How To Clean A Countertop Ice Maker

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Have you ever thought of buying a portable ice maker? An ice maker is generally not a common device to have in every household, as many people already have refrigerator ice.

But imagine you are having a party and the power goes off. All the ice in the fridge would obviously melt! Ice makers are made to save us from those embarrassing / emergency situations. They are no doubt one of the finest inventions of this generation.

An ice maker uses water to make ice organically and keeps the ice intact for quite some time so that you don’t have to serve your guests warm/boring drinks.

Also, in extreme weather conditions, ice takes a lot of time to form in the refrigerator. On those hot summer days, a chilled glass of lime or soda feels like heaven.

Ice makers come to your rescue at that time! Ice from ice makers is also of different shapes and sizes, circular ice, nugget ice, flaked ice, bullet ice, and many more!

But as easy as it is to make ice instantly in an ice maker, we must also know that it requires regular cleaning too.

Ice makers, according to the experts should be cleaned thoroughly every 9 months and more regularly if one stays in an area where the water is hard and there is high humidity.

In this detailed article on how to clean an ice maker, we will take you through the entire procedure starting from what you will need to some important tools that you must have while cleaning.

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How To Clean Ice Maker?


It is said that you should clean your ice maker at the beginning of every season, be it spring, summer, or the monsoon.

Baking soda and lemon water are the two most famous ingredients used for cleaning the ice maker, most ice maker brands recommend you use an ice cleaning solution and say it is the best choice.

It is also said that ice-cleaning solutions are nickel free so they clean away the hard water buildup materials from the parts that are difficult to reach and thus helping your ice machines run smoothly and efficiently, making better ice.

Cleaning appliances is a healthy practice and thus should be done by everyone. Cleaning an ice maker is not rocket science, it can be done by everyone but special attention is required in some areas.

What will you need – Ice maker cleaning supplies-

  • Warm water
  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Ice cleaning solution

Ice maker cleaning tools that you require-

  • Spoon
  • Toothbrush
  • Soft cloth

Procedure For Cleaning The Ice Maker

The following procedure could be followed for cleaning the ice maker with ease-

  • Turn Off The Ice Maker, Unplug And Drain The Water

    Before you start cleaning the ice maker, make sure that the device is turned off and fully unplugged. Give it 5 to 10 mins to drain the leftover ice or ice water in the storage bin.

    Once all the water in the ice maker is drained, you can start the cleaning process. Some prefer removing the drain cap.

  • Remove The Removable Parts And Clean Them

    There would be several parts of the ice maker that will be removable and can be cleaned easily. Wash the parts with warm water and soap, and wash them with your hands and not in a dishwasher.
    Once they are washed, dry them thoroughly.

  • Clean The Interior Of The Ice Maker

    Once the buckets and the other parts are clean and dry, it is time for the interior of the machine. Use a cloth to wipe the interior of the machine.

    You can use warm soapy water with some amount of baking soda to wipe it clean. To rinse, use a damp cloth and wipe the exterior and interior. Let it dry.

    Now put the parts back together and assemble them. But if you notice a hard water buildup in the interior of the machine then use a toothbrush or a baking soda water paste to clean that.

    Small bristled toothbrushes are the best suited since they are not harsh on the surface. Hard and aggressive materials can possibly damage the interior parts.

  • Change The Ice Maker’s Water Filter

    Be it a refrigerator or an ice maker, they all have water filters that can be changed from time to time. It is always a better idea to replace the water filter while cleaning, especially if you are cleaning it after a really long time.

  • Pour The Cleaning Solution Into The Ice Maker Machine Water Pan

    There are many ice maker cleaning solutions that are available now in the market. If you are using that, pour the cleaning solution from the bottle into the appliance’s water pan. Then add the water.

    Vinegar is an alternative cleaning solution. Make a cleaning solution at home by mixing 10 parts of water and 1 part of white vinegar.

    Your cleaning solution is ready to be put into the water pan now. A cleaning solution is the most trusted and safe solution for cleaning the ice maker.

  • Run An Ice-Making Or Cleaning Cycle

    To circulate the cleaning solution into the interiors of the machine, at least two rounds may be required.

    Discard the ice from these rounds to check and see if there is any solution remaining in the water pan or reservoir.

    After the cleaning solution has been used totally, you can refill the pan with plain water. Rinse the solution once it is totally spread into different parts of the interiors.

  • Wipe Down The Ice Machine Exterior

    Remember the parts that we had cleaned separately? Yes, it is now the time to assemble them. The exterior of the ice maker is something that requires attention. For wiping down the body of the ice maker, use a cleaning solution spray into a cloth.

    Ammonia-based cleaners should not be used on stainless steel surfaces. Also, avoid steel wool, tissue papers, newsprint, and powder cleansers on the stainless steel surface.

    Once this is done, you will see that your ice maker is shining bright like a new one. A clean appliance also enhances the working efficiency.

    The more frequently it is cleaned, the better it is. Most devices have an indicator light which helps one know that it is time to wash or simply, the ice starts to taste bad.


A countertop ice maker makes life so much easier and hassle-free, and at the same time, it is also safe to say that the cleaning process will not totally exhaust you.

A simple 7-8 step procedure is all that you need to get your ice maker machine back on track.

Ice makers are also subject to, molds. Again, to remove the mold, a cleaning solution is preferred.  Cleaning and sanitizing are very important parts of using any appliance which is often forgotten by many.

A little bit of cleaning can go a long way to increase the efficiency of the appliance and also offers you a healthy and hygienic kitchen.

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