Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know

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Almost every cigar lover knows the importance of storing cigars the right way. A cigar is enjoyed at its best if it is crisp and filled with its original flavors and aromas.

 If you are a fan of premium cigars but don’t have the necessary knowledge of their storage, you will end up with dry and tasteless cigars.

If sufficient attention and care are not provided, every one of your cigars will be spoiled and therefore, will not be ideal for consumption.

In the article that follows, I will discuss different aspects of cigar with you which would also include few of the ideal ways to store them as well.

know Every thing about cigar smoking

Things Every Cigar Smoker Should Know


Your cigar collection has the potential of being adversely impacted by several factors. The most important ones are mold and cigar beetle holes.

Another reason could be that your cigar has dried out. The main reason behind this is once your cigar has dried out, it has lost all its oils which are essential for its flavor.

If you are a beginner in the world of cigars or smoking in general, you need to know the right way to store your cigars.

The most well-known methods used for storing cigars involve using a cigar cooler, a humidor, a Ziploc bag along with a humidor, a Tupperware container, and so on.

All you need to do is make sure your cigars are stored at an ideal temperature setting in order to maintain the desired freshness. 

As mentioned, the most crucial and easiest step in ensuring your cigars’ flavors is maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity. In contrast, choosing a cigar humidor is a feasible option to maintain your cigars.

Ways To Store Cigars

When it comes to storing cigars, there are several options to choose from. In the section that follows, we will delve into each one of them.

A humidor is the most obvious way to store cigars. The primary purpose served by a humidor is to maintain stability in the temperature and humidity levels.

This in turn ensures that the construction and integrity of your cigars are maintained and you can enjoy them just the way they are meant to be.

A humidor is nothing but a wooden box that has a door or a lid for sealing and locking in the moisture to keep your cigars fresh.

A reservoir or humidification unit supplies the moisture to the humidor. Almost every humidor is either composed of cedar or has an inner lining made from a cigar for it works in the flavor of moisture.

Since cigars become finer with age, a humidor functions to serve the purpose of enhancing their longevity.

When using a humidor, you need to keep certain things in mind-

  • You must use only distilled water in a humidor. Tap water is a storehouse of mold, something you wouldn’t be willing to compromise on.
  • If you wish to meld the flavors of your cigar, make sure you let go of the cellophane sheet that provides temporary protection to your cigars.
  • Don’t pack your cigars over each other inside the humidor. Choose to stagger the rows for better ventilation.
  • You must open your humidor once every few weeks for some time to ensure proper airflow. If you keep your cigars locked in the humidor for a long period of time, they will end up smelling musty.
  • To ensure an even distribution of humidity, you should rotate your cigars after every six months.

In the absence of a humidor, you can choose to store your cigars in other ways-

  • You can use a plastic bag along with a humidification pack for preserving the cigars without much effort.
  • Keep a regular check on your cigars for any signs of cracking, mold, or chipping. You can squeeze the lower end of your cigar to ensure that it is still springy.
  • Although every cigar comes wrapped in a cellophane sheet, these sheets don’t have the ability to preserve your cigars in the long run.
  • Thus, you can make use of humidity packs for releasing moisture at various humidity levels.
  • Since the humidity packs are self-regulated, you don’t have to maintain these packs.
  • All you need to do is make sure your bag is properly sealed or else, the moisture will escape.
  • You can find these humidity packs at almost every tobacco shop and online as well.
  • You can even opt for different sizes as well as humidity levels depending on the number of cigars that you plan on storing.
  • The humidor that you opt for should be relevant to the number of cigars that you plan on storing.
  • You should neither overstuff nor under stuff your humidor.

If you are on the lookout for an affordable and easy way for storing your cigars, you can make a Tupperware humidor-

  • Take a clean and unused sponge.
  • Soak it in distilled water and squeeze a decent amount of water.
  • Position this cigar in your Tupperware container and close the lid.
  • Use only half of the sponge or a part of it because excess humidity will work against your cigars and spoil them.
  • Although it might be difficult to evaluate the moisture level in the absence of a hygrometer, you can opt for this method if you are looking for convenience.
  • In this method also, you can alternate sponges with humidity pouches.
  • You can also consider using a Mason jar instead of a Tupperware container.

Thus, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned options to store your cigars.

Cigar Cooler Vs. Cedar Humidor Vs. Wine Fridge

A cigar cooler, cedar humidor, and wine fridge are common appliances found in the house of a cigar lover. In most cases, any one of these appliances is purchased for use.

In the section below, I will try to analyze the difference between these three options. Depending on the points of distinction, you can decide upon the most feasible option for yourself.

  • Spanish Cedar Humidor

    A traditional Spanish cedar humidor is known for aging cigars properly because cedar is the most well-suited option for humidors.

    It won’t break down or warp when you expose it to moisture. Although almost every humidor is cedar lined, you should always opt for the ones which are manufactured using solid cedar hardwood.

    These humidors are pinned together using durable hinges and interlocking joints.

    Every heavy material has the potential to create an aggressive seal. Thus, these materials have the potential to absorb as well as maintain the desired level of humidity.

    Your cigars will become more refined as they age. A Spanish cedar Humidor is the best option if you plan on protecting your cigars from tobacco beetles. This would not only retains moisture but also releases it in dry air.

    Spanish cedar is also popularly known as the magic wood because it not only performs the function of retaining moisture but also is resistant to warping or rot.

    The only drawback that comes with these humidors is the cost. Given the unique features offered by this humidor, it is on the expensive side. Since the wood is manufactured in Africa and South America,

    it is mostly imported. Added to this is its high-functioning pace. Therefore, the Spanish Cedar Humidor offers its respective merits and demerits.

  • Cigar Cooler

    Although a cigar cooler is identical to a wine cooler, it is designed with the intent of storing cigars.

    The composition of a cigar cooler includes Spanish cedar drawers or shelves as well as a reliable humidification system.

    A cigar cooler is, therefore, effective for it can reach an internal temperature of around 74 Fahrenheit. Just like a Wineador, a cigar cooler allows you to take control of the internal temperature.

    In addition, they offer you large storage space. You also enjoy the benefit of a refrigeration seal around your door.

    Lastly, almost every model will come with a digital hygrometer that measures the temperature as well as the humidity.

    Thus, a cigar cooler is a feasible way of storing your cigars especially if you wish to control the temperature yourself and at the same time, enjoy a large storage space.

  • Converting A Wine Fridge into a Wineador

    If you own a wine fridge, it is a feasible option to store your cigars inside it. While it is a convenient option when it comes to needing more consistency or more space, there are some demerits.

    The composition of a wine fridge includes metal racks in the interior. Thus, although they won’t harm your cigars, they will not help them age either.

    You have the option to substitute the metal racks with cedar shelves. However, it will not only be costly but also time-consuming to carry out the substitution.

    You will also have to install a humidification system. Another problem with storing cigars in your wine fridge is the lower temperature range set at 65 Fahrenheit.

    Although it is completely feasible to store your cigars at this temperature, you might not like this option if your cigars have to be stored at a higher temperature.

Top 3 Cigar Coolers

Below are three cigar coolers that I personally found worth using and give me a fair return on my investment in them.

For me, they are an ideal option since I want something low maintenance but with extra capacity-

  1. Whynter Stainless Steel Cigar Cooler

    Made using Spanish cedar shelves and draws, this cigar cooler is equipped with a cooling system that is vibration free as well as thermoelectric.

    The humidity threshold of this cigar cooler ranges from 62% to 75% at room temperature. The prominent tools offered by the Whynter Stainless Steel Cigar Cooler are a built-in analog hygrometer and a humidification system.

    The overall look of this cooler is elegant and compact, making it an ideal choice for many cigar lovers.

  2. Prestige Import Group Cigar Cooler

    The Prestige import group cigar cooler has a thermoelectric cooling system with temperatures ranging from 51 F to 64 F. It includes three sliding trays which are removable.

    The cooler has an ultra-quiet operation and features a stainless steel frame and interior lighting. It has a digital thermometer and a hygrometer.

    The temperature can display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

  3. Whynter Elite Touch Cigar Cooler

    With a temperature range of 50 F to 66 F, this is equipped with soft interior LED lighting. It consists of Spanish Cedar drawers and shelves.

    With a classic analog hygrometer and an elegant black interior, this cooler comes with a door handle composed of stainless steel.


Depending on your needs, you can choose the most viable option for yourself, but a thorough knowledge of cigars is a must for every smoker.

A cigar smoker should be aware of how to store his cigar so that the freshness remains intact for a longer time duration.

Moreover, storage space and ideal temperature ranges also play an important role in keeping the cigars in top condition.

In my opinion, a  Ziploc bag or Tupperware container isn’t a feasible option for the long run or if you plan on storing premium cigars.

Additionally, you could need to invest in a dedicated appliance for storing your cigars at some point in time because it is extremely important to store your cigars the right way.

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