6 Surprisingly Simple Kitchen Tools To Take Your Cooking To The Next Level

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If you have ever gone out to purchase kitchen tools, you would know that it’s not an easy job. Given the fact that there is a wide multitude of options available when it comes to kitchen devices, it is a task to find the right tools for yourself and your kitchen. There are dozens of unnecessary kitchen tools out there to lure you. I mean, who would genuinely need a dedicated banana slicer?

Kitchen Tools

Given the ambiguity surrounding buying kitchen equipment, we shall delve into the 6 simple kitchen tools to enhance your cooking experience.

The 6 Simple Kitchen Tools


  1. Shun Cutlery 8″ Chef’s Knife

    Apart from your able hands, you will need a chef’s knife. It is the most essential kitchen tool you will require, whether it is for your home kitchen or for you to use in your cooking profession. If you don’t invest in a chef’s knife, it will be almost impossible for you to take your cooking skills to the next level. Whenever Bianca Russano cooks customized meals for her teaching clients, clients in general, or in her kitchen, she prefers to use the Shun Cutlery 8″ Chef’s Knife.

    The primary reason behind opting for a high-quality, sharp knife is to enjoy greater control, which contributes to consistency when making cuts or slices. This knife has a practical application when dealing with meats or vegetables. Therefore, the Shun Cutlery 8″ Chef’s Knife is a versatile device. Generally, the main uses of any chef’s knife include chopping, mincing, dicing, or slicing.

    The wide blade of this knife ensures that the knuckles are kept off the cooking board with a curved belly. These knives derive inspiration from the traditions followed by ancient Japan. The Shun Cutlery 8″ Chef’s Knife is handmade by professional artisans that, in turn, give off unparalleled beauty and quality.

  2. Pepper Grinder

    A pepper grinder has essential practical applications. It is an important investment because freshly cracked black pepper provides an added aroma, flavor, and a level of satisfaction that you can’t achieve from pre-ground pepper that you will find on the local spice aisle. This is primarily because peppercorns possess oil. This oil is released when the peppers are cracked but tends to dissipate quickly when you store them.

    There are various recipes that you try out daily. For this purpose, go for a pepper grinder or a pepper mill which has settings that allow you to switch among various settings from coarse to fine-ground pepper.

    A pepper grinder is available in various shapes, sizes, and styles. For example, you can find a pepper grinder in plastic, metal, and even wooden material. that you will find on the local spice aisle. This is primarily because peppercorns possess oil. This oil is released when the peppers are cracked but tends to dissipate quickly when you store them.

    There are various recipes that you try out daily. For this purpose, go for a pepper grinder or a pepper mill which has settings that allow you to switch among various settings from coarse to fine-ground pepper. While using a pepper grinder, you should opt for a fine grind when you are using egg dishes, foods, salad dressings, and purees.

    On the other hand, a medium grind can be a feasible option when you wish to season poultry, pasta, shellfish, soups, fish, and meat. Lastly, the coarse grind is the best option for hearty meats, marinades, and salads that have a thick dressing such as Caesar salad or any other dish in which the pepper salad will be pronounced.

  3. Microplane Zester/Grate

    A Microplane zester/grate is one of the most applicable though underrated kitchen tools out there. The zester is used for various purposes such as zesting citrus, mincing garlic, or grating freshly sourced ginger. In fact, you can make use of the zester to freshly grate cheeses such as Romano or Parmesan on top of a finished dish. Another practical application of the Microplane zester is to grind whole spices freshly. Nutmeg is an example of such a spice. You can enhance the flavor of your coffee by adding freshly grated cinnamon or nutmeg.

    Now a zester offers several merits. Firstly, it preserves the aroma. You can precisely cut your food without shredding, ripping, or tearing. It enhances the aroma and flavor of your food. Secondly, using the Microplane Zester is an enjoyable experience because you are freed from the hassle of using a dull grater.

    Thirdly, this grater is versatile equipment since you can use it to grate a wide variety of food items depending on your choice. Lastly, the Microplane Zester is precise and efficient. You don’t have to put in any effort while grating your food. The blade in fact serves another purpose. It makes sure that the food doesn’t stick or block. It gently slides along the cutting surface to ensure a perfect outcome.

  4. Ramekins

    It is almost impossible for you to navigate without ramekins. The primary benefits offered by ramekins are they are oven-safe. They offer ease of use. They are extremely easy to clean and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will suit your needs. Furthermore, ramekins are a complementary tool for your kitchen area. They also come in handy when you are preparing desserts. In addition, they provide a visual appeal when you are serving desserts, small snacks, pies, soups, and dips.

    Theoretically, ramekin functions as a serving dish that moves from preparing to baking to serving. While ramekin has a limited definition, it has evolved to include various different, although related items. For instance, cheese pipkins, monkey dishes, sauce cups, souffle cups, and oyster cups are often taken under the umbrella of ramekins.

    Ramekins can also be used for dried fruits, nuts, and olives when you are preparing a customized meal or a charcuterie board for that matter. Ramekins are budget-friendly kitchen tools that can be purchased in sets of either four or six pieces and it is personally recommended that you begin with a 4-6 ounce set.

  5. Hand Held Blender

    The handheld blender is a useful kitchen appliance. You should opt for the 3-in-1 handheld blender precisely because of the ease of use it offers. The attachments can easily be switched to meet our cooking requirements. For example, the immersion blender is a perfect choice if you want to prepare sauces and soups. You can simply keep your recipe either in a pot or a bowl from beginning to end so that you don’t have to do a lot of dishes later on.

    The whisk attachment performs a function identical to that of a hand whisk. It is primarily used to prepare the perfect whipped cream for mostly every dessert. Lastly, the mini chopper comes in handy if you ought to mince garlic, mirepoix, or nuts. It will undoubtedly be one of the most applicable items in your kitchen, which will not only reduce your workload but also can be easily maintained.

    Therefore, a hand blender is a necessity for several reasons. For one, it has multiple uses as discussed already. Secondly, it functions as an efficient device that is easy to maintain. Thirdly, a handheld blender is a pocket-friendly kitchen tool. It is on the inexpensive side and as a result, is a feasible investment for you, especially if you’re confined to a budget. Hand-held blenders can be used to prepare recipes in less than five minutes.

  6. Hand Held Citrus Press/Juicer

    A handheld citrus press or juicer is a must-have. The primary reason behind this is that it functions as a two-in-one tool. A citrus juicer in the first place, allows you to derive fresh citrus juice from limes and lemons without the need to remove their seeds by hand.

    Therefore, a citrus juicer is an ideal investment. You get more juice with less effort. At the same time, you are saved from the hassle and mess of pulp, juice, and smelling like you have just finished cleaning up the kitchen sink. In addition, given the fact that citrus juice has a wide range of uses in several recipes, from margaritas to salad dressings, owning a citrus press will allow you to easily extract the juice with little to no hassle.


It is evident that each of the above-mentioned kitchen tools has a practical value that can’t be undermined. Most of these tools are not only easy to use but also inexpensive, thereby allowing you to give them a shot without having to spend much in the first place. All in all, if you want to make your cooking processes a lot easier, you ought to opt for this 6 kitchen equipment right now.

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