The Most Famous Cigar Smokers Throughout History

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The word cigar is originally derived from the word “SIKAR,” which means to smoke rolled tobacco leaves. Sikar is a Mayan word. But, What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you hear about cigar smoking and famous cigar smokers who have lived in the past? CIgars indeed have a lot of history embarked upon them. The history of smoking dates back to 5000 BC. It all started when the Europeans came in and started the cultivation of tobacco.

Christopher Columbus was someone who first discovered tobacco. It was the Indians who showed him and taught him the correct way to smoke. Smoking also became very popular in Spain and Portugal. French Ambassador Jean Nicot also popularised cigar smoking in France. Mass production led to mass consumption.  Cuba became the first popular place to grow tobacco because the land was very fertile and the climatic conditions were in favor. The Cuban tobacco Industry was set up soon after that, and tobacco was transported.

Cigar continued to become more and more popular with each passing day. Cigar smoking has been going on for ages, and many famous personalities known worldwide used to smoke cigars. It was also most common in older men, like men in their 40s, for many people, including King Edward VI, Sigmund Freud, and Michael Jordan. Cigar smoking, back in the day, was a matter of sophistication. It involved carefully selecting leaves, and the most critical step rolling the cigars. So it is not a shocker that most famous personalities from wealthy families had a keen interest in smoking cigars. For them, or rather for most of them, smoking was a form of relaxation, be it during times of war or any significant event. In 1962, US President Kennedy imposed an embargo on Cuba. The cigar was becoming a very profitable business.

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There are different types of cigars. The one that is the most common is the Parejo, created by the Mayan Indians. It is in the shape of a cylinder and is said to be the original shape of the cigars. Other common cigars are Toro, Corona, and Carlota. Figuarado cigars are a special kind of cigar popular in the 1800s. However, they are not used now. They were expensive to manufacture and expensive henceforth. The other cigars are the little cigars. These have gained immense popularity recently, but we are sure that no other cigar on planet Earth can replace the original cigars!

We cannot deny that many cigar-smoking cultures came from Hollywood movies where people saw their favorite actors and singers smoking. Many of these famous personalities used to endorse these brands, influencing people to try them out. Though cigar smoking is harmful and can cause cancer, the concept of smoking has somehow had its importance.

What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you hear about cigar smoking and famous cigar smokers who have lived in the past? Cigar smoking is something that has been going on for ages and many famous personalities who are known worldwide used to smoke cigars.

Here are some of the most famous personalities who used to smoke cigars.

Most Famous Cigar Smokers From The Past 100 Years


  1. Sir Winston Churchill

    Sir Winston Churchill was a British personality during the Second world war. He was a very calm and composed person. Winston Churchill was someone who used to smoke a lot. He discovered cigars when he was a very young officer in Cuba. After that, smoking cigars became his habit, and he smoked throughout his life. It is also said that Churchill used to stock cigars at his home, and during the times of the Second World War, he would smoke those as a form of relaxation. He was such a dedicated smoker that he had a special flying suit where he would enjoy smoking on a long-haul flight. He mainly used to smoke cigars from the Havana based company Romeo Y Julieta. It comes in a short and wide variation, famously known for its aromatic flavors and leaves.

  2. Al Pacino

    Al Pacino is also a great personality and an avid smoker. He had made himself look like a classy hero who smokes cigars when he played Tony in Scarface. He smoked cigars throughout his lifetime, during promotional events and daily life. It is said that Pacino was one of the biggest inspirations of men worldwide to try out cigar smoking. He still is currently one of the biggest inspirations of the young boys of the generation.

  3. Jack Nicholson

    Another famous personality who used to smoke cigars is Jack Nicholson. He became famous for cigar smoking during the 1990s and 2000. He used to smoke cigarettes at first, but then he switched over to cigars. Then he completely stopped smoking cigarettes and embraced the cigar smoking culture. He completely switched over to cigar smoking after he realized that a pack of cigarettes was not giving him any satisfaction. He used to smoke Montecristo, was a legendary actor and the way of his cigar smoking was just too classy which is a legacy that is long-lived.

  4. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan is a world-famous name in basketball sport. He has led the Chicago Bulls to six National Basketball championships. He was also one of the most valuable players.  But, apart from basketball, he is also an ardent cigar smoker. He also used to lit a cigar on the Bulls’ bus, but his teammates never had a problem with that. He is the one who broke all such stereotypes that men in sports destroy their careers when they start smoking. He said that before every important match, he used to smoke a cigar. He claimed that it helped him relax and stay calm during the matches.

  5. JP Morgan

    We have all heard the name of JP Morgan. His contribution to the US economy and US steel is really a remarkable one. JP was also an avid smoker, despite being a shy person in real life. He used to love collecting cigars and different kinds of cigarettes. As we know, cigars and wine get better with age. He also was keen on collecting antique cigar pieces.

Do You Want To Join These Famous Cigar Smokers?

It is not impossible to become a cigar legend like these famous personalities were. Anybody can become one. All that you need is the desire to smoke, a cigar, and a lighter. Of course, you must know about cigars and how to keep them before diving into cigar smoking culture.

Who Are The Most Famous Cigar Smokers In History?

If you dive deep into history, you will find many such famous personalities who loved smoking cigars and were known for that. Cigar smoking is going on since the 10th century, and today, standing in the 21st century then is surely an infinite number of world-famous people who were ardent cigar smokers. The famous names could be the ones mentioned above in the article. Apart from these, some are:

  • John F. Kennedy
  • Fidel Castro
  • George Burns
  • Mark Twain
  • Milton Berle
  • Bill Cosby
  • Al Capone
  • Bill Clinton
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Bruce Willis

Which Was The Favorite Cigar Of Sir Winston Churchill?

It is a known fact that Winston Churchill used to stock up cigars in his house, amassing 4000 and more during his entire lifetime. It was a sense of relaxation for him during the trying times of the second world war. His favorite cigar brands were Romeo y Julieta and La Aroma de Cuba.

Which Is Their Favorite Cigar Of Al Pacino?

Al Pacino was known for his heroic character in Scarface, where he played Tony Montana. The iconic way he portrayed his character smoking cigars in the movie, is known to date. His favorite cigar brand is Cohiba Exquistos. Al Pacino used to smoke cigars daily on a movie set or as a form of relaxation.

Are Montecristo Cigars The Favorite Choice Of Jack Nicholson?

Yes. Jack Nicholson started smoking cigarettes at first. After that, he started smoking cigars and that was the time when he completely left smoking cigarettes. He switched over to Cigars completely. His favorite cigar is known to be Montecristo.

What Is Michael Jordan’s Favorite Cigar?

Michael Jordan was not only a legendary basketball player but also a smoker. He used to celebrate many of his wins by lighting a cigar on the bus. His favorite cigar is Partagas Lusitania.

What Was Jp Morgan’s Favorite Cigar?

One of the most famous people in the US economy. JP Morgan is the most personality well known for introducing US Steel. In reality, JP Morgan was very reserved but never hesitated to light up a cigar in public. Be it during meetings or relaxing at his home, smoking cigars was his hobby. He also collected unique cigars. However, his favorite cigar was Cuban inclined towards Meridiana Kohinoor.

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