What Should You Use For Cutting A Cigar?

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While there are many ways for cutting a cigar, it is pivotal for you to know how to cut your cigar the right way. This is important because a poor cut will either deteriorate your smoking experience or ruin your cigar.

In some severe cases, a poor cut might end up unraveling the cigar’s wrapper completely. Based on the method and skill that you opt for, your ability to draw from the cigar might be limited severely.

For every cigar enthusiast, cutting a cigar has become an important part of the ritual of smoking your cigar. You need to learn how to cut the cigar the right way to enjoy a smooth smoking experience.

Given below are the types of cigar cutters along with the respective cigar cuts.

What Should You Use For Cutting A Cigar

Types of Cigar Cutters


The cigar culture is marked by variety. Apart from the innumerable cigars and varieties of cigars to choose from, the method you choose for cutting your cigar can be unique.

The following are the most used methods of cutting cigars and types of cigar cutters preferred as per the choices of the person-

  • Straight Cutter

    A single-blade straight cutter or a guillotine cutter is the most commonly opted cigar cutter.

    Using these cutters, you can easily slot your cigar through a hole and then squeeze it for cutting your cigar the right way.

    Note that not every straight cutter makes use of a single blade. A well-known substitute for a straight cutter is a double-blade or dual cutter.

    Although they function similarly to straight cutters, the second blade makes sure that you enjoy a more precise and cleaner cut.

    This will help you to decrease the likelihood of uneven cuts or torn wrappers which can ruin your overall smoking experience.

  • Cigar Scissors

    Anytime cutting comes to your mood, it’s hard to ignore the option of scissors. However, it is not a feasible option to use regular scissors for cutting your cigars.

    There are specialized scissors that are made to cut your cigars precisely. When you make a purchase, make sure you consider the quality of your cigar scissors.

    You can consider opting for stainless steel blades because they are high quality for effectively cutting your cigar.

    If you opt for inferior quality blades or dull ones which have poor maintenance, there are higher chances that you will end up tearing the wrapper of your cigar.

  • Punch Cutter

    Not every cigar cutter is designed with the view of fully chopping off your cigar’s end. A punch cutter is a tool that punches a hole in your cigar’s cap without removing its cap.

    The main benefit served by a punch cutter is that it ensures there are fewer chances of filler or loose tobacco falling in your mouth when you are smoking.

    In addition, it is comparatively easier to use these cutters because there is no risk of cutting your cigar too deep.

    The potential risk of unraveling the wrapper is also eliminated in this way.

    However, if you plan on using your punch cutter for small gauge cigars, you are at a disadvantage because they don’t function well on these cigars.

    Although a punch cutter creates a small circumference opening, some of the cigars are a little too thin for the punch cutter to work properly.

  • V-Cutter

    Similar to a punch cutter, a v-cutter doesn’t detach your cigar’s cap completely. On the other hand, if you use a v-cutter, you will be able to make a small V-shaped slice in your cigar’s tip.

    This is almost similar to the punch produced by a punch cutter apart from the fact that it produces a more focused and even smaller cut.

    A v-cut has many of the benefits offered by a punch cut. Since less portion of your cigar is removed, there is a decreased likelihood of tobacco or loose filler falling in your mouth.

    In addition, the chances of chopping off a big portion of your cigar are also eliminated.

    But if you plan on making a v-cut, it will reduce your potential of drawing from the cigar when you are smoking due to the prevalence of a smaller hole.

    Nonetheless, you can even choose to make the notch from your v-cutter slightly bigger. Make sure you don’t cut deeply.

    Otherwise, the draw will be increased too much and your cigar will burn hotter than intended.

  • Cigar Piercer

    Although a rarity, a cigar piercer or lance is now becoming a popularly used option. Just like a draw poker is designed to unblock clogged cigars, a piercer is used for making a pinhole opening.

    The critics of a cigar piercer postulate that the cut which is created is a little too tight for creating a full and pleasant smoke.

    In addition, it might lead to nicotine and tar buildup around the cigar’s head. Thus, you might be left with an unpleasant smoking experience or find difficulty in drawing in smoke.

    However, there are many people out there who enjoy the sharp burn that it gives off on the tongue.

    In some instances, the piercer is also used for holding the cigar while it is burning to its nib to avoid burning your hand.

How to Cut Your Cigar The Right Way

The ideal way to cut your cigar could depend on the length of how and where you wish to make the cut on your cigar-

  • Start by locating the end piece of your cigar i.e. the cigar’s cap. You only need to cut this part of your cigar
  • If you cut even slightly deeper, you will end up unraveling your cigar. You can even choose to leave some amount of glue and cap to avoid any unfortunate unraveling
  • Many experts suggest gently moistening the cigar’s cap in your mouth before you cut it
  • This trick could ensure that the cut happens smoothly
  • When the cigar leaf is a little too dry, it might crack when you are cutting and you will be ripped off a clean slice even if you are making use of the best cigar-cutting tools
  • There are some cigar smokers out there who enjoy a light sample of the cigar’s flavor. You are not obligated to carry out this step.
  • However, it is a feasible option particularly when you are smoking cheap cigars that might not have a well-placed cap.
  • The last step is cutting your cigar. Although it seems like a simple task, cutting a cigar requires skill.

Tips to Cut Your Cigar Perfectly

Although you can take as much time as you want when you are preparing to cut your cigar, the process of cutting the cigar should be confident and swift.

This is because if you stop in the middle or have to recenter your blade, there are strong chances that you will end up tearing and pulling the wrapper.

While unraveling your cigar is not a major event, it can take the fun out of an enjoyable activity if not done properly.

All you need to do is-

  • Make your cut by using the cutter fully and quickly
  • You shouldn’t, in any case, make a too-deep cut
  • It is undoubtedly true that there is no ideal cut, but a deep cut is evident because you will have gone deep in the cigar’s wrap which is at a visible distance from the cap
  • In contrast, a fairly shallow cut will leave you with nothing but an awkward or smaller cigar to draw from
  • Never choose to bite off your cigar’s head.
  • Although you might end up getting a decent cut, there are strong chances that you will end up tearing away your cigar’s wrap and having a mouth full of tobacco which will be a mess.
  • You should keep your cigar cutter sharp for a neat and precise cut. While your cigar cutter won’t dull quickly, you should still be watchful of any signs of wear out or dullness.
  • You might have to change the blade or sharpen it. You just need to ensure that you are providing a neat and sharp cut to your cigar every time you smoke one.


Therefore, you can opt for a variety of cutters for cutting your cigar. A straight cutter is a most frequently chosen option for cutting your cigar.

Cigar scissors come in handy if you are looking for an option that is similar to the conventional pair of scissors.

You can even opt for a punch cutter if you simply want to make a punch in your cigar’s head.

Always make sure that you cut carefully. You should ensure the sharpness of your cutter for a smooth cut.

Note that it is only when you can cut your cigar the right way that you will be able to enjoy the smoking experience.

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