A Beginner’s Guide On How To Cut A Cigar

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How to properly cut a cigar is an important question to consider given the fact that every tobacco leaf is of premium quality. The process of making a cigar involves several steps, including picking, fermenting, and rolling to make the perfect cigar. However, if you cut your cigar incorrectly, it will unravel and therefore, you will have an unpleasant smoking experience.

What does cutting a cigar imply? Well, cutting a cigar basically refers to creating an opening that allows air and smoke to pass through it. How you cut your cigar is dependent on your favored method. But for now, it is pivotal for you to know the simplest way to cut a cigar.

Cigar Cut

Although the primary pleasure of smoking a cigar comes from the quality of the cigar itself, the manner in which you cut the cigar also plays an important role in influencing your smoking experience. Unfortunately, most people unknowingly cut more portions of the cigar than required.

Nonetheless, with some practice, every cigar lover or beginner can master the art of cutting the cigar.
In the article that follows, we shall delve deeper into the basics of a cigar and the various types of cigar cutters.

Know The Basic Parts Of The Cigar


Before you cut the cigar, it is important for you to know the parts that constitute a cigar: cap, band, wrapper, and foot. The inside of a cigar is comprised of tobacco leaves that are tightly rolled. These leaves are surrounded by a premium quality leaf that functions as a wrapper.

A cigar typically has two ends: the head and the foot. The head is the end of the cigar which is situated in close proximity to the logo label that is found wrapped around the circumference of the cigar. The head is also easily visible due to the prevalence of a cap covering. It is covered by a small piece of tobacco leaf which is distinct from the main wrapper.

The primary function served by the cap is to preserve the wrapper of the cigarette. Since it is the cap end of the cigar that goes in the mouth, it needs to be cut open before you smoke your cigar. The other end of the cigar is known as the foot.

The main goal behind making the cut is to ensure that you create a smooth cut that does not hamper the integrity of the cigar. Note that anytime you make a cut, there should be no lollygagging. The cut should be crisp and quick.

Invest In The Best Cigar Cutter As Quality Matters

It is important that a cigar lover should own a cigar cutter that is easy to use especially when they need to cut the cap of their cigar. A cigar cutter of appreciable quality to make a tidy cut. As a result, one must own a cigar cutter that is reliable to produce the desired results i.e. a smooth cut. There are several types of cigar cutters that can be used to create a smooth cut. Some of these are:

  1. Guillotine Or Straight Cutter

    A straight cutter or guillotine is the most widely used cigar cutter. These cutters are manufactured from stainless steel blades. The point worth mentioning when you use a straight cutter is that you should not cut the cap very deeply. The cut should be made above the borders of your cigar’s cap. All you need to do is simply remove the circumference equivalent to a dime measured from the head of the cigar.

    Now, what will happen if you make a comparatively deeper cut? Well, you might taste loose tobacco, something you don’t want to experience at all. Additionally, there are chances that the wrapper leaf can fall apart when you are smoking.

    A cigar cutter has a practical application for cutting any and every type of cigar. In fact, there are several brands in the market that manufacture extra wide cigar cutters to cater to the needs of those who are in awe of extra fat cigars.

  2. Wedge cutter

    A wedge cutter or V-cutter has soared in popularity in recent years. Also known as a cat’s eye, v-cutters are extensively manufactured by brands such as Colibri, Xikar, and Visol. Many of these cutters have an inverted blade to provide an ultra-precise cut.

    As evident by the name, a v-cutter gives a v shape to the head of the cigar. With a v-cut, there is a more concentrated draw. A v-cut cigar operates on almost every type of cigar, including Torpedos. Cigars with a bigger ring gauge are likely to be a challenge unless you are making use of a v-cutter that has an oversized aperture.

    The cut provided by a wedge cutter is extremely different from the one provided by a straight cutter. A v-cutter does not make a straight cut. Instead, it makes a cut that is notched and at the same time, resembles a v-shape. The innovative design of the v-cutter enables it to take control of how deep the cut is and provides an appreciable surface area for lighting.

  3. The Hole Punch cutter

    A bullet cutter or a hole punch cutter forms a small hole in the shape of a cylinder at the foot of the cigar. The primary reason behind the popularity of a hole punch cutter is that they provide an additional concentration of intensity and flavor. Since this cut allows the smoke to come through a small, highly concentrated opening embedded in the cap of your cigar, the flavor, and the heat are intensified.

    However, it is important to note that a punch may not be an ideal option for you if your cigar is oily or you have the potential to transfer moisture from your mouth to the cap of the cigar.

    Another reason why cigar lovers prefer a bullet cutter is that it maintains the cap of the cigar by providing a clean opening area at the center. Luckily enough, the punch cutters are available in a variety of sizes both for thin and thick circumference cigars. However, a demerit of the hole punch cutter is that it is not effective on a cigar that is Torpedo-shaped or any other types of cigars that become narrower at the foot.

  4. Cigar Scissors

    Cigar scissors offer a straight cut. They are distinct from scissors which are used in homes for everyday use. They are manufactured from stainless steel. Cigar scissors guarantee to make precise cuts. You must purchase good quality scissors if you don’t want to damage or tear the wrap of your cigar.

    Although most cigar scissors are unfortunately not pocket friendly, there are some options out there such as Xikar’s MTX Cutter which folds up in a lightweight and sturdy design that you can tag along with your keychain.

    The primary merit offered by almost every cigar scissor is that the blades can be extended to provide accommodation to ultra-thick cigars without compromising precision.

Making The Correct Cut

Start by finding the cap of the cigar. Once you have found the cap, make a mark for the cut at a length of approximately 3-4mm from the starting of the cap. Note that the cap of the cigar is the reservoir of cigar wrap. Therefore, you need to make a cut that is sufficient to reveal the filler.

Using a reliable and strong cutter, cut your chosen cigar in a quick and strong movement. In the case of figurado cigars, make a cut that is sufficient to expose the filler. If you are using the hole punch cutter, start by inserting the punch from the cap of your cigar to form a hole size based on personal choice. However, you cannot use a bullet punch cutter in case you smoke figurado cigars.

Once done, all you need to do is light the cigar cap and enjoy smoking your cigar.


Therefore, it is evident that smoking any cigar is a form of art that calls for both practice and precision. The three primary steps in smoking a cigar are to light the cigar, take a puff, and enjoy the experience. However, before you start with the first step, it is important to ensure that the cigar is properly cut.

You can use different types of cigar cutters, such as straight cutters, wedge cutters, hole punch cutters, and cigar scissors. The guillotine cutter is the most popular cigar cutter. This cutter has two blades and therefore, it attacks the victim from either side instead of just one.

The punch cutter looks similar to a bullet and as the name suggests, punches a hole in the cigar end instead of snipping some of it off. The supporters of this cigar cutter state that it is less damaging to the cigar. Although these cutters aren’t commonly used, they are rather pocket friendly. Furthermore, they are relatively safer to use. Likewise, cigar scissors are also an effective tool to snap off the head of your cigar.

To conclude, depending on your requirements, you can opt for any one of the above-mentioned cigar cutters.

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