Types Of Cigar Cuts And Cutters

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Cigar refers to a roll that is made with dried tobacco leaves. They are normally larger in size than cigarettes. Mostly, cigars are fully made out of tobacco; people smoke them because of their rich taste, and aroma, and for the pleasure of it. If you’re a smoker, you should know that cigars are not to be smoked directly.

Instead, they need to be cut at their tip/ head before smoking so that you can draw smoke. The cigars have two sides; the head and bottom. The head of the cigar is covered with a cap which needs to be cut before smoking it. Cigars are lightened up from the bottom. For this purpose, cigar cutters are required, it removes/ cuts the tip of the cigar with accuracy.

Use Of A Cigar Cutter


As suggested by the name, Cigar cutters are mainly used to cut cigars. Before smoking a cigar, its tip or head needs to be cut off partially for drawing smoke. Cigar cutters are specifically designed for cutting the tip of cigar precisely, so as your smoking experience is enhanced. It cuts the cigar properly without ruining or damaging the cigar, and the good thing is that you don’t even need to be skilled or put any effort to use these cigar cutters.

The cigar cutters are equipped with sharp blades to cut your cigar in one go, these are easily available on the web. Cigar cutters are not expensive, so you can get a good quality cigar cutter at a cheap rate. There are various types of cigar cutters for different cigars; single blade cutters, double blade cutters, cigar scissors, punch cutters, wedge cutters, etc., so you get a variety to choose from.

Cigar Cuts and Cutters

Types Of Cigar Cutters

Coming to the type of cigar cuts, they are usually of four types; wedge cut, straight cut, hole punch, and lastly the shuriken cut.

The wedge cut is commonly known as a V-shaped cut, it cuts the tip of your cigar in a V shape which allows more opening for drawing smoke.

The straight cut is on the cap of the cigar in a straight line whereas a hole punch is a small or a large hole on the head of the cigar. This hole is punched through a punch cutter.

The last type is a shuriken cut which has multiple slits on the cigar.

These cuts are done by using certain cigar cutters:

  • Straight Cigar Cutters

    These types of cigar cutters cut the cigar in a straight or a slant line. These are of two types; single blade cutter and double blade cutter. The straight cigar cutters have sharp blades that cut the cigar in one go, you just need to put in some force. A single-blade cutter has only one blade to cut the cigar whereas a double-blade cutter has two blades and the cut is more clean and precise. In a single-blade cutter, you need to be more careful when cutting the cigar while with double blades, you don’t need to put in as much effort. These cutters are available at cheap rates in the market, and also are quite efficient.

  • Wedge Cutter

    The second type of cutter is a wedge cutter, commonly known as a V shape cutter. These cutters are better than the other ones as they provide more openings for drawing smoke. These do not cut a hole or in a straight line, instead, they cut a V shape at the head of the cigar. The V shape supposedly has more space for drawing smoke. Hence, benefiting your smoking experience. The cut is accurate and doesn’t need any force or effort, just put the cutter at the tip and cut it.

  • Hole Punch

    A hole punch cutter, also known as a bullet punch cutter is used for punching or inserting a small hole in the cigar. This cutter is practically designed and is best fitted for beginners. This doesn’t require any effort to cut the cigar, just take the cutter and punch it in a hole. You can make the hole bigger by placing the cutter slightly down. This works perfectly and is a convenient option for people who don’t have much time. These cutters are small in size and can be easily carried in your pocket.

  • Shuriken Cutter

    The last one is a shuriken cutter. These cutters are designed totally different from other cutters, they look like a capsule and contain sharpened blades inside it. These blades are attached to the cutter in a circular way. This type of cutter cuts the cigar in slits from six sides. The cutters work best with the short-filler cigars. When you use this cutter on the head of a cigar, it cuts the cigar in six small slits that make it perfect for you to enjoy your cigar.

Most Common Cutters

  • Single Blade Guillotine

    A single-blade guillotine is a single-blade cutter. It works just like a knife, just take the cigar and place the cutter on the cap and cut it in one go. It can be messy and your cigar can get ruined or get damaged if you don’t hold the cutter properly.

    So, you need to know how to use a cutter before using these types of cutters. These are the most common type of cutters used by smokers as they are efficient and you can easily adjust to them in two or three go. These are available at quite affordable rates. You can get a good single-blade guillotine for just $3-$4. 

  • Double Blade Guillotine

    A double-blade guillotine has double blades, it is also used to cut the cigar just like any other cutter. Due to the double blades, the effort required is comparatively less and the cut is cleaner. Just use slight force while using the cutter to make a perfect cut.

    These are more popular than single blades because of their quality and cut. The blades need to be sharp when cutting a cigar, blunt or dull blades often end up ruining the cigar or tearing the wrapper. You can get these blades for the same rate as that of a single-blade guillotine.

Less Common Cigar Cutters

  • Cigar Scissors

    Cigar scissors are like normal scissors yet so different from them. These are specifically made for cutting the cigars properly. These vary in price than the normal cigar cutters as they are more effective in their work. These make a perfect cut on the cigar because of their quality and design. The cigar scissors are less common because people are not aware of it as much.

  • Cigar Punch

    A cigar punch or a punch cutter also falls under the less common category as these are mechanical and work differently from the normal cigar cutters. People are still not used to the concept of a punch cutter. These punch a hole directly on the cap of the cigar, the hole can be small or big as per your liking. These are small in size and easy to carry anywhere. However, these are not available in the market at cheap rates, the price is slightly high because of their mechanism. Though, these are the best choice for beginners as they are not experienced in cutting a cigar. These are effortless and classy.

  • V Cutter

    A V cutter, despite being good, is a less common type of cutter. The V cutters cut the cigar in a V shape on the head. These work much more efficiently than a punch cutter as they provide more opening whereas the punch cutters just punch a small hole in the cigar. These are also known as wedge cutters and also they don’t come cheap. The V cutter is of good quality and quite durable.

  • Specialty Cutters

    The specialty cutters are totally different from other cutters in the market. These are quite strong and durable. These cutters can be used for various purposes like guillotine, cutting, press cutting, etc. The specialty cutting is less common because it’s usually not for cigars. These are used more in the industrial sectors for manufacturing purposes. This is an industrial cutting tool that is of high quality, used in industries for chopping, slicing, die cutting, milling, turning, etc. So, this cutter is most likely not to fit your needs. Despite all this, these can cut the cigars pretty well but needs to be handled with care.


If you’re a smoker, you should know about various cigar cuts and types of cigar cutters available in the market, as they can help you enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest. A cigar cutter is an important tool for correctly cutting the cigar without creating a mess.

If you cut your cigar with your teeth or a knife, it will most likely get damaged. So, it’s advisable to do this task with a cigar cutter. You can choose from a variety of cigar cutters.

While a straight cigar cutter is the most common and popular, you can also choose the other ones. Most people don’t know this and end up ruining their cigars. We would recommend choosing a cigar cutter that is perfect for you.

Having said all that, even after knowing the importance of the cigar cutter, if you are not willing to get the same, then you might want to know that there are a few ways that you could use to cut a cigar without a  cutter.

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