Factors To Consider While Buying An Ice Maker

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Ice maker is an appliance that can make a huge amount of ice in the comfort of your home, you won’t have to stock up or buy more ice every time you need it in bulk.

Ice makers are devices found in homes in refrigerators or found as separate machine altogether, which is responsible for producing ice and requires water and access to electricity. 

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Why Buy An Ice Maker?


An ice maker is an appliance that you might think you don’t really need until you have one and it makes so many things easier.

Here are some benefits of ice makers you should know about-

  • Convenience

    You don’t have to wait for the water in your ice cube tray to freeze or go to the store to buy a bag of ice.

    Instead, with an ice maker, you just have to wait so much for some ice and drink warm beverages. With an ice maker, you always have ice available.

  • Easy To Use

    There are many ways you can have ice, you might have a freezer in your refrigerator, or you can fill up the tray or you can just buy bags of ice from a store.

    On the other hand, if you have an ice maker it will make things so much easier for you. You won’t need to buy or make your own ice anymore.

    It does not require any extra steps to use it, and you’ll have ice ready any time with no extra work needed.

  • Hygienic

    most people store meat and other stuff in the freezer of their refrigerator along with ice trays. Think about all the germs and unknown things getting mixed up with your ice.

    But in the ice maker machine, you don’t have to worry about other things getting stored with the ice because you wouldn’t use the ice maker except for when you want ice and there’s not much space for other stuff to fit in as it is already filled up with only ice.

    This means it is much more hygienic than a refrigerator freezer.

Types Of Ice Makers

There are different options available such as built-in ice makers, freestanding ice makers, countertops, and portable ice makers and ice maker kits.

This is all the information you’ll need to know which can help you choose according to your preferences-

  • Built-In Ice Makers / Undercounter Ice Machines

    an undercounter ice maker is built-in on your kitchen counter along with other cabinets and it produces a massive quantity of ice within a few hours. Some models offer an additional storage bin that can produce up to 60 pounds of ice.


    • Can produce about 60 pounds of ice every day
    • Designed to be fitted in with the cabinets perfectly
    • Some offer additional storage bin


    • It requires a water line before installation which makes the placement options limited
    • May reduce cabinet space if you have a small kitchen
  • Freestanding Ice Makers

    just like an undercounter one, a freestanding ice maker can produce huge quantities of ice but it is smaller in size. Instead of just being installed in the kitchen counter it can be installed anywhere in your home.


    • Can fit anywhere in your home
    • Some offer additional storage bin
    • Can produce about 50 pounds of ice each day


    • It requires a water line before installation which makes the placement options limited
    • This type of ice maker may not work in a small kitchen as it does not fit in the cabinets.
  • Countertop And Portable Ice Makers

    If you have a small kitchen then a countertop and portable ice maker might be the best option for you as they come in a small size which makes them easy to store. Because they have small size they can only produce about 30 pounds of ice a day.


    • Can fit in any kitchen size
    • Can be stored somewhere else when not being used
    • Does not require a water line for installation as it can be filled manually


    • Produces less amount of ice due to smaller size
    • may not fit in the kitchen with limited counter space
  • Ice Maker Kits

    These are additional attachments that do not come with an ice maker. These kits grant some additional space in case you don’t have much space in your cabinets or counter for external ice makers.


    • Can fit in your freezer easily
    • More affordable than other ice makers


    • May reduce the freezer space in your refrigerator
    • Produces very little amount of ice each day
    • Available for only some refrigerator models

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Ice Maker

The following are the factors considered before buying an ice maker-

  1. Production Rate

    Before buying an ice maker check its production rate. Production rate means how much ice it can produce in a given amount of time. Match your preferences with the production rate of it and choose accordingly.

  2. Placement

    Ice makers come in different sizes, measure your kitchen cabinet or the corner of your home where you want to place them.

    You can either get them fitted on the kitchen counter or place them anywhere in your home.

  3. Type Of Ice

    An ice maker can make different types of ice such as nuggets, crushed, spheres, cubes, and flake ice.

    If you don’t want this many options you can just choose a simple one that can make only one type of ice.

    Why would you need different types of ice? You might need to consider the fact that different shapes of ice have different melting rates.

  4. Capacity

    If you’re someone who might need ice in huge quantities for parties, then you should consider the storage capacity of the unit you’re buying.

    You might want to buy a built-in ice maker / undercounter ice machine or freestanding ice maker with about 50 to 60 pounds storage capacity.

  5. Size

    There are different sizes of ice makers available, if you have small kitchen space then consider a countertop and portable ice maker, they do not take much counter space.

    For a kitchen with cabinet space, you can fit a built-in ice maker in one of the cabinets, it will blend right in and you can use it easily whenever.

  6. Cost

    Ice makers are available at a wide range of prices, you can easily find one at a reasonable price.

    So, figure out the amount of money you want to spend on an ice maker and choose accordingly.

  7. Drain Options

    Some of the ice can still melt in the ice maker despite having the appropriate temperature, so ice makers like built-in ice makers / undercounter ice machines, or freestanding ice makers might need drainage lines.

    Buying an ice maker with a drain pump makes the most sense, you can either purchase it separately or buy a built-in one.

  8. Installation

    For built-in ice makers / undercounter ice machines or freestanding ice makers, you’ll need a water pipeline near the appliance in order for them to work properly.

    For a countertop and portable ice maker, you won’t need anything else because they can be filled manually.

  9. Look And Style

    Many ice makers come in styles that match most kitchen dynamics such as in gray, white, and black colors or either in wood finish.

    You can customize your ice maker as well to match your counter more accurately.

  10. Energy Efficiency

    Always choose an energy-starred ice maker to save lots of electricity. There are many options available such as eco-friendly or low-power consumption ones.

Which Type Of Ice Maker Is The Best Option For You?

Firstly, figure out which type of ice maker suits your preferences the best.

If you are someone who hosts a small gathering or a party often then your best option will be to buy built-in ice makers / undercounter ice machines or freestanding ice makers as they can produce huge amounts of ice in a day.

But for someone with a small kitchen space, your best option would be a countertop and portable ice maker.

How To Maintain An Ice Maker?

To keep your ice maker in good shape you have to clean it regularly. Here are some tips you can follow to maintain your ice maker-

  • Check regularly for mold and slime on parts that come in contact with water
  • Turn off your device before doing anything on it
  • Check for mineral buildup and clean it to prevent freeze-ups
  • Get your appliance inspected by a professional
  • Clean the air and water filters regularly or replace them if needed

Are Ice Makers Worth It?

Ice makers are worth it as long as you’re using ice regularly or every day and also consider your kitchen space before buying.

This appliance allows you to have ice instantly all the time and it is the best option for people who do not have small ice makers or none at all in their refrigerator.


In our daily lives, ice is almost used every day, an ice maker has many uses whether you need ice for a business or for personal use.

If you’re someone who organizes parties very often or if you’re a business owner and need a huge quantity of ice every day, you’ll need an ice maker machine with an additional storage bin.

Ice makers are convenient and very easy to use, you can pick out a design that works best for your home aesthetics.

I have tried to discuss many types of ice makers which would help you to make a decision and choose the best option that fits your needs perfectly.

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