How to Clean an Electric Smoker?

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The electric smoker is one of the smartest new advances in the BBQ industry. Newcomers may find classic charcoal smokers scary, but electric ones give you a far simpler way to enjoy your favorite smoked meat.

Electric smokers are simple to use and let you smoke meat without checking on it frequently. An electric smoker’s cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. By doing routine maintenance, you can labor less and keep your smoker looking brand-new. Grease, sauces, and ash are issues you have to deal with. Therefore, you must have a reliable method for cleaning your electric smoker.

After every three to five uses, you should clean your smoker to keep it functioning properly and produce the delicious meals you adore. It can be kept clean with only a few simple actions, keeping it in peak functioning order. However, remember to use non-abrasive cleaners; mild dish soap works nicely.

How Frequently Be an Electric Smoker Cleaned?


You don’t have to wait till the smoker is visibly filthy before cleaning it up. After a party, the only job you want to do is to brush the smoker. As a general guideline, give it a thorough cleaning every two to four uses to keep your electric smoker in good condition. Given that a good electric smoker is expensive, you should maintain it.

Tools/material Needed to Clean Electric Smoker

Before delving further, it’s critical to emphasize a few points that will be helpful to you.

You’ll have the finest cleaning experience and receive the best results if you have these things in your home before you start. There are numerous additional chemical cleaners for smokers. However, despite how quick and efficient they seem, they are not advised because the strong chemicals they contain could hurt your smoker.

You will require the following tools to clean your electric smoker of all dirt and debris thoroughly:

  • Soft, non-metallic bristle brush
  • Several soft wiping cloths
  • A bin bag
  • An old newspaper
  • Spray bottle containing a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water
  • Metallic spatula or ordinary grill scraper
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper towels
  • Warm soapy water. 
  • Boiling or very hot water. 
  • Detergent (Preferably mild dish detergent)
  • A microwave-safe bowl.
Cleaning electric smoker

How to Clean Your Electric Smoker?

  1. Disconnect the Electric Smoker

    To prevent unpleasant incidents, disconnect the smoker’s electric components from the power source since water and electricity don’t get along. Additionally, cleaning an electric smoker while it’s still heated is much simpler.

    To clean your electric smoker, you can either wait until it has cooled down a little after usage or heat it up to its highest temperature for about an hour. Then, when it has cooled down again a little, you can start these processes.

    It should be warm, but not too warm that you can’t touch it, is the general guideline in this situation.

  2. Cover your work area

    You should cover your work area before cleaning your electric smoker because grease and grime may be highly tenacious and harmful to surfaces and floors. Cover any area that might come into contact with your smoker or any parts using newspapers or any useless cloth. Place a sheet underneath the smoker to collect any drips or lumps that may fall out while cleaning.

  3. Take out the chip tray/smoker box

    Get the smoker box out of the way first. As you all know, the smoker box is where all the smoky flavor’s magic originates. Ash and wood chips may still be inside. Toss all the ash and soot into your standard trash bag after opening the smoker box. In a spray bottle, combine boiled water and apple cider vinegar 50/50. To ensure the box is spotless for the upcoming barbecue, spray the solution on it and wash it down.

  4. Clean all the removable interior parts

    Remove the grill shelves, drip pans, and water pans if you can get so that you can clean each one independently in the bucket of soapy water.

    Each of these detachable parts needs to be carefully cleaned. This eliminates any leftover fat and food. Your particular brand and style may make items dishwasher-safe.

    You may delegate washing the removable components to your dependable dishwasher. If it’s okay with you, you can use your metal spatula to scrape the grease from the drip tray. The replaceable parts should all be washed in warm, soapy water afterward. Any grease and grime can be scrubbed away using your grill brush.

  5. Your electric smoker’s sides and bottom should be cleaned

    Your smoking chamber’s interior will become excessively oily and sticky with residue from the smoking process, not just at the bottom. The interior walls should then be well scrubbed with a sponge or moist cloth immersed in warm, soapy water after any thick grease has been carefully removed with a scraper. Once the sides have been scrubbed and washed thoroughly, and scoop up any last bits of grit and lumps from the bottom into a bag or pan before using a sponge and hot water to cleanse the surface.

    Begin at the top of the smoke chamber, work your way down the sides, and finish at the bottom to prevent having to clean the bottom of the smoke chamber again.

  6. Clean the chamber window

    The cooking chamber doesn’t require cleaning after every use like other sections do. However, the smoke does turn the silver to black, so it’s best to clean the chamber periodically. Without exaggeration, all of the dirt on the walls should be removed with a wooden grill scraper. Following this, you can spritz the apple cider vinegar mixture over the grease to help it soften a little. The chamber’s walls can then be cleaned with a cloth, and everything can be dried off with a piece of newspaper. Use forceful, single movements in a certain direction to avoid streaks. A bristle brush can also be used to clean the chamber.

  7. Clean the Thermostat

    The rear wall of the cooking chamber contains a thermostat that displays temperature readings. Regular cleaning is also necessary for your thermostat. You won’t be able to effectively monitor and adjust the temperature if it isn’t clean because it displays the temperature. To clean the thermostat, just use a wet towel. The easiest object to clean is the thermostat.

  8. Clean the Glass Door

    If people can’t see through the glass door, they won’t be able to appreciate how lovely the interior of your smoker is. Because of the see-through glass, you can check on your food without opening the door. Let’s clean it up!

    First, you must inspect the glass. Is it covered with a lot of heavy grease? To remove it, you’ll need to use a wood or plastic scraper and avoid metal. You should also work slowly and carefully at this step. Glass that has been scratched or chipped cannot be repaired.

    Grab your sponge or cloth and hot, soapy water once more if there is still a small part of grease on the surface. To fully remove the grease, move the object in circles.

  9. Reassemble Smoker and oil it up

    It’s time to assemble everything back. Trays, racks, pans, and smoker box are all included with this. This method will become simple after a few cleans, although the first few times could take some time. You should fire up your electric smoker at the maximum setting for around 30 minutes because the interior will be wet. By doing this step, the soap and water will be removed, and you will avoid the hassle of attempting to dry it by hand. Additionally, this procedure prevents mold from growing too.

    Also, use a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil to oil up the grates once your smoker has cooled down, just as you would with any smoker or grill, to avoid food from adhering to your shelves.

Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Smoker

  • Avoid using abrasive solutions – Be careful not to use abrasive chemicals if you want to use electric smoker for a more extended period. These substances will corrode your chamber’s steel body from the inside out.
  • Wear gloves- You can prevent burns and other injuries to your hands by wearing gloves while cleaning the smoker. Wearing gloves will prevent scratches on your hands, which the scraping process could cause.
  • Keep Your Smoker Covered- To keep your smoker clean while not in use, keep it covered.
  • Dry Every Part- Dry each component of a smoker after cleaning it before inserting it.
  • Clean After Every Use- When you use your smoker, clean it. The portions of the smoker become unclean with each usage, if not the entire smoker.


You must take care of your electric smoker if you own one for its better functioning. You can also check important factors before buying an electric smoker. These facts helps you to easily get perfect electric smoker according to your use.

Cleaning and maintaining it every two to four usages is the best way to guarantee it lasts longer, and your visitors will be happier and more at ease knowing that the food is secure.

Don’t you want the same level of service from your smoker every time? especially after making a substantial financial investment in it? After using your smoker, you primarily must take care of it. You must treat your smoker with cleanliness if you expect it to provide you with juicy smoked meats.

You must take care of your electric smoker if you own one. Your smoker will always be grateful if you follow the advice provided in this article. Enjoy your smoking!

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