How To Clean Gas Stove? Tips for Getting Rid of Spatter and Grease

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It may be a common situation when you were cooking your favorite pasta sauce and for a while, your concentration went a little off the track, and all you see is your favorite tomato sauce ill-spattered over the gas stove.

If you are someone who cooks often in the kitchen and is tired of all the greasy and dirty Kitchen tops then you are in the right place. With a little bit of effort and investment, you can make your gas stove look sparkling like it’s new.

In your kitchen the most prized possession for you is your gas stove, you cook incredible yummy dishes on your gas stove top, you can cook in an oven or microwave but you’ll never get that satisfaction that you get when you cook your favorite food on your gas stove.

You can learn various dishes from street style to gourmet food, right in your gas stove, so for that, you also need to know different methods to clean your gas stove, here I have discussed a lot of methods by which you could easily clean your gas stove.

How To Clean Gas Stove

How To Clean Gas Stove?


You could start cleaning your gas stove by going the old school way, that is, by using dishwashing soap and water. These methods are super easy and all the ingredients are easily available for you to get by yourself-

Things You Need

  • Soapy water
  • Scrubber
  • Kitchen towel
  • Sponge

The Process

The process is quite simple clean the gas stove.

  • Make arrangements before you start cleaning your gas stove & remove the grates and burners from the stovetop.
  • Remove the dry debris off the stovetop, do not scrub the gas stove.
  • Now, you have to soak the burners in soapy water, just a few drops of dish soap into water.
  • Cross-check the clogged burner, if it is then, uses a brush to remove all the debris off the burner for your safety.
  • In the end, rinse the stovetop and sponge. You can use water to rinse and dry the surface with the help of a kitchen towel.

Some Other Tips To Get Rid Of Spatter And Grease

Getting rid of annoying grease on your gas stove could be a real head but the thing that could work for you is to follow the cleaning procedure several times until you get a squeaky clean gas stove.

Other methods of getting rid of spatters and grease, could be these-

  • Ammonia

    Ammonia is known for its cleaning properties, so when you think of cleaning your gas stove you can look out for this option.

    Just go to your nearby pharmacy, get your hands on ammonia, just remember to soak your gas Gretel and stove overnight, keep them locked up in a zip lock bag with Ammonia, rinse them well in the morning and now you’ll be having a beautiful, clean gas stove with no debris at all.

  • Baking Soda

    Add a layer of soda on top of your stovetop with hydrogen peroxide, just give it some time, and you will see some big spots and stains breaking on, you just have to rinse the gas stove with water and dry it off with the help of a kitchen cloth, now you’ll get a Spotless, shiny new gas stove.

  • Water

    If you are looking for a chemical-free solution then you are at the right place boil some water and poet on the areas where you want to get rid of stains let it sit for a few minutes now scrubbed off using a sponge and you can add it so for that extra cleanliness now just scrub the affected areas you see all the dirty stains disappearing within few minutes.

  • Salt And Baking Soda

    You have to take a spoonful of baking soda and salt, mix them, and a little bit of water that would turn into a fine paste. Now go and add your paste to a kitchen cloth and clean the stovetop with the help of a scrub.

  • White Vinegar

    White vinegar is a very good job as a top cleanser. You can easily get rid of caked-up stains with the help of this method. You have to keep in mind the ratio of 1:2. White vinegar and regular water respectively.

    Just spray on the areas you want to clean and wipe it off, the acid from white vinegar will help in losing up the dirt and stains, you just have to wipe off the debris with ease and you’ll be getting a beautiful & clean gas stove top.

  • Baking Soda And Lemon

    Lemon is known for its antibacterial properties which act as a disinfectant combining the two now they act as a wonderful cleaning agent. You can get rid of stains with 0 effort so that the solution won’t harm your gas stove.
    You just have to add a little bit of soda on top of your gas stove and you will rabbit with a lemon slice, use a damp cloth, wipe away all the dirty stains and you are all set you have a beautiful clean gas stove with this easy process.

  • Dish Soap And Baking Soda

    Mix baking soda with dish soap, with an equal ratio, Now, mix them till you get a foamy mixture, now apply it on the dirty pans and gas stove, keep them aside in a ziplock bag for an hour or so, and scrub the dirty areas, now you’ll be having Spotless kitchen utensils and stovetop.

  • Razor Scraper

    This option is the last option on the list, if everything else fails to work then this is the only option you can opt for.

    Set an angle and craft all the attention and caring and later use any kind of blends I just mentioned to you above to ease up the cleaning process.

    If nothing works then go for a chemical oven cleaner, you can add vegetable oil and a little bit of soda, scrub it and you could get a spotless gas stove.

Factors To Keep In Mind

Your gas stove will be working for years then you should take care of its needs and care for it efficiently. Once you start taking care of your gas stove you will not only save time but the cleanups will be a lot easier which will increase the shelf life of your kitchen equipment.

  • Wipe the surface of your gas often right after you spill food or any kind of liquid while cooking so that the stains don’t get rigid.
  • Keep an eye on the Burners, as they are the heart of your gas stove, they have the pores from where the flame comes for cooking.
  • If this gets clogged then you’ll be having a hazard in the kitchen no one, wants this to be unattended so keep an eye on the clogged burner.
  • Clean the burner from time to time, you can spray with soapy water, and scrub by using toothpaste, and don’t forget to clean any area.
  • Don’t forget to dry up burners after you clean them, just double-check if there’s moisture cloaking on the surface.
  • Set them altogether when they are dried out completely.

Cleaning your stovetop is essential so it lasts for a longer time, it’s not necessary to deep clean your gas stove but taking care of it daily is needed using the above tricks and tips cleaning it every day is easy.

All it takes is just a few minutes of hard work and you will have a great-looking Kitchen for life. You have to take care of the knobs and burner.

The knobs are not that dirty as compared to other parts of the gas stove but they are often ignored so keep in mind to clean the gas knobs.

You can simply clean them with a damp washcloth, wipe them down and you’ll be getting a clean gas knob, for another process you need extra effort, other than just soap and water.


Now you know how to clean and beautify your kitchen gas stove. You can always move ahead in cleaning your kitchen gas stove with a few simple tips to remember; it’s not that challenging to continue with this process.

Only cleaning is not the most important factor but taking care of the gas stove and doing this process again and again so that you don’t feel exhausted and overwhelmed by cleaning it once in a blue moon.

The longevity of your glassware depends on cleaning, so keep these tips in mind and share them with the people you believe you should.

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