5 Types Of Wine Racks That You Should Know

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If you are someone who adores wine, then you should also know that you have to take extra care when storing it, as it could define how well the wine will taste and last.

For a longer shelf life, you need to keep the wine in the proper place. You can always keep wine for a short time in a refrigerator, but for a longer time, you need to have a good wine rack.

Racks can help by positioning the bottle correctly and keeping the cork moist. It could also help with the easier turning of bottles.

Moreover, a good-quality wine rack could make it easier to control humidity and temperature while also helping to protect wine from direct sunlight.

It doesn’t matter if you are a wine expert or not, if you are just someone who likes to collect fine quality wine, or if your hobby is something related to a wine collection.

You can always have the benefit of keeping wine racks that provide extra care for your collection.

It is important to have the right wine rack, as it makes a huge difference and also helps in aging your wine with a lot of protection and care. 

Types Of Wine Racks

Types Of Wine Rack


Generally, there are the following 5 types of wine racks-

  1. Stackable Wine Rack

    If you are someone who is looking for a wine storage solution this kind of modular design is a great choice if you are someone who is just about to begin the collection of wines & wants to start it small.

    This could be your solution, with the least storage space required, and is something that can be customized accordingly.

    You can expand your wine collection with an increase in the amount of wine you have, you can easily start with what you have already and add as your requirements increase with time.

    As they are simple in design and style you can easily stack them and line them as your requirements allow you to do so in your cellar or wine room. It all depends on the size of your collection.

    When you use a stackable wine rack then you are having a lot of options available for casual drinkers, as this requires zero to no installation process and the building needed.

    These racks are not as beautiful as the expensive ones are, and they might not look aesthetic. If you are someone who loves to collect Wine more beautifully, then you should be looking for a more beautiful wine rack.

  2. Tabletop And Countertop Wine Racks

    Another excellent option for the casual wine drinker is a tabletop wine rack. These are smaller in size and easy to fit in small spaces.

    The casual drinkers can make arrangements in Their residences or smaller spaces where they can fit in. It’s easier for you to store wine Bottles in less quantity in such a rack.

    You can use a refrigerator meanwhile you can’t keep them in racks there are very few options for large wine racks that have a desk constructed in them and they are known for adding an aesthetic touch to the decor of people’s homes or garages wherever one decides to keep them.

    These wine racks are known for being such a design, that you can sit beside the rack with your social circle for a fun night.

    If you have a bigger collection of wine with you, the countertop will not make any sense for you, you’ll need a bigger rack.

    You should keep in mind that such a design when kept in your living room or kitchen can affect its quality.

  3. Wall Mounted Wine Racks

    Another amazing choice of wine rack can also be found in a wall-mounted rack, these are known for being great for so many reasons as one of which is, they are stronger and sturdier than any other rack.

    For people who are serious wine collectors, this rack is their first choice. They are space friendly and can be used for smaller wine cellars or Wine rooms.

    As they are modular in design they can be used continually as you grow your collection. They work nicely even in climate control rooms which allows the proper storage and aging of wind with care and perfection.

  4. Wine Cabinet

    If you’re a true collector of wine or someone who doesn’t have a lot of space available for wine racks then you can always look for wine cabinets.

    This alternative is just the one you are looking for, the shelves in the cabin are perfect for you to keep all your wine bottles but also you can add your wine glasses and accessories, which makes it a very good investment.

    As they are movable and they do have shelves; they can be kept in your room with doors and protection; these don’t get manipulated by temperature or humidity, which is not available in other kinds of racks.

    But if you have a very big collection of wine, then you will need to buy something else as these shelves are not very big, but these are perfect for someone who is just about to start their wine collection journey.

  5. Custom Wine Rack

    Custom wine racks are an amazing choice if you are someone who is very much serious about collecting wine of high quality and quantity.

    You can design your seller with the choice of your favorite wood or the design you always dream of as it’s a custom wine rack you can use your imagination and create a Masterpiece.

    According to your preference, you can always add up the racks with the amount of wine collection you have.

    With a beautiful wine seller around you, you will have the dream social group who will always talk about your beautiful wine rack as you will put all your imagination and hard work into this creation.

    Just remember if you are a serious wine collector then the custom rack should be according to your wine collection.

    Talking about the price value, these racks are a bit pricey as compared to other racks, so if you are someone who does have a budget problem then you should go for other racks which are budget-friendly.

Important Points To Consider

Every wine rack has its distinctive property, make sure you keep in mind these points before you do your shopping for your wine rack-

  • The number of bottles you currently have
  • If there is a need for growth in your collection.
  • The space your home can have for storage of wine
  • The willingness to invest money for the storage and collection of wine you are ready to do

If you prioritize and understand what your requirements are then you can easily invest more in your wine racks according to your style which suits you perfectly.

Factors To Look At Before You Buy A Wine Rack

Before buying a wine rack, you could consider the following factors-

  • Size And Capacity

    The most important thing you need to have before you buy a wine rack is you should have proper space and capacity to keep the amount of wine you have properly.

    If you have a lot of collection of wine then you need to have carved out some space for your floor wine rack or you can easily use a smaller wine rack that fits up to 18 bottles just as per your preference.

    You just have to make space before you invest in buying a new wine rack, do consider the size of the wine bottles as well.

  • Look

    For many wine rack buyers, the look of a rack matters the most. People always look for things that make their simple rack into a Masterpiece or a work of art.

    Many racks are so beautifully designed that it always gets people’s attention and that is why a good-looking rack makes a lot of difference. You can go for designs that are minimalistic or a bit edgy, it all depends on you.

    You can look on online websites and pictures to get references and on a budget, you can get a very beautiful and classy-looking rack you just have to look for it.

    Beauty is subjective, you can always buy the best rack available for your wine collection but someone or the other will have a difference in opinion so don’t worry just buy a rack or make a custom one, according to your needs and sense of style.

  • Material

    You can easily pick racks made of different materials, it depends on your choice of material, the design you like, and the color you prefer and it can be customized as per your preference.

    You can use a material that is recycled and can be made of hanging rocks or walls and these are available in small art or decoration pieces for your home.

    Racks made of light material are better for installation as they are not damaging the wall no matter what the size of the rack is, you can customize your rack accordingly.


You just read about what and how a wine rack is and from the above, you could easily make out what essential knowledge you need to have before you go and buy a wine rack.

Wine racks are not just for storage anymore, the wine enthusiast makes sure today that they do have a separate space for their collection of wines.

Through years and changes in style, people have changed their points of view regarding how minimalistic or bold their homes look.

So one can fairly consider what kind of wine rack they would prefer in terms of budget, style, and approach, making wine racks one of the most versatile but amazing human inventions.

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