8 Ways To Remove A Red Wine Stain

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What are cocktail dinner parties without a good glass of wine? But with a glass of wine comes a hell lot of carefulness! Imagine having a gala time with your loved ones at a party and after one sudden bump, your whole glass of wine falls over your dress! Apart from the great embarrassment, there is another big thing that one is the most worried about. That is, the wine stains! Yes, we all know how tough it is to remove a wine stain. God forbid if it was a white dress.

Red Wine Stain

No matter how often you put it in the washing machine, the stain never goes away entirely. There is always that reddish or yellowish stain that leaves a forever mark on your clothes, making you remember the embarrassing situation again and again! Not only clothes, think about a brand new carpet or rug that you had taken out for a house party, only to have people drop wine on it!

In this article, we have made a list of all the ingredients that you can try and use to get rid of the stubborn wine stains from your clothes! So the next time you accidentally spill wine, you are not so panicked about it!

The 8 Ways To Remove A Red Wine Stain


We all have been in a situation where we have dropped something or the other on our dresses and hoped that the stain goes away. Coming to wines, we know how carelessly we hold a wine glass and how we tend to keep it in our hands for a long time without even drinking it! However, there are times when things are not in your favor and you end up spilling wine all over yourself accidentally. Well, no more! No more panics. Now that you have stumbled upon this article, you must know that there are ways to save your precious party outfits which you thought were ruined totally!

Fabrics are mostly porous. This is the reason when you drop liquid on clothes they get absorbed quickly. Wine contains chromogens which is a natural substance giving a red color to the wine. It is primarily used for making dyes. Red wine is also full of tannins which is again a common substance used in ink productions.

Keep in mind to not rub the stain immediately as it would only tend to spread it more. But also don’t leave the stain for the next day as that may be very late. Rubbing would spread it more and also would enable the liquid to further absorb deeper into the wine. Keeping them off for too long would result in the permanent setting of the wine as we should not forget it is a natural dye!

Let us discuss in detail how you can easily remove the stains at home with ingredients that might be lying around the house.

  1. Salt (Great For Carpets And Rugs)

    The first method we have is salt. It is the most basic thing ever and is available in Everyone’s house 24 hours, 7 days a week! After the wine gets spilled on the carpet, use tissue paper to cover the spot. Use as many tissue papers as you need. Now, spread your normal salt over the red stain. Cover it fully. The technique used here is that here the salt soaks into the wet area and dries. The salt sucks up the stain from the carpets. This is a long process as the salt needs time to dry out. After it is dry, use a cleaner to clean the area.

  2. Dishwashing Detergent And Hydrogen Peroxide (Great For Clothes)

    Dropping wine on your clothes is not uncommon. To remove the stain permanently so that it doesn’t remind you of the embarrassment, you need a dishwashing detergent and hydrogen peroxide. You need to mix these two together in a bowl. Take equal proportions of both. Make sure that the mixture is enough to cover the entire stain. Once you have poured it over the stain, let it soak and wait for some time. When it starts to dry out, notice that the stain is also beginning to fade away. Now, wash your clothes like you normally do in the washing machine. When you take it out of the washing machine, you will see that the stain is almost gone! Like it never happened. If it is still there, you can try repeating the process again. Do not try this with a darker tone of clothes as the bleach may spoil them.

  3. Boiling Water (Great For Tablecloths)

    There are times when you drop wine accidentally on the dining table itself. Let us say, you want to pass the bowl of salads to someone, and bam! you hit the bowl with the bowl unintentionally. The tablecloth will obviously be stained. To remove the stains, boil water. Take a large bowl and place the portion of the stained portion of the tablecloth over the bowl in a stretched way. Secure it tightly with a rope or band. After the water comes to a boil, pour it from a vertical height directly onto the stain. This process will remove the stain. The hot water and the taut facilitate the removal of the stain.

  4. White Vinegar And Laundry Detergent (Great For Clothes)

    Again, if you have dropped wine on your clothes and don’t have hydrogen peroxide available, you can definitely use white vinegar and detergent powder to remove the stain. First, cover the stain with white vinegar fully. White vinegar will help ease the color. After the white vinegar, use a detergent to rub the area and then wash it off in hot water only. You will instantly notice a change in the stain color. It becomes much lighter than before. It can be used again in the second wash to achieve a better result. The stain would eventually go.

  5. Bleach (Best For White Fabrics Only)

    It is a very harsh chemical. It is strictly not for black clothes. Use this process if and only if you have stained your all-white clothes. After you stain your clothes, soak the stained part in bleach for some time and take it out. Use hot water to wash it normally. There is a 95% chance that the stain will almost disappear! But again, a word of caution. Keep in mind to not use it for black clothes.

  6. Baking Soda And Water (Great For Clothes And Carpets)

    If you want an all-rounder solution that works best with both clothes and carpets, then this is it for you! Baking soda is also used to absorb the stain as salt does. Blot the area with a towel as explained previously. After the area is blotted spread baking soda completely over the surface. You can place a few drops of water too for giving it a paste-like consistency. On both the cloth and carpet, let the mixture dry out completely and wash it off or vacuum it in case of carpets! The stain should have vanished.

  7. Club Soda

    If you have club soda available at your house then you can also use that to remove the stains. It is quick and also very simple. Blot the area as we do, and after blotting cover it fully with club soda. It will soak and absorb within 10 minutes only. Soda can carbon so the carbonization process will help remove the strong natural dye. Wash it with a towel. You can again repeat the process to get better results. This process is quick and easy since the carbonization process enhances the removal of the stain.

  8. Rubbing Alcohol

    This is another great mixture for removing wine stains from clothes. You have to first rinse the cloth nicely with cold water. After the rinsing is done, you can use a cotton swab to put some alcohol over them. This cotton swab when used to rub against the cloth will start to remove the stains though it is a time-consuming process. Rubbing alcohol can actually remove stains as it contains a lot of chemicals that react with the red wine chemical.


So what did we learn? Never rub your stained area. Blotting is the way to go! Removing a wine stain ain’t difficult, you just need to react quickly! Well, now you can at least enjoy a glass of wine without being constantly cautious about spilling it over. A good glass of wine is a source of relaxation. Don’t think that just because you are a clumsy person you are restricted from having a glass of wine freely.

Now that you have read the article fully, you know how easy it is to remove the stains. From salt to white vinegar, these are the things that are easily available in everyone’s kitchen. From dish soap to detergent, we all use these items in our day-to-day lives as these are necessities. So next time you drop wine over your white T-shirt, don’t panic. Follow any one of the steps accurately and your stains will be removed.

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