is based on the conventional Corona size and is prefixed with the French word “little.” It is 5.25 – 6 inches in length, and the ring gauge is around 42 to 45. However, the size has little effect on the blend’s depth of flavor and complexity. Also, if you are looking for an excellent 30-minute smoke Petit Corona is a good deal.

  2. Robusto

    A short, thick cigar that has grown in popularity as the most popular cigar size. It can be finished in 30 – 45 minutes. A typical robust is about 4.75 – 5.5 inches in length and with a ring gauge of roughly 48-50. Robusto cigars are ideal for novices since they allow you to completely appreciate the blend’s flavor at a lower cost than a Toro or Churchill. They produce smoke similar to a Corona with their average length. However, their bigger ring gauge provides deeper smoke, which many modern cigar smokers prefer.

  3. Churchill

    A Churchill is larger than a Corona, being 7 inches long and having a ring gauge of 47. It is named after Sir Winston Churchill, a former British Prime Minister and passionate cigar smoker. To create a more sophisticated smoking experience, the Churchill is 1 inch longer than the Toro.

  4. Toro

    A Toro, also known as the Corona Gorda, is a newer size that provides a sensation similar to the Robusto. These cigars are meant to be savored slowly, as they are 6 inches long and have a hefty 50-plus ring gauge. A Toro can burn for 45 minutes to more than an hour.

  5. Belicoso

    Classic Belicoso is short pyramids with a bit of rounded pyramid head. They typically measure 5 to 5 1/2 inches in length and have ring gauges of about 50. This cigar is of high-end high class with elegance. This exceptional masterpiece cigar pleases with its Nicaraguan bouquet of varied flavors and its pleasing strength level.


After reading about all these cigars, you might have noticed that these top cigars could cost you a decent amount of money.

Another thought that might come to your mind is, can cigars expire? Or how to maintain their freshness. 

Well, for all those things, you would need to maintain a proper cigar humidifier or a cigar humidifier cabinet, then you only may be able to truly enjoy your cigars for more extended periods of time.

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