6 Ways To Clean Your BBQ Grill

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Whether you are planning to organize a party or recently hosted an in-house get-together, one of the most hectic tasks is to clean your BBQ. The grill is generally made up of cast iron which could break easily, so it has to be done with extra care while cleaning it.

You could scroll down below to find out best ways to clean your BBQ grill easily and effectively. One interesting factor which I have considered while curating the list is the prerequisites should revolve around all the household things which are available at home.

I believe these methods would also work like magic for you and might save your time and efforts. 

Clean BBQ Grill

A BBQ grill mostly consists of three major parts:

  • Grill Gates
  • Inner Surface Of Your BBQ Pot
  • Outer Surface Of The BBQ Pot

The 6 Best Ways To Clean Your BBQ Grill


  1. Clean The Grill Using Baking Soda

    Baking Soda is a household ingredient in every kitchen. It is usually used in bakery products. It can also be used to clean your BBQ Grill. Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda in 1 cup of water. Mix it thoroughly. Now take a sponge or a small piece of cloth. Apply this mixture of soda and water to grill grates. Now let it rest for around 20-25 minutes. After this pour some hot water on the grills and start cleaning with a clean cloth.

    Here you witnessed the magic! Just rubbing the grills with a light hand cleans the cast iron rods hance your grill is cleaned. If still, you observe some grease on the grill then again put the hot water on the grills and repeat the process. It will surely clean the grill.

  2. Using Vinegar Is Also A Good Option

    As you might be aware of the fact that Vinegar is Acetic in nature. Acetic properties cut the organic or food substances accumulation. So why not use it for cleaning our BBQ Grill?

    Prepare an equal blend of White Vinegar and Water. The quantity of both should be equal in order to work effectively. So keeping in mind, you’ll start the preparation. Now the mixture is ready for you. If possible try to use spray bottles. Now spray it all over the grill as spraying cover the maximum area. Now let it rest for around an hour. Brushing all over the grill with a regular brush, all your dirt will tend to go away.

    After it cleans away, pours some fresh water on the grill and keep it under the sun. Sun will kill all bacteria present on the grill and you will have a good time at the party.

  3. Using Lemon For Cleaning

    Yes. You heard it right! Lemon is used so frequently in our day-to-day life but we never bothered about other aspects of it. You might be knowing already about the chemical properties of lemon. We observed that it is citric in nature. Citric Acid has anti-bacterial properties. Acid is highly used in the cleaning industry to make cleaning products. You can apply these directly to gain benefit for the same.

    To clean your grill take a lemon cut into two pieces. Now apply some salt to one-half of the lemon and start rubbing on the grill. Rub thoroughly on the grill and apply salt again if needed. Repeat the same process on a full Grill. You will immediately observe the grill getting clean.

  4. Using Hot Soapy Water

    In order to use this method, take a big tub and add soap to it. Soapy water will get ready. You can also add lemon juice to it. Lemon juice will accelerate the whole process. Mix it with a rubber spoon and be cautious, as the water is really hot.

    Now for this, you will have to dismantle the grill and put it in the soapy water tub. Leave the grill in it till the water comes to room temperature. Now it’s time to take the grill out from the tub. After pulling out the grill, take a brush and start rubbing the grill. Slowly all the grease and the dirt tend to fall as you keep rubbing. This is an easy process. This method is successful only if the dirt or grease is not too much. You can use this method for regular cleaning.

  5. Cleaning With Wire Brush

    This is a kind of brush whose bristles are made up of wire. It has a long handle which makes it very convenient to use. The bristles are really rough so be careful, you don’t hurt yourself. This brush is suggested when you haven’t cleaned the grill over a long period of time. Its wire bristles do the job very with great efficiency and clean evens the rugged dirt also.

    To make your job easy first put the grill in warm water and then use the brush on it. Putting warm water on the grill will start the process of cleaning from the inside. After this when you will use a brush, it will easily get cleaned.

  6. Use A Cleaning Solution

    If you don’t want to use any of the methods listed above, then you can simply go to the market and buy a heavy-duty cleaning solution. The cleaning solutions are easily available in the market. These are commercially manufactured using formulae based on Citric and Acetic Acid only.

    The Application of this solution is the same as said earlier. You will have to mix it with water as directed and start rubbing it on the grill. This will easily remove the dirt as it it is specially prepared with different chemical solutions in order to act on this particular thing only.

    If the BBQ Grill is kept for a long time then definitely it would have attracted rust. To make it usable for your next party removes the rusting by using a very popular spray named WD-40.

Some Pro Tips Given By Cooking Industry Professionals

  1. Clean Immediately After Use

    It is advised by professionals to clean the grills like griddle immediately after use. Warm grills are cleaned easily with very little effort. If you don’t clean it after use then accumulated dirt is going to give you a tough time cleaning the grill.

  2. Regularly Clean your Grill

    Cleaning your grills regularly will never result in an extra accumulation of used oils. This will always keep your grill in good condition and you will be able to use it for a longer time. You just have to wash it before using it. This will save a lot of time of yours. If grease and other oils are accumulated for a longer period of time, it’s going to be tough for you to clean later. If you keep cleaning it regularly, just have to wash it with water just before use.

  3. Inside And Outside Cleaning Of BBQ Grill

    We focus a lot on cleaning the grill but the inner and the outer surface of the BBQ are equally important. Coal ashes should be cleaned regularly as they can hamper the taste of your food. The steam method is popularly used to clean the inside surface of BBQ. Wet Newspaper is used. It creates steam and traps it inside by applying a lid on top of it. After 5 minutes remove the lid and clean it with a warm wet cloth. It will Be cleaned. To clean the outer surface, prepare a mixture with cleaning solution and wash it by rubbing the cloth all over the surface.


Above given are several methods to clean your BBQ Grill. All these methods can be easily adapted to clean your grill as no special object or ingredient is required to perform. All of them can be performed easily by a person above 18 years of age. All these are thoroughly researched so you can adopt any of them to clean your grill and will surely get good results.

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